South Melbourne Market

So much amazing produce everywhere
For lunch we went for Vietnamese food, I chose a veggie laksa!

Nicola suggested that we would go and visit the South Melbourne Market on Wednesday morning. A large indoor market open Wednesday to Sunday in Port Melbourne (I think it is). It’s located in a lovely area filled with shops, cafés and restaurants. The market itself has got food stalls, vegetable and fruit stalls, flower stalls, clothing stalls and everything else you could possibly think of really.

We didn’t end up having that much time there in the end because Oscar (the middle child was going to kindergarten (or “kinder” as everyone calls it here) and we took a bit longer than planned to get there. We still managed to look at a fair amount. I feel like I could’ve spent hours there! The plan was for me to stay behind and look around a bit more before making my way back home when they headed back. However, this didn’t quite go to plan when I realised as we were standing in the queue to order our Vietnamese food that my purse was nowhere to be seen in my bag!

I’ve got quite a big bag that I carry around and I looked through it several times thinking it must be there somewhere but eventually I had to admit to myself it wasn’t there. So weird I thought as I had made a point in the morning to make sure I had it with me. Then it hit me, had I been pick pocketed? The market was full of people after all, although I walk around with my handbag held tightly so it would’ve been rather impressive if someone had managed to get into it and stolen the purse. We got out of the queue and went to check the car just in case I had dropped it on the floor or on the seat, nope, nothing.

Nicola asked me what I wanted to do and I said that we should still go and have lunch. Either it was stolen and then calling banks and blocking cards could wait until after lunch or it was hopefully at home. No point in letting that ruin our time at the market just then. I felt surprisingly calm about it. We had our lunch, had another browse about some stalls before we had to start heading back. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to stay for longer but I’ll for certain go back and take more time to look at everything but I liked what I saw in the little time we had.

We got home and I had a vague memory of sitting by the dining table with my bag and walked straight there. What a relief it was when I saw my purse lying there! So glad I didn’t have to frantically call all my banks to cancel my bank cards. I haven’t yet changed my address for a lot of them, which means it would’ve taken forever for them to arrive most likely. Drama over. I must’ve gotten distracted or something when sorting my purse out with all my cards and forgotten it on the table.

So that was our little trip to the market! I took a slightly different turn but ended well. Phew!

This morning I was at Crossfit Red Bluff again. Today we did overhead squats for the first part of the class. One of my favourite movements so I was really happy when I saw that on the board. I haven’t done them for a while either so I really enjoyed that. Then for the second part, the more high intensity part you aimed to do 5 rounds in 15 minutes. First you rowed 270 metres, then 12 overhead squats and 12 pull ups. I got to round 4 which I was happy with considering pull ups are not my best movement.

I also paid to take part in their trivia night next Saturday at the box. It sounds really fun. They told me I could bring a friend but I don’t really have any friends yet (hehe) so they said there’ll be someone from the box I can team up with most likely. I’m not quite sure what kind of trivia it will be but I know there will be food and I’m looking forward to meeting more people from the box. Every single person I’ve met so far has been so nice to me.

Some of the guys in the class invited me to join in on their rowing practise in the box tomorrow around five as well so I’ll be going to that. I get so happy every time I get invited to do something haha. Means I might be maybe doing something right! God you forget sort of how to make friends when you have friends at home. I’m so glad I’ve at least got somewhere to go to meet people until I find a job. Some of my closest friends I’ve met through going to the gym and classes so here’s hoping I’ll find them soon. Friendship is really not something you can force, it needs to just happen on it’s own. The guys at the box have got great banter so we’ll see! Haha I sound slightly desperate don’t I? Maddie’s mission of finding friends continues 😛

My first days in Melbourne

My first glimpse of Melbourne

My fist Aussie breakie! So yum

We’ve had some sunshine but majority rain so far! Not very common everyone has been telling me

An incredible lunch at Oasis Bakery

The lovely main street in Hampton
Hello lovelies! Wow still can’t believe when I’m writing this title that I’m in Melbourne, I’m in freaking Australia. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long and now I’m in Jamie’s big brother’s and wife’s house here in a suburb just outside Melbourne with all their kids, living the Melbourne life. It feels like it all happened so quickly. I did not feel ready to leave and say bye to be honest but I don’t think you can ever feel ready to just pack up and leave for the other side of the world. There’ll always be something that you feel is holding you back. The 22 hour journey down was actually very pain free and I managed to sleep for a bit and stay awake for the latter part of it so I could sleep when I arrived in Melbourne at ten in the evening.

I was a bit nervous about the customs because I might’ve watched a few too many episodes of their border control but it was actually no problem at all. The most time consuming thing when I arrived was waiting for my two bags. It took forever because the plane was so big. Once I was all cleared and went through the doors to the arrivals hall I got a ride down to Hampton where they live and have been here since. Jamie’s big brother and wife have so kindly offered me to stay for a month whilst I get settled in. I can’t explain how grateful I am to have a place to land when everything is completely new and plus it gives us a chance to spend a bit of time together.

So far it’s been amazing! Okay the weather has been quite rainy and windy since I arrived but everyone keeps on reassuring me this is the worst it’s been for years and it isn’t like this at all usually. It is autumn so it doesn’t surprise me entirely that it’s a bit rainy. Although the beginning of today was just stunning!

Since I’ve arrived we’ve been out for a lovely breakfast and lunch. The food so far has been just as amazing as I thought it would be. Soooooo gooooood. I’ve spent loads of time with the kids. I’ve opened a bank account, applied for a tax file number which I’ll need when I got a job, we had a drive though the inner city of Melbourne and I’ve joined a Crossfit box nearby(I’ll be writing a separate post about that). This afternoon we spent a while on Brighton Beach. It was a bit windy and cold but it was really fun to see the famous beach huts there.

On the agenda now is to go exploring in the city, sign up to Medicare, get an Aussie phone number, find a job and eventually find a flat. It would also be nice to make some friends hehe.

Leaving Glasgow was a difficult move and I doubted my decision at times. I still wasn’t entirely convinced on the plane journey over. It was just so hard to leave everything behind. Now after a couple of days here I can say that I’m so happy I took the leap. Australia is just as amazing as I remember it from when I was here with my family when I was younger and I’m so excited to be experiencing it in my twenties.

It’s getting late here now and I need to get some sleep! The jet lag has been alright, one night I barely slept because I woke up and my body thought it was the middle of the day UK time, not two in the morning Aussie time… Other than that I have managed to sleep through the night. During the days I hit a slump in the afternoon but power though it.

Speak soon, M xxx

Goodbye G5

I was met by this on the board ❤
It was so cute that they printed off my blogger header and added the “Down Under”

Stella snuck an extra “I” into Australia, just for an extra station haha.

Photos and beautiful memories everywhere

First present opening

Teamed up with my girls Kate and Faye

Working hard…

Trying out my awesome new vest!

Some more gifts
How pretty is my new hoodie?!
Hi guys from Melbourne!  Wow this is the longest break I’ve taken from the blog for a while! It’s just been absolutely manic this past week trying to get organised and with the nerves building up. It was so many “goodbyes” or as I say “see you laters” and was extremely tough. Tougher than what I was prepared for. The final two days I bursted into tears every other minute almost! I was so scared and sad to leave everyone. I was really excited too but the others emotions took over a little bit towards the end. I do know I’ll see everyone again, but it will probably be a while. A strange feeling when you’re used to seeing a lot of them daily or weekly!

On Saturday I had my goodbye workout at G5. My last Metabolic Mayhem and I’m sitting here trying to do it all justice in writing. The morning, the G5 crew and Stella. I’m trying find words to type that can explain what went through my head and it’s tough. It really is. I don’t feel like any words could do this place or the people justice but I’m going to try my best because I want to remember it all.

I walked with Kate down to G5 that morning, I loved having having company down. I was so happy she managed to come along for the workout. We got there and as soon as I stepped into the gym I saw a balloon. I walked closer to the board and it was covered with photos of my blog header with a “Down Under” added to it as well as were some incredible photos of many amazing moments I’ve had with everyone. I thought I was at least going to make it through a little bit longer than that before the tears came but I couldn’t help it. It was one of the nicest things I’d ever seen. I just couldn’t believe that it was for me. Then I went to the toilet and there was a big photo on the mirror and all over the gym there were pictures. They’d put so much time and effort into this morning and I felt so spoilt with love. We were 30 people there. 30 people there to celebrate the final Metabolic Mayhem with me. That was just incredible.

People started to arrive and when it was time Stella started off the class with a little speech introducing our big workout and then handed me a gift that I needed to open before we got started. Everyone went silent and stared haha. I opened it and it was a black vest and on the back it said “Built by Bartram” with the Gym G5 logo underneath in a shiny rose gold print. Funnily enough I made a joke about that I needed a vest like that the other day for me to bring to Melbourne. They had it all figured out already. I loved it!

To warm up we did an 800m run and we got put into teams of three for Maddie’s Special “Surfer-Koala-Roo” WOD. I was paired up with my girls Faye and Kate, which made me so happy. It was such a warm morning and we were sweating buckets throughout the different stations. I had a lovely sweat patch on my bum. That has never happened before! I thought it was Glasgow probably making me used to training in warmer climates hehe. We had ten different stations and 6 minutes work on each. Taking turns doing the movements or doing some synchronised. There were deadlifts (my fave), double unders, “Ozzie” swings, weighted vest runs, wall balls, assault bike, burpees and so much more. We were having a great time working through all the stations.

I held it together on the crying throughout the entire thing until we got to the third last station, which was wall balls for us. Faye did her wall balls and then came up to give me a hug whilst Kate was doing hers. Then she disappeared outside and came back and was crying and then I started crying and then Kate turned around and was wondering what was going on! I then had to do wall balls crying. So funny. Then for the final stations it was on and off crying haha. Thanks Faye for setting me off!

The final station was single arm dumbbell snatches and some of the girls were cheering me on for my final reps of my final Metabolic Mayhem. It was tough and emotional and I felt such joy and sadness at the same time. We then got a photo by the shutter of our sweaty faces before we headed back to the board. Stella wanted to say some words but first she gave me a second gift. I opened it and it was a gigantic box of tissues! They know me too well. Then Stella made her speech and the things she said were just the loveliest words. I couldn’t believe they were about me and it made me realise once again how far I’d come and how important G5 has been to me on my journey in so many ways, not just for my fitness but it’s made me grow as a person. I then got a hug and another present. I was speechless, I never expected so many presents. In this big lululemon bag was another wrapped up gift, a beautiful pink hoodie with the print “#G5FAMILY” on the back. I loved it. It was far too kind. Then there was a massive card full with beautiful pictures of moments with my G5 crew all over it and wonderful words on the inside from everyone.

I attempted to say a few words after all of that to everyone but I was so emotional I barely even remember what I said or if it made sense. I hope it did. Amongst the things I tried to say was, I’m sad to go but leaving now makes me think of when I was leaving Sweden it was sad but I felt safe leaving because I knew my family would always be there. The same goes for my G5 family, they’re my Scottish family and as sad I am to leave them I know I’ll always have them here and they’ve got my back. I know I can always come home to them. G5 is so much more than just a gym. It’ll always have a special place in my heart. It really will.

When I stepped through those doors for the first time, I didn’t know it then but it changed my life. It really did. I will always be grateful for that. I really will. I knew there’d be loads of amazing gyms in Melbourne, but G5 would be a tough one to follow up. I was a bit nervous about going to a new gym to be honest but I know I’d find a new place and meet new amazing people.

After the speech Carole and Nadia had baked some lovely cakes people tucked into and everyone hung about and chatted for a bit. I got so many hugs and good lucks. There were tears and there was so much joy. Lots of pictures snapped and lovely Ros who recently started at G5 came in to just give me a little gift which was a little angel to keep me safe during my trip. It was incredibly thoughtful. I also got a lovely card from baby Samúéil. The cutest thing I’ve ever read. One by one people started to head off and then it was time for brunch for some of the crew who still had time to hang out.

We went to the G5 usual, Gusto and Relish. They don’t usually take bookings but had so kindly reserved a table for us on this day. We arrived and our little area had been decorated with balloons. Again, I just couldn’t believe it was for me. We had a great time sitting there eating some delicious food and just chatting until it was time for everyone to get on with their days.

Luckily I was back in the next morning for my actual final session in the gym but I knew not everyone was going to be there and it was open gym so it’s not quite the same. After that, that was it. All those sessions together and all those amazing memories. I really had no idea what I had coming when I went into G5, no idea. Who would’ve thought a few years later I’ve competed twice in Crossfit and have done my Crossfit Level 1 course? Definitely not me. I’m forever a better person because of this place and the people in it. I know I’ll be back one day. This is not the end. I’m just soon beginning a new chapter in my story. I’m hoping further along in my book I’ll be back and see these people. I’ll be leaving a little part of me in this special place. Until then I’ll always be grateful for our time together. It’s been the time of my life and I know there’s so many more exciting things to come.

Before I finish this post I have to give a big mention to the incredible woman that is Stella Bartram. What a lady she is. What an inspiration she is. One of a kind and I’m a lucky person to call her my friend. The commitment she shows to her members and how much she helps them is crazy considering how she runs the entire gym herself. She chases people who haven’t showed up for while, offers anyone who wants it butrion coaching, runs classes and does PT sessions. She cares about every single member’s life outside the gym and knows what’s going on in everyone’s lives. She can see when you’re going through a tough time and offers support. I don’t know how she does it. She is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met and if you’re in Glasgow, she’s the woman you need to turn to to get your health and fitness in check. Being trained by her has been amazing. Thank you Stella, I can’t thank you enough.

And thank you everyone at G5. I love you, I always will. Thank you. Thank you so much. I can’t stop typing because I feel like I could go on forever, like I somehow don’t want this post to end because I don’t want my time at G5 to end but now I need to get to bed.

More posts about Melbourne and everything will be up soon. I’m back in action now and so excited to get writing about my life down here!

Speak soon my dears, M xxx

What a trip

Hello lovelies! I’m back from the most amazing trip with Jamie. I was planning on posting while I was away but it was so nice to just relax and be in the moment and experience Scotland with my man. I did try and put a bit on my Instagram story at least so hopefully it wasn’t all too bad that the blog had a mini break.

I don’t really have time right now to write about everything we got up to right now but I just wanted to stick my head in and say hi! We got back yesterday afternoon to a sunny Glasgow and in the evening I was back in G5 again. The workout we did absolutely killed your legs and I managed to jump down funnily from the box onto my ankle, not ideal and it’s a bit sore today. Hopefully it’ll be okay.

Time for another busy day! I need to get to bed early this evening because I’m knackered! We didn’t get that much sleep whilst we were away due to being out late in Aberdeen and then another relatively late evening in St Andrews and getting up early to get back to Glasgow. It was all worth it but you know when you haven’t had a good night’s rest in a while? It’s really all you can think about is to have a good sleep.

Guys, I’m leaving a week on Monday and I’ve got so much to do. It’s so much that I don’t even know where to start and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I really need to put another gear in and just do everything and get it out of the way. Time for another day! The countdown is really on now. Help! Exciting but so scary.

Speak soon, M xxx