A day of yoga

My first class with the amazing Laura McCrimmon

Photo from lululemon Glasgow

Photo from lululemon Glasgow
Photo from lululemon Glasgow

Visited the girls in the showroom in between classes and Kat was there with her wonderful oils. It’s so inspiring seeing her fulfilling her dreams. 
Photo from lululemon Glasgow. Second class with Julie Hanson. She is just incredible. Here’s a photo of me and my tight hamstrings. One day it’ll get better, it’s in my goals and I’m stretching them more than ever. 

Hi my dears! Despite what has been going on back home life goes on and I had a day of exciting stuff booked in yesterday. I am determined to move on with life and live, not letting hate stop me. Even though it’s what’s been on mind pretty much constantly since Friday.

I started my day off with a session at the gym. I was planning on going to Stella’s but unfortunately her class was fully booked and there was even a waiting list so I decided to go to the uni gym instead. I was there for an hour. I started off with three rounds of 500 metre rows for the best time possible with one minute rest in between. My best round was actually my last, which was 2:04 minutes. I was super happy with that. I then moved on to some squats and deadlifts until I ran out of time and had to head into town for a day of yoga with lululemon Glasgow and their social impact programme Here to Be. In this programme they partner with non-profit organisations to make yoga and meditation and their healing properties available to anyone.

The day of yoga was in support of Yogability, a charity who provides yoga to adults and children with special needs, their carers and others with barriers to entry. An incredible idea and at the moment they have a massive waiting list and are in need of funding.

For eight hours yesterday eight incredible teachers led a class and everyone who attended were asked to make a donation before or after the class. The day was beautiful and had an incredible vibe. I have been in 29 Club for lululemon events before but the room they had this time was jstunning. It felt like a cosy attic space and the sun shining through the windows was a wonderful bonus.

It was amazing to see everyone coming together to help. I made it to two classes, Laura McCrimmon’s and Julie Hanson’s. Two wonderful ladies who’s classes I don’t get to go to very often. Laura’s classes are a bit more strength based whilst Julie does Seasonal Yoga. Her class was so relaxing I almost fell asleep in savasana. It’s something about her presence that makes you so calm.

This day was lovely and I can’t wait for the next lululemon event! Hopefully lots of money was raised for this amazing cause.

Reebok and Greaves Sports WOD

Can’t get enough of Kilo! Jamie jokes and says he’s the reason I go to the G5. Well… It’s always a bonus.
Photos: Ryan Edy

Hi my dears! How amazing are these images from the event? It’s quite strange seeing yourself workout from an outside perspective. I barely even noticed there was someone taking photos. I get quite zoned out during WODs. It brings out my competitive side! I think that’s why this workout form suits me so well, I’m stubborn, slightly competitive and always want to improve.

One thing I’ve noticed going through these photos is, I’ve got a serious game face going on. I’ve been told this before, that I look serious when I workout. I now see why 😉

So as I mentioned after signing in for the WOD and checking out the new Reebok area, we jogged down to Crossfit Glasgow. I didn’t realise how close it was to town. Just across the river like G5 and they’re not far away from each other. Once we got there we all got to borrow a pair of Nanos to try out for the WOD. I was really looking forward to giving them a test run because I’d never tried them on before. The Nanos are are specifically made for Crossfit.

Gavin one of the box owners and team from Crossfit Glasgow first talked us through the workout and warmed us up. We were a great mix of Crossfitters to people who had never tried Crossfit before so they ran through all the exercises before it was time to get the WOD started.  Some of the guys from Gym G5 were there too, which was really fun.

The workout was a version of Fight Gone Bad, you have a minute to complete as many reps as possible at different five stations (ab mat sit ups, box jumps, kettlebell swings, wall balls and burpees). At the end of the round we got a minutes rest and we repeated it three times.

It got quite sweaty to say the least! Towards the end there was a lot of taps aff going on 😛 It’s really important to not let your score drop and preferably improve it. I was really happy with my score, even though I let it drop in the second round I redeemed myself in the final third round.

I was so focused on the WOD I didn’t pay too much attention to my Nanos but considering they were new shoes and I barely noticed them, I think that’s good review. I mentioned a bit more of what I thought in my other post (here). My feet always get sore from new shoes and didn’t during the WOD. I’ll definitely consider them when looking for a new pair of training shoes next time.

It was so much fun connecting with people from all over Glasgow. We had a great time. Thank you Reebok UK, Greaves Sports and Crossfit Glasgow for a great event once again, I had a blast.

Review: Squirrel Sisters Raspberry Ripple

Good morning lovelies! Did you sleep well? I’m so excited for today. This morning I’m going to lululemon to hopefully get a spot in their yoga class, Scott McDonald is teaching and his classes are brilliant. Afterwards I’m heading to the Reebok launch at Greaves Sports. If you’re in town today definitely stop by to check out their new stuff. Can’t wait to see what it’s like.

There’s going to be a WOD on as well, which Crossfit boxes all across Glasgow have gotten some spots in and I’m so happy that I got one too. The WOD is at Crossfit Glasgow, it’ll be fun to see what their box is like and meet loads of Crossfitters from around the city. I’ll do my best to try and take some photos while we’re there but don’t know how intense it’ll be.

A while ago I got this Squirrel Sisters bar at the Allergy and Free From Show and was really excited to give it a try. I love raspberries so I really had high hopes on it. The bar is divided into two long sticks. Great if you just want a little sweet nibble and you can save the other one for later (if you can).

I loved the texture of it with bigger bits of nuts in it, it felt a bit more homemade than a Nakd bar which feel a bit to gooey at times without texture. The taste was lovely, loads of raspberry flavour and it made it feel less sweet, which I like. The bar tasted super fresh and less mass produced. If you see it in your health shop aisle, definitely pick one up. Perfect to keep in your bag for emergency hunger situations.

Picnic // 103 Ingram Street // Glasgow

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The Glasgow healthy food scene is growing bit by bit and I’m absolutely loving it! One of the latest additions is Picnic on Ingram Street in Merchant City. Their café is all vegan with lots of delicious and healthy things to choose from. I’ve been following them on Facebook for a while and couldn’t wait to pay them a visit. The place just looked amazing from the photos I’d seen.

Today after yoga at the lululemon Glasgow showroom with Marija we met up with Kamila and decided to give this newbie a try.

The central location of the café is great and they have definitely filled a gap in the food scene in Merchant City. There aren’t really any healthy eateries in that area. The café itself is bright and beautiful with lots of colour. I feel in love with the pastelly wall. How amazing is it? This little place definitely brightens up Glasgow with their interior.

The menu was jam packed with delicious options, everything from sandwiches, salads and curries to raw cake, juices and smoothies. I struggled really bad when deciding what to get, after choosing between one of their smoothies and raw cake Kamila helped me decide to go for the raw cake with a green tea. Like she said, how often do you get raw vegan cake? Not very often. I’ll just have to pay them another visit soon to work my way through the menu. Oh the burden!

We were all super happy with our choices and had a try of each others, all of it was so delicious. My chocolate and caramel cake was very tasty and not too sweet, which was nice. We sat there for a while just chatting away until we had to get on with our days.

I really loved my visit to Picnic and will definitely be dropping in for more visits in the future. Love that I have a new place in town to go to now.