It’s getting hot in here

All the sweat and crazy hair!

Ross joined me and couldn’t stay still for a photo haha

Hello lovelies! I went from not doing yoga for a couple of weeks to two classes two days in a row. Wohoo! My body is already thanking me for giving it some stretching time. Hot Pod Yoga is opening up in Glasgow and Mari (a fellow Nordic person! From Finland) who owns it together with her other half invited me and a bunch of people to come along and try it out. She said I could bring a friend and Ross offered to come with me and see what it was all about. Curious as I am I couldn’t resist such a nice offer!

At Om Yoga Show at the SECC last year I saw a pod like this for the first time but didn’t really get what it was. This time I was excited to get the full experience. You find the studio in the Axiom Building on Washington Street. Quite a newly refurbished building filled with creative spaces and small boutique style gyms (The Fitt Principle calls this building home now too!).

Hot Pod Yoga is basically hot yoga but in a huge inflatable tent. You walk into the studio and you see a massive inflated tent, some changing rooms to the right of it and nice little communal space, quite minimalist and industrial looking. It’s nice. You don’t really need much else.

Mari was super lovely and gave the warmest welcome! We were recommended to be there about 15 minutes before class started to get used to the heat in the pod. We stepped into the pod after dropping off our stuff and got comfortable. I loved the mood lighting in it, it felt really cosy and chilled.

I’ve got to say, in a country like Scotland I do struggle in normal yoga classes sometimes to feel warm and mobile in my body this time of year so that’s when hot yoga I think can help. The class was quite challenging, one of the more challenging ones I’ve been to for a while (I love more restorative and yin yoga hehe) but it was fun to try out. Mari didn’t use a lot of yogic terms, which I thought was quite nice and something that could help a lot of beginners and less yogay (yup that’s a word now) people understand more what was going on. I’m not a big yogi myself (I do really enjoy doing it but I perhaps love the gym a bit more hehe), I do it when I can and I’ve heard a lot of people say that the terminology used in classes at times leaves them feeling confused and slightly alienated when everyone else knows what’s going on.

At the end of class we got to lie down in savasana (just lying on our back) to finish off the class and I loved the feeling of not immediately having throw on all your layers and put on socks because you’re already feeling cold again. I could just lie there in the warmth in my shorts and tank top. It felt so nice. We were dripping at the end of it and it felt good to get a proper sweat on. The downside with sweating so much is sliding on the mat I find, we were asked to bring our own towels but I would probably just rent one there as they cover the mat and it looked like you would get a better grip with it rather than my old towel I brought.

Thanks Mari for inviting me along!


SFN EXPO day 1

Setting up!

Ready for the show. Team extreme! 
Checking out the Throwdown with Stella MCing!

Ross was so nice to help us out for most of the day!

Finally got to try maple water and they so kindly gave me some waters to review for you guys! I’ll be trying them out and writing about them soon.

Went back to the comp later on and ate my lunch. Yes I brought my own food… You’ve got to be prepared 😉

Tried Free Soul’s vegan protein powders and they were really good. They’re new on the market. It’s a shame they don’t have a vanilla one but they said they are working on bringing out a vanilla flavoured one as soon as they can ensure it will taste good. Will maybe have to get the chocolate… It was so tasty! We shall see hehe.

Lovely Gwen came to see me at the stand. Love seeing this beautiful lady!

Had the huge honour of meeting some of the Girl Gains ladies and Shona Vertue. Some incredible women who I really look up to.

Did the hang challenge for the second time in a day, this time against the man behind the expo himself, Neil. He won…

Hi lovelies! Wow, I’m looking through all the photos I took at the expo yesterday and words can’t describe what an amazing day it was. They had really done a great job organising it all and all the stands there were of great standard and value. I feel like a lot of the time the shows we get here in Glasgow aren’t that great but SFN has been amazing so far. Well done to the team behind it. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Scotland needs more expos and events like these and with the great turnout, it just shows there is a demand for it.

Our day started early yesterday. Team voomfit met up at 8.30am to finalise our stand to get going when the doors opened at 9.30am. We couldn’t believe how busy our stand was all day. People do like a challenge and it was evident in the amount of interest the hang challenge generated. It was crazy and so much fun! There were even some incredibly strong kids taking on the challenge. The best time at the end of the day was 2 minutes 35 seconds I think, which is insane! We’ll see if anyone beats it today.

When I wasn’t at our stand I was browsing about the expo and found some amazing businesses such as Raw Brazilian Coconut Water (love raw coconut water and had only ever tried Rebel Kitchen’s before, this one tasted absolutely amazing), Drink Maple, Free Soul, Misfits Nutrition, Harris Blu and loads more! It was so inspiring speaking to the people behind these companies, all trying to help people in some way on their fitness journey whether it’s through beautiful gym gear, healthy drinks or food. It’s amazing what’s out there that I haven’t heard of before and there only seems to be more and more amazing products being launched. The more the better I say! Healthy food and drink options are important to stay on track with your diet and then gym gear to keep us motivated and feeling awesome when training.

I then had the incredible honour of meeting some super badass girls such as Shona Vertue (I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while now and she’s amazing!) and then Zanna and Tally (and later on Victoria) from the Girls Gains. It was amazing to get a chance to talk to them and just hear what they thought of Glasgow and stuff. These women are women I look up to and am so inspired by how they make a difference in people’s lives. Something I hope to do with this blog. What a job they’re doing and I could only dream of being able to help as many as they are. One day maybe! They were all so lovely, just as how they come across online. Thank you ladies for showing girls how to love themselves, their bodies and teaching them on how to take care of themselves in a healthy way.

I’m so excited for another day at the expo. I’m hoping to be able to catch Shona’s class in the morning and Lean Machines talk. We’ll see how busy our stand is tomorrow but should be okay to go hopefully (if there is space!). I’ve got a list of things I want to buy (but probably shouldn’t because I’m meant to be saving money) but there’s loads of amazing discounts pretty much everywhere so I’m still saving money technically… Oh excuses… SFN is only once a year and having so many amazing things available in one place, you need to make the most of it!

If you haven’t been yesterday I would strongly recommend you going today. It’s so much fun and I truly think you won’t regret it for a second! Tickets are sold at the door so don’t worry if you haven’t got one.

Please come along to the voomfit stand. Would love to see you there 🙂

M xxx


Fly Tri

Faye and I twinning and flipping tyres! Photo by lululemon Glasgow

The very sweaty dream team! These guys are amazing! My amazing Faye, her mum Carole and her boyfriend Ross (also known as The Motivational Dude, check out his Facebook page here, he’s always up to amazing things)

Hi lovelies! I had such an incredible time at the Fly Tri event yesterday with Fly Functional Fitness and lululemon Glasgow. It was an evening that left me feeling super hyped and so happy about life. It reminded me once again how blessed I feel to be part of the fitness community in Glasgow. I absolutely love all the incredible people you get to meet and I love there’s more and more stuff happening around the city.

On my way to the event I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to take part. I had the worst stomach pain I’ve had in ages. I don’t even know why. It was so bad I wrote and warned Faye that I might not be able to do the workout. I walked down to Fly Fitness anyway and hoped the walk would help my stomach and it did! Luckily by the time I arrived the pain was almost entirely gone. I would’ve been gutted if I couldn’t take part. I can’t say no to a workout.

The evening consisted of a 21 minute workout you had to complete as a team. Three stations, seven minutes at each station. We started off with flipping the massive tyre, then it was prowler time and we finished off on the assault bike. It was seriously sweaty and at the end I felt dizzy from pushing myself but wow I was so happy with our team’s effort. We didn’t stop for a second to rest.

My lululemon girls had brought down loads of beautiful clothes and I of course fell in love with loads of stuff. After working there I really don’t need more gym stuff but oh my, I would love some new gear. These days I find myself not being able to justify getting new normal clothes (which I actually need) but I can still somehow manage to convince myself that buying a new piece for my gym wardrobe is a great idea. ! suppose I live in the stuff but still!

The evening ended with the two amazing guys behind Fly Functional Fitness, David and Ross, being asked to become ambassadors for lululemon Glasgow. It was such a beautiful moment, it couldn’t have happened to greater people. These guys genuinely care about making a difference and have such big hearts. I knew from the moment I first started planning Sunday workouts with them during my time lululemon that these guys were something special and it was just a matter of time before they became ambassadors. I can’t wait to see what they get up to with lululemon in the future. I already know it’ll be absolutely incredible.

I love when you get home after having an amazing time and you’re just buzzing from happiness. That’s how I felt. I haven’t felt that genuinely happy in a while, being excited about life and feeling to so genuinely blessed to be surrounded by some of the most inspiring people ever. People who dedicate their lives to helping other live better and healthier lives.

What an evening, that’s all I can say xx

Filming with Voomfit

Hello lovelies! Happy Easter weekend! Are you off or working this fine long weekend? Hopefully the sun will be shining on us too soon. I haven’t really celebrated Easter for years but I’m looking forward to my friend Dalia from university coming this weekend to visit the rest of us who are left in Glasgow. She’s bringing a friend too which will be really fun.

Yesterday I was invited to the Tennent’s Training Academy with Voomfit. Tennent’s for those who don’t know is the beer of Glasgow and their brewery also hosts cooking courses so they have a massive kitchen, which is the Training Academy. Voomfit had rented the space for the day to do some filming which was super exciting.

So what is Voomfit I hear you ask! It is a new health and fitness platform for Glasgow where they’ll be gathering all gyms, PTs, yoga instructors, healthy recipes, activities and so much more in one place making it easier for anyone to find them. It sounds so cool and I was really excited to see all the food they were cooking to be shown on the website. They’re launching at the end of the month and I’ve seen a preview of the website and it’s looking great.

When I got there the camera was rolling, there was cooking going on everywhere and a massive table just covered with ingredients ready to be used. Cooking heaven essentially.

It was a fun little outing and I’m excited to see the end result when the website has launched. I may have some exciting things in stored together with Voomfit in the very near future,  so stay tuned!

Have a great day and speak soon xx