26 Grains, Neal’s Yard



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For our first breakfast in London we decided to go to 26 Grains, tucked away in Neal’s Yard. It was only a short walk from where we stayed and being porridge obsessed I had to give it a go. I’ve been drooling over their Instagram profile for far too long and just felt like it was time to see if it lived up to their beautiful photos.

The inside of 26 Grains is tiny! There is barely any seating in there. Luckily it wasn’t busy when we arrived and we got a seat straight away. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the stools, it felt like sitting on a pole but it was okay. I thought the place would be a lot cosier and welcoming and I didn’t really get that. I also wish they would’ve played some music in the background and that it had been a bit warmer in (I was freezing and had to put my jacket on).

It took me forever to make up my mind but in the end I chose the Nordic Spice porridge and Jamie had the Hazelnut & Butter. I decided to enjoy a cup of a healthy chai latte whilst waiting for our food. It was so nice and comforting in the cold weather.

So what did we think of the porridge? I can’t say I was super excited over mine. I didn’t like the yoghurt (didn’t really think it went) and I’m pretty sure I was meant to get some maple flavour in there, which I couldn’t really taste at all. I was a bit underwhelmed with mine unfortunately. Jamie’s porridge on the other hand was tasted amazing and creamy. Why wouldn’t it be with butter on it? 😛 It was the clear winner out of the two. I would definitely go again but I think I just chose the wrong porridge for me. I wold love to give the savoury options a try as well. They looked quite interesting!

If you like porridge you should give this place a visit but maybe try something different other than the Nordic Spice porridge 😛

An evening at Sticks’n’Sushi & The Artesian

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Hi lovelies,

I’m so busy this week but I thought I would share another London dining experience with you. This is one for all the sushi lovers out there! Sorry for the blurry phone photos, I let my camera rest for the day (heavy to carry around and my handbag was too small…).

We didn’t just eat indulge in all the amazing healthy food spots in London, but also had some delicious less healthy meals as well. For one of our dinners we gave the Danish restaurant Sticks’n’Sushi a try. They have two restaurants in London and after reading the amazing reviews, we felt like we had give their Covent Garden restaurant a try.

The sushi was absolutely beautiful and our waitress was extremely helpful when we asked for help narrowing down our options. The yakitori was delicious as well and you even had the option of just choosing one stick, which is good if you are not wanting to try the same thing as your dinner company. However, for us the sushi there was the winner! We even ended up ordering in more instead of having a dessert. The dessert menu did look tempting but sushi won in the end 😛

When you’re dating a bartender, trying out some of the cocktail bars is a must. We headed to The Langham hotel to try out the cocktails at the Artesian. Jamie wanted to visit it as it is meant to be the best cocktail bar in the world. It started off well and ended on a bitter note when the cocktails were nowhere near as good as we hoped they would be. We just expected a lot more for the money you pay and all of it just felt a bit uninspired. I ended up barely touching my cocktail and the staff nicely enough took it off our bill. What a shame but stuff like that happens as well. Luckily London is full of other amazing cocktail bars and the next evening we had a far better experience.


Mae Deli

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Hi everyone!

So I thought it was about time I shared Jamie’s and my London food experience. We arrived midday in London and I was so unbelievably excited to try all these places that I’ve been following (drooling over) on Instagram. Let’s just say I have a list of healthy places in London that I couldn’t wait to start ticking off. It’s just an entire different world for someone who loves healthy food in London. The difference in standard of the health food scene between London and Glasgow is like night and day almost. I know it’s slowly picking up here but it’s only just the beginning whilst London was an entire different level. Having these healthy options is so important and would really help people keeping healthy when they are out and about. London’s health food scene is so inspiring and showed how healthy food should be creative, fun and delicious and that is what nearly every place we went to was.

The first place we visited for a late lunch was Mae Deli. I have been Deliciously Ella’s fan for quite a while now, her cookbook changed my view on food and Jamie ordered her new book for me for Christmas. I cannot wait for it to arrive! So it was safe to say that I was excited to try her and her fiancés newly opened deli in Marylebone, just a couple of minutes away from Hyde Park. An excellent location for anyone needing to refuel after shopping on Oxford Street or their run in Hyde Park.

The deli looks so cosy from the first moment it catches your eye with its vibrant blue colour. Once you get inside the staff warmly greets you and you almost feel like stepping into someone’s home. Mae Deli serves breakfast in the morning and is open until 9pm most days. During lunch you have various options to choose from to make up your own bowl. There are hot and cold options as well as some meat, for those in need of their meat making it a place with options for everyone. Jamie and I both stuck to the vegan options. Unfortunately the first time we were there the downstairs area, that looks like a little peaceful English cottage, was full so we ended up on the barstools upstairs. It was still a great seat and there were plenty of outlets everywhere for those wanting to do a bit of work or charge their phone.

The food was absolutely incredible and I loved every mouthful.  When the staff asked us how it was, for the first time ever I think, I couldn’t pick out a favourite on my plate. Everything was amazing. All the salads worked together and their hummus was divine. It was even better than I had imagined it would be! Once we had devoured our plates we decided to have something sweet. We couldn’t make up our minds and ended up choosing three different things. The brownie was delicious and so was the orange chocolate ball. We were not huge fans of the maca one but it was still okay.

Both Jamie and I left wanting more. The next day when we were in the Marylebone area later in the day and we decided to pop by for a snack, just couldn’t stay away. The staff were so helpful and I got the opportunity to try their latest addition to their beverage menu, a healthy hot chocolate. It was amazing to be able drink something hot other than tea when at a café. I never do because I don’t drink coffee and hot chocolate and other drinks like it are full of sugar. We also ordered some of their toasted rye bread, Jamie had a avocado on his whilst I had to try their PB &Jelly. It had homemade peanut butter and fruit compote on top as the jelly. I have to say that sandwich was one of the tastiest sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. I could eat it all day everyday. The hot chocolate tasted amazing and you wouldn’t be able to tell it was made with only healthy ingredients.

This visit we managed to get a seat downstairs and we stayed for ages just chatting and relaxing, as many seemed to be doing. It’s so cosy that you could stay for hours without realising time flying by. Even downstairs you have lots of place to charge your phone or laptop.

After awhile Jamie insisted we had to get going, which we did I just didn’t really want to 😛 I can’t wait until my next trip to London so I can visit Mae Deli again. If you haven’t been you are really missing out!