The never ending WOD

Hello my babes! How are you today? Hope everything is well with you. Poor Jamie has caught this flu going around here in Glasgow so he’s lying in bed. I’ve tried to fill him up with all kinds of green smoothies, ginger shots and water to get him feeling better but unfortunately there isn’t much I can do other than force him to rest and take it easy. At the same time I’m avoiding to spend too much time with him as I really really hope I don’t get ill. I’m drinking all the greens, turmeric and ginger too to try and boost my immune system. Tonight I think I’ll make either a turmeric curry (turmeric is meant to be very anti-inflammatory) or a veggie soup to help us both. I’m hoping to get him on his feet very soon.

Yesterday I had a rest day considering the blood donation the day before and I was also booked in for a massage with the amazing Jan. He is awesome! My lower back has been feeling a bit tight so he tried to sort me out and I felt so much looser when I left. Thank you Jan for helping me once again.

Today I went to Strong Mum’s and I’d heard through a couple of people who did it the night before that the workout on the board today was tough. Very tough. I suppose you should be wary when Stella names it “The Evil”!! When her usual WODs that aren’t called that feel very evil at times.

I was still feeling a little bit odd, might be from donating blood on Sunday but thought I would just do my best. I was paired up with the amazing Jules, who is so unbelievably strong and badass in the gym. She absolutely smashed the workout whilst I was really struggling on my rounds. Really really struggling. I didn’t think I’d get through at some points.

It’s in those moments it’s not even really about how fast you’re doing it or what weight you’re doing. It’s just actually getting through, to prove to your mind that yes you can do it even though you’re screaming no inside. I swore, I made noises and I put the bar down a few times but thank goodness for Jules who pushed me through with her encouragement.

At the end we just looked at each other and said that we couldn’t have done it without the other person’s support. Just hearing someone next to you counting down the reps and telling you that you can do it and that you’re almost there makes all the difference in those difficult moments. Those moments you just want to lie down on the ground and make it stop. 

Then when we finished the first part of the class, which was four rounds each with this barbell that just felt like it was getting heavier and heavier for each rep. The finisher was tough too, loads of jump ropes and then 30 toes to bar each, more skipping and then finished off with wall balls. At that point my arms felt like mush. They still do!

I feel knackered now having done that WOD. It must’ve been a full hour pretty much of constant hard work. Not easy but we got through! We didn’t give up and that’s a great feeling knowing that you overcame your thoughts. You leave feeling stronger for it. I told Stella at this rate, Rainhill will feel like nothing. Well I hope it won’t at least!

You might now wonder why on earth I have picture of a sandwich and a cup of tea at the top of this post? Unfortunately this was not my food today. It was little while back when Jamie and I went for food at Papercup and I tried their new vegan sandwich. It was with some form of spiced tofu, pickled carrot, cuccumber and peanut butter and OH MY GOD. It was so good. I don’t ever really order sandwiches when I’m out. I rarely eat bread, just because I don’t really crave it very often BUT this sandwich was amazing. You guys need to try it.

Now I need to get some stuff done so I’ll speak to you soon!

Love, M xxx

Snowy days in Glasgow

My snowy walk yesterday
 You can see the pain my face haha

Good morning lovelies! The snow did come to Glasgow. Not loads and it hasn’t really settled on the ground, mainly just a sloppy mess! So yesterday when I headed into town I dug out my good old Hunter boots for the first time in ages. I haven’t owned a pair of winter boots in years so they had to do. At some points during the day the snowflakes were MASSIVE. It was really pretty even though I wasn’t really happy about winter coming back to us.

In the evening I went to open gym and got to see my friend Kyle for the first time in ages. We ended up doing our lifting together, which was really fun. I brushed off on my snatches and managed a 35kg snatch, not very far from my PB of 37.5kg so that was a good start considering we haven’t really done a lot of snatching so far this year.

Then I joined in with Kyle as he was doing cleans and worked my way up to a 55kg squat clean. After that I ran into the same issue I always get into with cleans, I can clean the weight but can’t get it up. So I cleaned 57 kg into a squat but couldn’t stand it up. So frustrating that it’s always the same weight I stumble on but this time I really didn’t want to be hard on myself because it was my first cleans of 2018. It’s fine! I’ve got a full year to practice them and improve my strength.

I finished off with some jerks. I’m not a fan of those either but I need to work on them because I can’t be frustrated and feel rubbish about it if I don’t give myself the time to practice and get better. It’s easy to stick to doing things that you enjoy and you’re good at. It’s not until we get out of that comfort zone we progress. I try to always keep that in mind when it’s difficult.

It’s funny because quite often when I focus on something in the gym I feel like I haven’t done in a while during open gym, the next day it’s in Stella’s class. She must’ve been thinking the same thing about the cleans because this morning there were jump ropes, squat cleans, front squats and burpees on the menu. Juicy for the legs!! Ooooft it was tough but what I needed.

It was my first 6.45 am class of 2018 this morning and boy did it feel tough when the alarm went off at 5.40am this morning! Once you’re out of bed it does get easier. Being in the class reminded me how much I love starting my day off nice and early by training, it really sets you up for a great day. Your energy is on top at the end of class and I love it. Although, after this session I just collapsed on the floor, then it felt better.

Today I’ve got some bits to do and then Jamie and I are hopefully doing something very exciting I’ll be sharing with you later if it all goes to plan!

Have a beautiful day my dears, M xxx

That felt good

Hello my lovelies! I woke up to snow on the rooftops here in Glasgow. I do not want more winter! I’ve already have my heart set on it getting warmer and sunnier! When Faye told me yesterday we’re expected to get a snowstorm I was not happy haha. We’ll see how much of a snowstorm there’ll be here in the city. So far it seems quite peaceful out there but having lived in Glasgow for almost five and a half years (has it really been that long?!) I know that can always change at the blink of an eye.

What’s been happening with you guys? There’s been a lot of stuff happening recently that I don’t really feel ready to share on here quite yet as I can’t believe it’s happening myself. It’s all very positive but I’m getting way out of my comfort zone and once I feel like I’ve started to digest it I’ll share it with you guys, I promise. I get nervous just thinking about it right now but a good nervous (I think haha). There’s too many thoughts going on in my head at the moment but I think it’s mainly good! Sorry for being so vague…

Other than that I’ve been training (surprise). I’m feeling like I’m really back in the groove now and started to get good times on my workouts again. Yesterday evening we did one of the “Battle for Britain” (a big Crossfit competition) qualifying workouts in different scaled versions depending on our ability. I was really really happy with my time! I felt like I’m on the right track for Rainhill.

Now I just need to get some more weightlifting in. I haven’t really done much because I just wanted to kick myself into shape and get my pulse up again. It’s time to dust off some heavier lifting, cleans, jerks and snatches. God when I did my snatches yesterday during the WOD they felt awful. I had Ray’s voice from Team Cavanagh in my head and knew that he would not have been impressed by those snatches haha. I know I just to brush off on my technique and it’ll be okay but it shows once again how olympic lifting is an art and skill you constantly need to stay on top of. I’m going to open gym tonight so that’s what’s on the agenda. We’ll see how that goes! I’m so excited to give my new weightlifting shoes a proper try.

It’s time to get this day started!



A little sneaky look of my new running shoes! Hopefully they’ll make me run super fast!

Hi my dears! I thought I’d upload a little picture of my new running shoes. I got them in the sale as soon as Stella mentioned we are going to start doing more running soon. My old runners are about four years old by now and are falling a part so I thought it was time to get an upgrade. I ended up going for the Nike Free Run Flyknits.

I’ve never had any of the Nike Flyknits before but always thought they looked really nice. They almost feel like wearing a pair of socks in how they fit your foot. They’ve been comfy to walk around in but I’m yet to try running in them. I like the colours of them and to be honest that’s why I kind of got them haha. I know you shouldn’t judge shoes by their looks because at the end of the day they need to perform well but I’ve had Free Runs before and thought they were alright. I don’t do a lot of running so for me they just need to do a better job than my Metcons when the runs are a bit longer.

What are all of you up to this Saturday? Instead of yoga today I mixed it up and went to Metabolic Mayhem at G5. It’s usually a team WOD where you go to different stations throughout and work like a crazy person. Today I was teamed up with Faye, MJ and Ange. What a team! We had a great time and cheered each other on. My arms were feeling a bit sore and tired but once the workout starts you don’t really think about your sore muscles and just focus on the exercise you’re doing.

I’ve just had lunch now and need to get showered (nope still haven’t showered since the workout finished hehe) and then I’m meeting up with my friend Alisha. Haven’t seen her for a while so I’m looking forward to hearing what she’s been up to!

This evening I think Jamie and I are going to the cinema when he finishes work. Now when I write that I realise I should probably book it. We want to see Coco (the new Pixar film). The preview is on today so we’ll see it there are any seats left for us!

Speak soon, M xxx