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Training on holiday

Do you guys work out on holiday? Training whilst on holiday was something I only two years ago wouldn’t even dream of doing. I was disciplined in my everyday life but as soon as I was on holiday I would lie there on my sun bed and barely move for a week. There is nothing wrong with that if that’s what you to do but my last trips I’ve really been missing moving and exercising, which was when holiday training came into the picture. I need exercise in my life to feel good just as I need to eat and sleep. My mood is really affected by whether I exercise or not, it’s like my daily cup of coffee.

This holiday I was wondering how my training would go. I was really looking forward to going away but at the same time I felt so happy with where my training was going and a bit sad to be missing out on the G5 classes plus loosing the strength I had built up. I was looking at gyms in Nice but they are all in central Nice and quite expensive, plus that money I honestly would rather spend on other things. So when I landed I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

Then I started thinking, I’m on this path of challenging myself to things I don’t really like doing and not really good at to improve my general fitness. This involves running and Nice has got an incredible promenade I’ve run along before. You all know my thoughts on running, it’s not my favourite thing to do when it comes to exercise and I wasn’t thrilled at the thought of having to run for the next couple of weeks. But, instead of being frustrated I’m missing out on my classes and not having access to a gym I started to think of this as an opportunity. An opportunity to improve my running and other exercises I struggle with. I can take the time I normally take to lift to improve other aspects of my fitness. I had no excuses now when I was stripped of my access to gym equipment.

I think the issue I have is that I put a lot of pressure on myself with what speed I should run at and that I should run in a certain time. Whilst a bit of pressure can be good it can also be discouraging. Instead I decided to think me just going out running is an incredible win and a massive change in my attitude towards it. Before I would rather do nothing than run. Now I’d rather run than do nothing. I don’t care if I run fast or not, just pushing myself to do it is an incredible accomplishment for me. Some days I’ve pushed myself to run faster, other days I’ve just been happy to run at whatever pace I feel comfortable. At the end of the day I’m on holiday and I’m only going to do it if I feel like it. I know as soon I get back to Glasgow I’ll be back in the gym training so anything I do now is just to still maintain some exercise in my life. Having that attitude towards it has helped me loads. It’s crazy how your mindset can change everything.

Other than running I’ve done lots of bodyweight exercises. I see this holiday as a fantastic chance to work more on my push ups but also jumping lunges (god they can be so tough and they burn so bad) and jump squats combined with loads of other exercises.

What I want to say is training whilst on holiday is something you do or don’t do, it’s up to you but if you do there are so many things you can still do without having to pay for access to a gym. It’s all in your head and for me finding a challenge in what I do gets me motivated. I’ve challenged myself to do those exercises I usually avoid when training on my own and because I’m doing them I know I can only get better at them. You’ve got nothing to loose when you know you’re not very good at something haha. That’s quite a good feeling! You’ve got everything to gain from trying and this will benefit you in other aspects of your training too.

This can also be applied to when you’re starting out on your fitness journey, don’t look at everyone else is doing. If you’re starting from nothing you just doing some form of exercise on a regular basis is an amazing start. Then you start increasing the intensity and start going more if you want but going all in and putting that pressure on that you should go five times a week and have a sweat fest every time probably won’t be sustainable in the long run but if you start small and gradually increase the the amount of times you go and the intensity gradually you’ll find what works for you.

Going back to what I was saying about training on holiday, through focusing on what I can do to improve my fitness when I’m away with what I have I have made myself go running even though it’s not my favourite thing in the world. I know I’ll benefit from doing it and I need my exercise. It’s all about mindset and being your own cheerleader and coach. It’s tough taking on those roles when it comes to yourself because it’s tough to be disciplined but it’s something I’ve worked on for years. I’ve gotten to a stage now when I’m quite good at cheering myself on and pushing through but it’s not always easy!

Something I try to do when running is to race a little bit with the people who are also running along the promenade hehe. Just to give myself that little extra push. It really does help, especially for someone who has got that touch of competitiveness in them (*cough* me).

What are your thoughts on holiday training? Do you struggle to keep to stay motivated? I’d love to hear!

Have a beautiful day! Love, M xxx

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Cagnes Sur Mer

The morning workout duo

Exercise makes me so happy

Workout done!

Cuddling baby sis before she left for Sweden

To Cagnes Sur Mer we go

A delicious lunch at a place I think was called New York something.

Beach time

Back in Nice, another beautiful sunset

Out for a stroll

Hi everyone! I woke up to an empty flat today. It’s very odd being alone in our flat here in Nice. It has never happened before. I can’t wait for Jamie to arrive this evening but before then I’m just going to spend the day on the beach with my book. I can’t wait.

On Monday it was Anki’s and Sarah’s time to leave. Ellie and I did another workout, a slightly shorter run and then some circuit training. It’s so nice to have company while you train. Sometimes I struggle with staying disciplined when I don’t have a gym but it’s going well so far. I’m feeling very determined to try and stay slightly on track with my training so I don’t die when I go back to G5 😛 I also love to get a sweat session on before lying down on the beach all day.

We then had a last family breakfast before Anki and Sarah left for the airport. The rest of the family who were still Nice rented some Velo Bleu bikes and cycled over to Cagnes Sur Mer. I really love that little town. It’s a little beach town and has an even more chilled vibe than Nice. My parents were actually looking here loads when they were flat hunting but ended up falling in love with the one we have now in Nice.

We had a delicious lunch when we arrived before spending a couple of hours on the beach. My dad gets very restless so we didn’t stay for super long haha but it was lovely to spend some time with him and Ellie. The three of us don’t get to spend that much time together and it’s nice to have some quality time with dad who’s so busy. When dad couldn’t sit still for any longer we cycled back and had dinner before heading out for a last stroll together before him and Ellie left the next day.

We ended up sitting down for a drink. Dad and Ellie ordered some mojitos and I went for a sparkling water. We sat there for ages chatting until it was time to head home.

Now I’m going to have a quick shower because I just got back in from a workout and then it’s time for the beach. Wohoo!

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Almost one day to go

Stella running through toes to bar!

The sun paid us a visit today!

Hi lovelies! I’ve got to admit I’ve been terrible at taking photos today. This morning I had my final workout at G5 before my holiday. When I arrived Stella was having mini workshop for the two morning classes about how to improve our toes to bar. I really appreciate these mini talks she has about technique and how we can improve it to become even better. She ran through loads of helpful progressions to break the movements down and build up to doing the perfect toe to bar.

After the workshop it was time for us in the later class to get working. It was quite warm outside and the sun was shining so it got quite hot! We did seven rounds of seven different exercises, seven reps of each exercise. Doesn’t sound too bad but it was tiring! We had single arm dumbbell snatches in the WOD, one of my favourite movements, I don’t know why but it feels quite powerful to lift and push that dumbbell into the air.

It was a bit sad saying goodbye to the gym for two weeks, a lot of you will probably find me crazy for saying that. I might be, but it’s also like leaving family. I see these guys all the time and we have so much fun training together so it will be weird missing out. Not that I’m complaining about going away!!

At work I’ve just been trying to smash out as much content as possible before my holiday. I’m getting there and I feel like I can soon relax knowing the team will have enough material. It was just Jordan and I in the office today so it was very quiet but we have fun together the content team so it was still a good day.

Now I really need to start packing and finish cleaning here at home. Tomorrow evening Jamie’s mum arrives and then on Friday I’m leaving so time is running out! I can’t believe I’m leaving so soon. I’m so excited!

M xxx

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Major inspiration

This photo is hysterical

Breakfast is the best reward after a heavy workout

Hi lovelies! This past weekend I did not only spend time with my friends I also binge watched “Fittest on Earth” on Netflix. I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages but just haven’t had the time to do it properly but this weekend I found the time to finally do it. For those who don’t know what Fittest on Earth is, it’s a documentary about the Crossfit Games and the athletes involved in it. It’s the biggest Crossfit competition in the world and the ones who win are crowned as Fittest Man and Woman on earth. The stuff they do is absolutely insane.

There are two of them up on Netflix now and because the Crossfit Games were actually happening in Madison that weekend I felt like it was even more of a reason to watch them. Wow, I was blown away. I couldn’t keep my eyes of the screen. The people in this competition are some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever come across. The dedication and work they put in to even qualify is incredible. Once the first documentary was finished I immediately started watching the next one. I couldn’t stop. I did have to have have a break to go and see the girls and then continue the next day but oh wow. It was so interesting and mind blowing.

On Sunday evening Jamie and I even watched some of the final events of this year’s Crossfit Games before we went to bed and these people feel more like super humans or robots in how they move and what they can lift. Even Jamie thought it was super interesting to see.

I felt so inspired after it and incredibly motivated to work harder in the gym. Once in a while I really think you need something to come along to make you inspired again. You end up just going through the options otherwise, you need to be reminded of why you’re doing it. For me it’s to see how strong I can get. I want to improve and progress, be better than yesterday, stronger than yesterday. How far can I push myself?

What motivates you to train? One thing Matt Fraser, now Fittest Man on Earth two years in a row, said which really resonated with me was that he finds his weaknesses and works hard on them to make sure he’s the best at everything.

This is something I’ve really been trying to work on more than ever, working on my weaknesses, which is usually the stuff I don’t like doing as much in the gym. Things like upper body, back squats and running. When I avoid doing them, how am I ever going to get better at them? It doesn’t make any sense, when you think of it that way there’s really no excuse not to do it anymore. If I want to get better I need to do these things. The next couple of things I really need work on are double unders, toes to bar and handstands. There’s so much to do and so little time. What do you say? Shall we get started?!

Seriously though, watch Fittest on Earth!