CycleBox // 18 Ruthven Lane // Glasgow

Hi! I finally managed to uploads some photos, I have no idea what’s going on still. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week my lovelies. I’m writing this just before getting ready to start heading to the airport. Time for Barcelona today with Jamie! I can’t wait. On Friday Kate and I went to tryContinue reading “CycleBox // 18 Ruthven Lane // Glasgow”

Kcal Kitchen // 130 West Regent Street // Glasgow

Hi my dears! So sorry about the rubbish quality of the photos! I need to start bringing my camera with me and not using my iPhone… Oh well. As you know, I love trying out new healthy food places and lately there have been a couple popping up across the city. This makes me soContinue reading “Kcal Kitchen // 130 West Regent Street // Glasgow”

Lunch at Saramago, CCA

Hi, Those of you that have been reading my blog and following my Instagram for a while know by now that I love food and eating out. A place that I’ve been wanting to try for a while is the Saramago at the CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts) on Sauchiehall Streets. I have heard aContinue reading “Lunch at Saramago, CCA”

Merchant City Festival

Some of the food stalls Getting a photo of this guy is not always the easiest thing This is how happy food makes me. Tontine Lane More food stalls. Dutch pancakes in the making! Never had them before, absolutely delicious. Hello! Jamie and I have always managed to time our trips so we miss theContinue reading “Merchant City Festival”