Madeleine Shaw’s Cookery Course // Central Street Cookery School // London

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Hi everyone!

Sorry about the silence but I’m just back from Stockholm and have just wanted to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones. For the first time in three years I even managed to got to my grandparents’ summer home and stay there for a couple of days! It was amazing to spend time with mum’s side of the family. I just loved spending time with friends and family whilst enjoying the sunny Swedish summer. I didn’t wear a jacket once during my time there!

Anyway, I know I’ve kept you guys waiting and it’s about time I wrote a little about my cooking class with Madeleine Shaw at Central Street Cookery School in London.

The school was situated quite far east in London and I walked over there early Sunday morning with my little carry-on rolling behind me. I had to stay the night in a hostel  the night before to make sure I wouldn’t miss the class due to flight delays. I would’ve been devastated if that had happened! I eventually reached the school and it was in a very nice building. As I approached the kitchen where we would be cooking I saw big table of women of all ages. I was positively surprised as I thought it would be girls mainly my age but I thought that was amazing the group was so mixed!

Whilst we were waiting we got to nibble on some snacks from Rude Health and Ombar and try some amazing cold pressed juices from Raw Press. My juice Sweet Greens was delicious!

Once she was all set up in the kitchen, Madeleine came out to get us and we went in. The kitchen was really nice and bright with lots of space. We were divided into groups who got to share stations, which was nice as you got a chance to get to know the others in the class. The girls in my group were so nice!

The class was very interactive and Madeleine was so lovely and you felt really comfortable asking her anything about her amazing business or cooking. She really took the time to walk around and speak to everyone and get to know us a little bit during our time there.

We got to make turmeric milk, raw toffee sticks dipped in chocolate, falafel, tomato and pomegranate salad and a cauliflower couscous with pistachios and apricots in it. Lots of deliciousness!

At the end of the class we all sat down and enjoyed our creations together. Madeleine sat down with us and we all had a great time speaking about TV shows to watch, food and lots of other things. At the end of the class we got a chance to take a photo with her and to get our books signed. I just didn’t want to leave at the end because I had such a great time.

I really enjoyed my time in the class and loved that I could ask Madeleine questions that have popped up over the years about food and how she views things. I would definitely love to do a class like this again but the next thing on my list is to go to one of her Supper Clubs, they look amazing!

ETHOS // 48 Eastcastle Street // London

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I just realised that I never uploaded all the food places Jamie and I went to in London. I think ETHOS is the last one. I’m so sorry about this! Better late than never I suppose. ETHOS was the final place we managed to squeeze in on our final day in London back in January, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. It’s location is amazing, just a street off Oxford Circus right in the centre of the busy London shopping district. So it’s a perfect place to pop into after a shopping marathon down Oxford Street.

What first struck me about ETHOS is how stunning the restaurant is! It’s full of MARBLE TABLES! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession of marble and this was like a dream for me. ETHOS is a buffet style restaurant and you pay for your food by weight.

When we arrived we were told it was about 20 minutes before they closed their lunch service. So we rushed to the beautifully set up buffet and started serving ourselves. Once we had paid for it all we sat down and tucked in. The food was all delicious and felt so fresh. Great option for a quick lunch if you’re squeezed for time. We were done in like 20 minutes and then left as we had to meet my friend Louise before going to the airport.

Perhaps not the most exciting meal we had during our trip but it was definitely tasty and at an amazing location!

Farm Girl, Notthing Hill



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After breakfast, brunch is probably my favourite meal of the day. I love having a nice relaxing meal during the weekend (or weekdays, why only settle for the weekend?) and eggs is usually the way to go for me. Pancakes used to be a favourite as well but as I changed my lifestyle, eating pancakes out in restaurants has become less and less tempting. It’s just not worth the greasiness, sugar and the fat that’s in them. For me a lot of the joy from eating something is not only that it tastes delicious but also that it’s good and nourishing for my body. Yes I do go out and eat other not so great things as well but the majority of the time this is how I think. That was why I was thrilled when I discovered Farm Girl (on Instagram of course) and their buckwheat pancakes that looked a bit like a slice of heaven.

Farm Girl is tucked away in a little courtyard on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. It is inspired by the healthy Aussie lifestyle and everything on their menu looks incredible. I loved the interior of their beautiful café, teal is one of my favourite colours and so of course I loved their stunning tiled walls! Their sofas were so big and comfy you could almost go for a nap after your meal, it was tempting. The place feels incredibly airy with huge windows out towards the courtyard. The girl that served us was so friendly and helpful and it was probably the best customer experience we had during our trip.

As soon as I saw their chai coconut milk latte on their menu I knew that would be my drink of choice! I really need to make it at home. It is heaven in a cup! Now when I’m stuck drinking my tea when I’m out for “coffee” with friends in Glasgow I realise more and more what a shame it is that no place offers it… The chai latte was stunning and it was very difficult for me not to drink it all in one go.

I wanted to try pretty much everything on the menu, so making up my mind was so difficult! However, we settled with avocado on toast with pomegranate on top! An interesting addition that I couldn’t wait to try. We both added some poached eggs (my favourite form of eggs). Of course we had to order the pancakes as well even though we knew the our avocado toast would fill us up haha.

The food was amazing! The pomegranate really added an extra dimension and it is something I would definitely put on my avocado toast at home. The pancakes, WOW! They were genuinely the best pancakes we’ve had. So fluffy and light. They tasted like clouds! I’m salivating as I’m writing this post just at the thought of those gorgeous pancakes. You could really tell why this was their most popular dish, as our lovely waitress pointed out when we ordered it. Lucky Londoners who can pop in here for a brunch whenever they want. They even deliver through Deliveroo! Now that would just be straight out dangerous having that option…

If I could I teleport myself to this lovely place whenever my brunch cravings kicked in, I would be one happy girl but for now I’ll just have to dream about this place and do my best to get back to London soon.

Good Life Eatery, Chelsea

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I think it’s safe to say, one of the foodie highlights during our trip to London (although all the places we visited were incredible), was Good Life Eatery. It was super busy when we got there but managed to get a table rather quickly. The staff were okay but seemed quite distant. Didn’t mind it as we were really just there to try out their food. Good Life Eatery I’ve probably followed on Instagram for the longest out of all the London eateries I follow so my expectations were quite high by the time I got to visit them.

One minor annoying thing was that there were table menus so I had to go up to the till area and take a photo of the menu to take back to Jamie so we could both look at it. Nothing major though! It took me forever to make up my mind. Too many of their dishes sounded so cool and delicious. Jamie quickly decided for the chicken meatball wrap (he’s so ridiculously quick on deciding what food he wants). Eventually I decided on trying their Goodness Bowl. I was sold when it said quinoa and cauliflower falafel, cashew cream dip and lots of other delicious sounding things. We couldn’t stay away from the soup when they said it was pumpkin (I love pumpkin soup) so we shard that too.

The food was absolutely incredible! I ate as slowly as I possibly could because I didn’t want my food to ever end. Yum! I can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu. It’ll be difficult to not choose the same dish again. Looking at the photos of this meal makes me hungry… I need to book another trip to London haha.