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Wanting to make a difference

Hey lovelies! The boyfriend is back in Glasgow after being in the US for the past couple of days. Seems like he’s had a great time away. We crashed in bed just before ten last night and it was amazing, I slept for almost nine hours and with every sleep I feel like I’m recovering from the past weeks of being very busy. I’m right now just having my breakfast before heading to G5 with Faye and her mum Carole for a gym session and then for the rest of the day I’m just going to spend time with my man. I’m so excited!

Yesterday I was having a bit of a moment in regards to what I want to do with my life. I was speaking to Jamie whilst we were having a tea and coffee and I just felt so frustrated with life. I’m feeling a bit lost at the moment and I’m not really sure what to do. As it is right now I don’t feel like I’m enough. I don’t have enough time to do anything in my life properly.

With working full time I now am really struggling with getting good quality content up here on the blog, the thing that I love the most. I don’t feel like the things I write are good enough and I feel stressed when the content isn’t up when it should be. Some days I really struggle with even getting a post together because I haven’t even had a chance to take any form of images to even create a post. I then also have to spend time with Jamie, friends, cook food, keep the flat tidy as well as fit in my training. It’s a puzzle every week.

Why does this blog thing matter you might think? For me this matters so much because my purpose here is to help and make a difference. I want to help those who need that extra push to get going with their fitness. I want to tackle the fact that a huge chunk of us are unhealthy in the world. I want to show people that movement and being active and nourishing your body with healthy foods can elevate your entire life but as it is now I don’t feel like I’m doing that.

I know it’s something I’ve always struggled with, not feeling like I’m enough, that what I’m doing is enough. I even went as far as saying to Jamie yesterday that it sometimes would be so much easier if I didn’t care but as he then pointed out then I wouldn’t be me. Which is very true. I care so much about these things my heart aches that I haven’t found a way to best do this yet. I just want to make a difference. I want to show that fitness is so much more than an ab selfie in the mirror. That’s what’s actually important is usually not even visible in a photo. If you would base your happiness or success in the gym on whether you have a six pack or not, it’s not sustainable and I’m sad to see that’s what a lot of people seems to do. I used to have this idea of that if I had a wash board stomach I would have achieved my goal but it’s only the surface of who you are and what I later on realised is that doesn’t even matter. What matters is who you are and how you feel about yourself.

So now I need to figure out how to make this work. How do I best get time to write the things I want to write and still have time for everything else. I need to make a plan. This is perhaps not the post you were expecting today but this blog is a place for me to share my thoughts and feelings as well and hopefully by doing that, someone can maybe relate and feel like they’re not alone. I don’t know.

On that note lovelies, I’m going to love you and leave you. It’s almost gym time!

Have a gorgeous day,

M xxx

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Almost back

Behind the scenes of snatch practice. This photo is just so funny haha.

Hello my dears! It’s Saturday and I can’t believe almost the entire day has gone by. I feel completely zoned out after the yoga class Faye and I went to this morning at lululemon led by Robyn who’s back in Glasgow after having lived in London for a while. I feel like it’s the first time in a while I’ve let my body truly relax in and it’s bad that I don’t do it more. I really need to start getting back into yoga again. I know I’ve been saying this for ages but it’s so difficult to juggle life as it is and I do prioritise the gym before yoga because it’s what I love.

I really like yoga and find it very important for a balanced and fit life but I’m not quite as passionate about it as the gym, if I had to choose, but I know I need yoga in my life and it makes me feel incredible. It’s one of those things, when you fall out of doing something you sort of forget how it makes you feel until you do it and again and get reminded. After class Faye and I went for a tea at Riverhill before she started work and I headed home for some lunch. The rest of the day I’ve been cleaning. That’s about it really.

Jamie’s back very soon as well so it’ll be nice to see him. That’s why I just wanted to pop in here and say hi so I’m blog free for the rest of the evening so I can spend time with my man 🙂

Hope you’re having a beautiful day,

M xxx

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Expect the unexpected

Ninja Maddie

Stolen from Stella’s Instagram story haha.

Happy Friday! I feel like a shell of a person right now. I’m knackered. Almost two weeks of working straight has finally gotten to me and I think as soon as my brain registered it’s almost the weekend it thought it was time to shut down and go into sleep mode. I had a massive headache this afternoon and was just feeling like a zombie. I haven’t felt as tired as I feel today in a long time.

Last night Faye and I were going to do a wall ball challenge. It was quite funny when we we got to the gym, we were outside for about ten minutes wondering where Stella was and why the gym wasn’t open because we didn’t see a car. Then eventually I asked Faye if she had tried the door, she hadn’t and neither had I. Of course the gym was already open and I had been standing out there bursting for the toilet haha.

When we got in Stella said she had three WODs she wanted to do and asked if the rest of us there wanted to join in. Not knowing what they really were we decided to take part. Oh god, it was tough. I’m not going to name all the crazy stuff we had to do but Faye and I had to go on the assault bike for 40 calories between two of us and then alternate between cleans and box jumps for eight rounds and then go back on the assault bike again. I was really happy I managed all rounds with the 30 inch side of the box! I’ve been a bit lazy and comfortable and jumped on the 24 inch side for a while when I know I can jump on the 30. So yesterday I did it for the first time in ages and I didn’t fall which was a win for me as well. It’s so painful to fall on that wooden box. I’ve got scars on my shins from it…

We also had a wall ball, burpee and pull up WOD and as a “little” finisher as Stella put it we had to do 3km on the rower in a pair. I felt so nauseous at some points of this workout and it was a mental struggle. You can see what I looked like after the assault bike WOD in the image above from Stella’s Instagram story. It was a good challenge and something I need to do more of leading up to Rainhill in February.

I’m not quite sure when I get my workouts I need to do to see in which category I’ll compete in, they’re called seeding workouts. If I’m not mistaken it should be rather soon because Faye had quite a while to do them. I’m really wondering what they will be!

In other news I’ve booked my flights to go home for Christmas. I’ll be home for almost two weeks. I can’t even remember the last time I was in Stockholm for that long. An even more exciting thing is that Jamie, his mum Lea and brother Luke are all coming over as well to celebrate with my family. It’s a dream come true to have everyone in one place. It feels very grown up of Jamie and I to have families celebrating Christmas together. They won’t be staying for us long as I will but I’m so excited to share how we celebrate Christmas back home and just show them around Stockholm as well as meeting all my relatives!

I really need to look up a gym which I can go to whilst I’m there though because once I’m back it’s not very long until I would like to be in my best shape yet. Just to give myself the best possible chance to do my best. I know I’m not going to win but I do feel now when I’ve got time I should put in the extra work to make sure I’m at a good fitness level 🙂 Gives me a reason to push a bit harder.

Now I’m meeting up with Faye and maybe even Ross for a bit before I’m going to crash for the evening. My body needs rest big time. Tomorrow Jamie’s back in the evening. He seems to be having a great time over in the US so it’ll be fun to hear how his trip was.

Need to go now! Speak soon,

M xxx


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Better together

My colleague Nicola joined me at G5 yesterday morning

Zara Larsson at O2 Academy

What a queen!

Hello lovelies! I’m still buzzing after Zara Larsson’s concert last night. What an absolute queen she is! She made O2 Academy feel like the Hydro with her awesome performance and wow the crowd just loved her. You couldn’t help feel proud when you watched her do her thing being Swedish and all haha. Emma and I were saying that it’s crazy to think she’s the same little girl who was on Sweden’s Got Talent all those years ago singing Whitney Houston songs. I love watching people fulfil their dreams, dreams that perhaps feel so big they seem near impossible to reach but they do it anyway. It makes me hopeful seeing it’s possible if you put in the work. It must’ve been an amazing feeling for her standing in front a crowd in a city she’s never been to before with the crowd going wild for her songs.

It was a long day yesterday, I’m not going lie! It started early in the morning with the 6.45am class at Stella’s. Nicola from work joined me which was so much fun. I’ve been wanting her to come down and try out G5 for ages so I was really excited when she said she would join me. Not only that, Faye surprised me by being there too! It was Weightlifting Wednesdays on the schedule. We warmed with a Metcon, lots of burpees over bar, shoulder to over head (where you can use any form of push to get the barbell over your head depending on your strength) and then toes to bar with a 10 minute time cap. It was tough but good. Then we had snatch practice and Nicola nailed her overhead squat in the drills we did for the first time and I could see the happiness on her face. It was amazing to see! Stella helped her out and sometimes you just need someone there who believes you can do it.

I was standing and watching Faye and Nicola doing there thing whilst waiting for my turn and thought, how amazing is this? Years ago I was in a gym alone and didn’t have any friends who was interested in going with me really and now I’m surrounded by all these amazing people all working towards our fitness goals. We’re all at different levels but we’re just doing out best. What a way to start the day!

This evening I’m going to open gym with Faye and Lauren. If you’ve seen my Instagram post yesterday Faye’s got a wall ball challenge planned apparently. It sounds so tough but we’ll get through it somehow with each other’s support… I hope! Wish us luck, we’ll need it.

It’s actually Jamie’s and my five year anniversary today. I’ll write more about that in another post later today. Yes you heard me right, two blog posts in one day! I feel like our anniversary needs it’s own post.

So I’ll speak you guys later! x