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Sun here I come!

How tired can a person look?!

Hi lovelies! Such a busy last couple of days and I’m exhausted to be honest. This morning I thought I would sleep a bit longer since I wasn’t going to the gym but no, my body thought it was a great idea to get up at 5.30. Probably too excited to sleep and a bit too used to getting up early.

My half day at the office went by at the blink of an idea it felt like and then it was time to meet Jamie and his mum for lunch at Singl-end before I had to leave. We had takeaway last night all of us for dinner and my stomach was still feeling a bit funny after the food so I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so almost six hours, I was starving by the time I arrived. After a delicious lunch we all walked over to Buchanan Bus Station. It was weird saying by to Jamie but I’m so excited for him to be down in Nice with me in a week’s time. I wa so happy I got to see Jamie’s mum for a little bit too!

Now I’ve had food at the airport and am waiting for the gate to be announced, the flight is delayed which isn’t great but what can you do. I can’t wait until I get to my parents’ flat. I’m so excited. I’m also looking forward to some sleep. This tired soul needs some days to relax and wind down plus lots of sun and warmth!!!

I’ll speak to you when I’m there!


M xxx

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Almost one day to go

Stella running through toes to bar!

The sun paid us a visit today!

Hi lovelies! I’ve got to admit I’ve been terrible at taking photos today. This morning I had my final workout at G5 before my holiday. When I arrived Stella was having mini workshop for the two morning classes about how to improve our toes to bar. I really appreciate these mini talks she has about technique and how we can improve it to become even better. She ran through loads of helpful progressions to break the movements down and build up to doing the perfect toe to bar.

After the workshop it was time for us in the later class to get working. It was quite warm outside and the sun was shining so it got quite hot! We did seven rounds of seven different exercises, seven reps of each exercise. Doesn’t sound too bad but it was tiring! We had single arm dumbbell snatches in the WOD, one of my favourite movements, I don’t know why but it feels quite powerful to lift and push that dumbbell into the air.

It was a bit sad saying goodbye to the gym for two weeks, a lot of you will probably find me crazy for saying that. I might be, but it’s also like leaving family. I see these guys all the time and we have so much fun training together so it will be weird missing out. Not that I’m complaining about going away!!

At work I’ve just been trying to smash out as much content as possible before my holiday. I’m getting there and I feel like I can soon relax knowing the team will have enough material. It was just Jordan and I in the office today so it was very quiet but we have fun together the content team so it was still a good day.

Now I really need to start packing and finish cleaning here at home. Tomorrow evening Jamie’s mum arrives and then on Friday I’m leaving so time is running out! I can’t believe I’m leaving so soon. I’m so excited!

M xxx

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Saturday night

Another delicious meal at Brel, one of my favourite places in Glasgow for a chilled and delicious meal.

Quite a rare sight for me these days! I ordered fish, it was delicious. Brel doesn’t really have any veggie options that appeals to me and once in a while I love some fish.

Some of us still had room for dessert afterwards (I was one of them hehe) so we ordered the dark chocolate fondue. Yum! It’s delicious.

I always have a great time with this crew ❤

Stuart joined the girl crew for a little while before we all went home because we were tired. Is this a sign of getting older?

Hi lovelies! Happy start of the week! I’m still thinking about the amazing weekend I just had with my friends. On Saturday evening we met up at Brel in Ashton Lane for dinner. Brel is super cosy and the interior makes me happy because it’s so colourful. I love their outside bit in the back, the place all west enders go to on a sunny day. It’s amazing! The food is also incredible. Very simple but so good. When my family was over the last time we went there twice during their stay. There’s something for everyone on their menu and it’s usually quite easy to get a table because it’s so big!

Anyway, we got there and had a great time. I didn’t know what to order, I usually go veggie or vegan when I’m out these days except the rare exception when I do have fish or seafood. It’s my special treat. Anyway, in the end I was choosing between the fish special or the sea bass but I went for the sea bass. Emma chose the special and when we got served I got MAJOR food envy, Emma’s food looked so good. I hadn’t felt that kind of food jealousy in a while haha. I felt tricked because the special looked even more incredible than the description on the black board. My dish was good too but Emma was the winner.

We sat there for a while chatting away all of us whilst enjoying our meal. Once we had finished our food a couple of us felt there was definitely room for dessert so we shared the dark chocolate fondue. It was delicious dipping all the fruit in that dark chocolatey sauce! The waffles were very disappointing but oh well, still good.

Afterwards we headed across the lane to the The Attic where the girls had cocktails and wine, I stuck to my trusty glass of water. Another uni friend Stuart stopped by too to hang out before we all headed home. Now when we’re all working, being out late is difficult. I got to bed just before one and that’s latest I’ve been up for ages! Oh how times have changed.

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Brunch reunion

All the deliciousness

Look at all this fruit!!


What a day with my girls. Smiling until our cheeks hurt, talking about everything going on in our lives and laughing loads. I went to lululemon yoga in the morning led by Heather. I’ve been to her classes at lululemon before and they’re always incredible. She’s from a Seasonal yoga background, a style I really like. The class was quite gentle but built up a bit of heat without being too intense. Really loved it.

As soon as the class was over I headed to Emma’s for brunch with all the girls. I couldn’t believe that after over a year after we graduated we were all going to be reunited in Glasgow. It was amazing to see all the girls, I had a quick change of clothes and got some make up on before it was time to catch up with everyone over some tasty food. Emma had really gone all in with the brunch. Lots of tasty things to choose from. I’m terrible for picky food because I can’t really tell when I get full so I keep on nibbling away. Yesterday I was quite good though and I didn’t stuff myself too much.

After hours of chatting we went on a walk over to the West End where we went to Artisan Roast so Dalia could have one of their coffees. I was hungry again so I had one of their salads. It wasn’t anything special to be honest, I wouldn’t really recommend it but it was food. Then it was time to head to Dalia’s favourite bookstore for a bit. Emma and I then headed home to our flats. I needed to post my blog post then I wanted to get changed for the evening. It’s not that often I go out these days so have to make the most of it haha.

I’ll write more about our dinner later, now it’s time to get ready for a day with Jamie. I need to sort out some stuff for Nice next week so we’re going into City Centre to get some shopping done. Once he’s awake that is. I just got back from a very sweaty workout at Glasgow Uni gym so really need to get in the shower!

Have a lovely day everyone,

M xxx