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Taking my wellbeing for granted

My baby hair is always out of control!

Lots of rolling…

Good day my lovelies! How are you? I’m good, my back felt a lot better this morning so I decided to venture to the gym and do a light workout. The only problem is, I’m not very good at doing light workouts. I get too excited and want to do everything. I started off running on the stairmaster then I did some very light front squats. It was so difficult to stick to lighter weights because I love lifting heavy but I behaved. Then I did some strict press ups and finished off with some abs in the TRX and the handstand drills on the ball.

I could feel my back during some of the exercises but as soon as I did I changed the exercise to make sure I’m not overdoing it.

It’s when you’re not a hundred percent when you get an eye opener. I’m one of those who tends to take my wellbeing for granted a little bit. Thinking that my body is always going to perform and be well. It’s a gift to have a body, which functions and everyday everything is well I should grateful. It’s something I need to get better at, appreciating the hard work my body does, because now when I can’t do my usual training I feel a bit down and realise how amazing it is when it’s at it’s best. Do any of you feel the same?

I’m really hoping it will get better soon! I can definitely feel it getting better but it’s that fine line of whether continued rest is the way to go or whether some exercise and movement could be the key. I made sure to do loads of foam rolling afterwards to help recovery and now afterwards I’m feeling good!

I just had a snack a little while ago and am waiting on Jamie to get ready so we can go out for lunch/brunch. Yum!

Have a lovely day my dears xxx

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Starting out with a bang

Hi! How are you guys? Hope you’ve had a wonderful start to your week. My start was perhaps not ideal haha. I was going to G5 this morning. I felt super prepared and had packed everything the night before to get ready at the gym. This is what I thought anyway… 

On the way down to the subway I had a moment where I felt I’d forgotten something. I looked through my bag and realised that something was my jeans… Not ideal at all. It was too late to turn back so I decided I would just have to get back home as quick as possible after the workout. 

The workout was so tough. Lots of cleans, jerks, thrusters and push presses. Upper body strength is my weakness and it’s during workouts like these I can really tell. It’s definitely better than before but I get so tired and in my head I get to points where I can’t push myself as much. Whilst when it’s more lower body focused I can go more hard. 

After that intense session I had to head back to the underground and go home. I got home and had the quickest shower of my life and actually managed to get ready and get to work before nine. I was quite impressed with myself :p I was starving by the time I got in though. Breakfast tasted so good once I sat at my desk with my big bowl of porridge. 

Once that jeans crisis was over and I’d finally landed I noticed my bag was wet. Yup something had leaked in my bag… Luckily nothing got ruined! So it’s safe to say I had an interesting start to my day. Not ideal but sometimes things like these happen and I really try to not let it affect the rest of my day. I just tried to laugh it off and then moved on. It’s not always the easiest thing to do though. It depends so much on your mood! 

The rest of the morning the voomfit team had a big meeting. It was good to get some points resolved and we’re all excited about moving forward. Working in a start up is so fun but also tiring as we’re always changing it up and fighting fires. I love it though. 

Now I’m at The Finnieston waiting for Jamie to finish so we can go and meet his sister in law who’s up from Australia with her’s and Jamie’s brother’s little baby who we haven’t met yet. We can’t wait to meet her! 

Have a lovely evening my dears,

M xx

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Rainy summer days

Hi lovelies! Well that weekend went by at the blink of an eye! It’s already just after six on Sunday and tomorrow I’m back in the office again. Time is just ticking away again.

This morning I was at the gym doing some squats, deadlifts, hip thrusters, handstand drills and box jumps. Box jumps can really be a challenge mentally. Sometimes I catch myself standing there with this massive box in front of me wondering how on earth I’m meant to jump up there. At Gym G5 the boxes are made of wood and it’s the most painful thing falling on them. I’ve done it twice and it hurts so bad! So this fear of falling plays a huge part in why it’s so tough to jump up. You seriously need to give yourself a pep talk once in a while when the voices in your head says you can’t do it. Then just jump and hope for the best. You feel a amazing once you’re up there. It’s such an empowering thing to do, being able to jump high. I don’t know why but it feels great 😛

After the gym I had a nice big breakfast and then got ready to meet up with my sister Ellie and her boyfriend Hampus. The West End Festival had a big day in Kelvingrove Park with music, stands, food and lots of events so we wanted to check it out. However, it rained like absolute crazy so when got there we didn’t stay for very long. It was so cold and wet! I felt really bad for all the people who had planned for this big event and the weather just ruined it.

We took shelter in Kember & Jones instead and sat there for ages chatting about life. Both of them are leaving for the summer Next Saturday so it was nice to spend some time together. I’m not sure if we’ll get a chance to see each other again before they leave.

Now I’m just waiting for Jamie to come home. I can’t wait to see him. I haven’t seen him properly since Thursday I think. It’s the difficult part of having such different work schedules. Next Sunday will be our first whole day together for like four weeks. Absolutely crazy! I can’t explain how much I’m looking forward to that. We’ll have to plan in something extra nice.

Have a lovely evening my dears,

M xx

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My hump day

Treated myself to a Banana Butter shake from Prep Fitness Kitchen

Made a massive progress at the gym yesterday!

I was so warm and sweaty after yesterday’s gym session!

Dinner with Emma at CCA

Hi lovelies! I’m back in action! Yesterday was a very busy day from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. At work I had lots of meetings and other things to sort out and it felt like the time went by at the blink of an eye. During lunch I went up to Prep Fitness Kitchen with my colleague Nicola as she was getting the rest of the team lunch. I kept her company up there to get some fresh air (I already had food with me) but I couldn’t resist getting their Banana Butter shake (with vegan protein and almond milk). So good!

Straight after work I stopped by lululemon on the way down to G5. I wanted to swap a top I got recently as I found a top I liked even more online, plus it’s always nice to see my girls in there. Then it was time to head down to the gym.

It was lovely and sunny yesterday so I was suspecting a bit of running, which there was. Quite a lot of it. We did a block run or extended block runs three times and in between the rounds in pairs you had to do wall balls and box jumps (first 80 then 60 and 40). I was paired up with Faye’s mum Carole. She’s so amazing!

On the final round I decided to try the 9kg wall ball instead of the 6kg, which I’ve been using for quite a while. I figured, if you don’t try, you don’t progress. It actually went really well! I managed to do all 20 of them. I was so amazed and so happy with myself. It felt considerably heavier but I managed it. I love when you surprise yourself like that with your own strength. It’s what makes training so addictive, to always strive to be better. The girls said I could no longer use the 6kg ball in WODs hehe. I love how we push and encourage each other. I could not push myself as hard as I do at G5 without the support of the amazing people there.

After the workout I got a lift from Carole up to Charing Cross to meet up with Emma and Kamila at CCA. It’s a lovely place but I so rarely go despite how close Jamie and I live to it. Kamila unfortunately had already left but it was amazing to see Emma again. It feels like she’s been away for forever. I loved hearing how she’s been and it was amazing to just sit and chat with her before I eventually had to head home to get ready for the next day.

When I was unemployed a day could sometimes feel like an eternity but now with being so busy it feels like a working week goes by at lightning speed. I can’t believe it’s already Friday tomorrow.

Sleep well my dears!


M xx