Nourish that body

Hello lovelies! How are you? Hope you slept well and your day is off to an amazing start. So the exciting thing Jamie and I were doing yesterday didn’t happen, we’re doing it today instead hopefully. Life got in the way, which happens sometimes. Instead I managed to get some stuff done on other exciting things that are happening so that was good. Again, sorry for all the vagueness! The evening was spent in front of a film eating homemade veggie burgers with sweet potato veggies. Yum!

The picture above is a meal I threw together a couple of days ago. We had loads of random veg in the fridge and I wanted to try and eat some of it so made kind of like a mixed salad plate. I roasted butternut squash and sweet potato in the oven until nice and crispy on the outside to top it all off (I can tell you that I ended up piling on even more after finishing my plate haha). I’ve been so hungry recently so I’ve just been embracing it. This girl needs to feel full and happy! A meal like this leaves me feeling a nice full and it tastes so fresh! Usually there will be leftovers in the fridge too like a veggie chilli or curry or something but sometimes this is what I scrape together.

Breakfast has just been eaten and now it’s time to get ready for a session at G5. We’ll see what Stella’s got planned for today’s class. I can feel yesterday’s session in my back muscles, a little bit tender this morning!

Tonight my friend Hannah is having an event with lululemon, 18 in 18. It’s a vision and goal session for 2018 that I’m going to. The event will start off with some yoga and then talk about setting 18 goals for this year. I’m excited to see her in action, I know this has been a dream of hers for so long. Maybe I’ll see you there?

M xxx


Favourite healthy online vegan recipes

Veganuary is in full spin and whether you are taking part or not I wanted to share some recipes I’ve come across online that I absolutely love to cook because vegan food is so delicious when made right. I really think figuring out what to cook can be extremely time consuming and you also don’t want to be disappointed with the end result when you’ve put in the effort. It’s not easy!

All of the dishes below Jamie and I have tried out and they’re DELICIOUS. As you’ll see they’re mainly “one pot” kind of meals where you throw all the ingredients in and leave to cook. We love them for several reasons. First of all it’s easy, secondly it makes loads of meals in one go which means leftovers which means less cooking all the time (as much as we like cooking it is time consuming) and lastly it’s so tasty. Try them out for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

A lot of the time we do end up tweaking these recipes to our taste but that’s the beauty of cooking, you can adjust everything to suit you and your taste. Recipes are a great place to start and it’s fun getting more and more creative the more you cook a recipe.

Click the titles to get to the recipes. Enjoy!

One Pot Red Lentil Chilli

Bean chillies are some of my absolute favourite things to eat! This one by Minimalist Baker is absolutely amazing. Jamie and I tend to have the sweetcorn on the side (as corn on the cob) rather than having it in the chilli. We serve it with a nice salad, avocado and brown rice or sweet potato wedges. Soooo good!

Vegan Meatballs

Fellow Swedes who run Green Kitchen Stories nailed this one. I made these for the first time when Jamie and I celebrated Christmas together here in Glasgow. I would call them more falafel like than vegan meatballs but they are amazing. You need to make them.

Smoky Black Bean Beet Burgers

Another recipe from Minimalist Baker (this lady knows how to make healthy vegan food tasty!). We were craving burgers and these burgers are delicious! Have them with wholemeal burger buns (or I just have them with a big salad on the side). For toppings we love avocado, tomato, spinach and cucumber.

Baked Sweet Potato with Black Bean Chilli and Avocado

Another chilli but this is a staple in our household created by Madeleine Shaw. I LOVE the baked sweet potato with the chilli. It’s amazing but then again I’m a major sweet potato addict. Have it with a big salad and avocado on the side. We tend to add extra of all the spices to make it extra flavoursome.

Grilled Summer Salad with Garlic Rye Croutons

Deliciously Ella’s Summer salad perhaps isn’t what we’re craving this time of year but it’s incredibly fresh and tasty for when the weather gets warmer. Keep it in mind when summer approaches.

One Pot Pumpkin Yellow Curry

We only made this curry by Minimalist Baker the other day. We were craving a Thai curry but wanted something a bit better for us than ordering a takeout or going out for food. Perhaps one of the more indulgent dishes on the healthy dish spectrum. I wouldn’t eat it everyday because it does feel heavy with all the coconut milk and my stomach doesn’t love super fat food. However, it does taste amazing and I looove Thai food so once in a while is great. We had a full broccoli in ours because we love broccoli. When we make it next time we’re going to have the cashews on the side instead for some crunch instead of letting them soak in the curry.

If you like these kind of posts I’m more than happy to put more together of recipes we’ve tried. I am working on getting some of my own vegan creations online too. I just need to nail down the quantities. 

The magic ingredient

You need this, seriously.

Super simple ingredients

Excited to try out the spicy versionAgain, no rubbish

*This post is in collaboration with Jan de Vries (*

Hi lovelies! I’ve been wanting to write about Herbamare herb salt for ages because it’s something I’ve grown up with and it can save any meal from disaster pretty much!

Funnily enough the guys at Jan de Vries ( got in touch with me a while ago and asked if I’d like to work with them and as soon as I saw they were selling A. Vogel’s herb salt I knew this would be a perfect match! I would only ever want to share things on here with you if I’d actually use it and in this household we use the herb salt in every meal. It’s almost like putting a bit of stock on your meal to enhance the flavours. The chilli version I’d never actually tried before but I have seen it in shops, so both Jamie and I were eager to try it. I’ve had to slap Jamie’s hands off trying the chilli salt before me! I don’t know how much he’s been nagging me about opening it so yesterday when it was time his eyes lit up like a child at Christmas.

We didn’t have any leftovers in the fridge yesterday so it was a throw-together-whatever-you-have-lying-around kind of meal. This is especially when herb salt comes in handy! We sprinkled the mushrooms with the chilli herb salt together with garlic in a pan (so good!). Then once all the components are on the plate together a final sprinkle of Herbamare original makes everything pop. When I worked at lululemon, Kate would often ask if she could borrow some of my “special salt” for her food, meaning my Herbamare Original. It saves any meal from being bland, no matter how simple it is.

Thank you so much for sending these over guys! They’ll most definitely come in handy in our cooking. If you would like to get these salts you can find the Herbamare Original here and the chilli version here over on

Now I need to get back to baking! Jamie and I are making “lussekatter” today, Swedish saffron buns. They’ve got to be one of my favourite sweet treats in the world. No healthy version here, just the good old traditional recipe. It’s Christmas after all 🙂

Later on today I’m seeing Kajsa for dinner, I’m not entirely sure if we’ll go out for a bite or whether she’s coming to mine. Either way, it’ll be so nice to see her.

Have a lovely Friday my lovelies,

M xxx


Winter salad

Over the years of writing this blog I’ve written loads of variations of this salad. You just can’t fail if you roast root veggies in the oven. I love a salad but in the winter it can be a bit cold eating your veggies like that, which is why roasting your veg is a good way to get around the cold part.

For this salad I chopped up beetroot (raw), butternut squash and red onion. Then on a separate tray I cut sweet potato into wedges. I then just sprinkle pink himalayan salt and put them in the oven until they’re roasted through. I couldn’t tell you what temperature because our oven is weird and I always cook everything at the same temperature. I don’t even think it’s the temperature it says it to be.

A recent discovery has been sprinkling cinnamon on top of the butternut squash and sweet potato. It really enhances the flavours of the them. Sooo good. You guys need to try it!

For a bit of crunchy texture I roast some pecans in a frying pan. For greens I’ve been sautéing kale and in a bit of avocado oil and a sprinkle of salt. This time around I used some leftover spinach we had in the fridge. The final part of the dish is quinoa and of course hummus! Hummus is life and goes so well with the sweet flavours from the roasted vegetables. Enjoy this dish, it tastes so lovely and almost Chrsitmassy with the hints of cinnamon coming through.

By the way, I completely forgot to tell you guys how the concert was the other day! I didn’t really get a chance to listen to much of Liam’s songs before it was time to head down to the Hydro. On the way down there from where we live there is a tunnel leading over the train station by the venue. For some reason there was loads of smoke in the tunnel and I wasn’t sure if there was a fire or not. I was quite scared but saw loads of others walking through it and had no panic so it seemed okay. I can’t remember the last time I was so tense and it felt like the tunnel was never going to end, I could barely see anything! I got through in the end. I met Jamie at the Hydro and we went in and grabbed our seats. The concert was brilliant. Liam is a true rockstar and I recognised more songs than I thought I would.

People went wild for him and seeing how mental it was down where everyone was standing I was quite happy we were sitting! There were flares being thrown at people, fights and smoke things (very technical word there!) going off. It was mayhem. The venue was on fire! Not literally but could’ve maybe been if those people would’ve continued throwing those flares about. When Liam got on stage I’d never seen so many drinks flying around in my life. It was raining with booze. Tops were coming off. It was madness! All previous gigs I’ve been to in my life all of a sudden felt very tame haha. Liam didn’t even really say much in between the songs but the crowd went mad. It was incredible hearing some absolute classics live. I know it’s perhaps not what he likes to sing but when he sang “Wonderwall” I knew this was something I would always remember. Hearing that song live was a memory for life. It’s a song I’ve grown up with.

What else is happening? I was in G5 this morning for a heavy squat clean workout (will write about that in a different post) and then headed down to Fly for a meeting and chat with my friend David down there. I love speaking to him, such a down to earth person with his heart in the right place. A person who’s opinion I really value. He recently got engaged and has all kinds of things going on so it was really exciting to hear what’s going on in his life but also get his opinion on some things I’ve been thinking about doing. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by people like him. They inspire me.

Now I’m just waiting for Jamie to wake up. When I got up just before six this morning he came in through the door from an event he was invited to by a spirit brand. Talk about completely different schedules! He was worried he’d woken me up and when I said no he asked why I was up so early. I said it’s gym time, yes Jamie, it’s that late at night or early in the morning that it’s time for me to head to the gym, haha. We had a nice talk whilst he got ready for bed and I got ready for the gym and then he went to sleep and I had a snack before going to the G5. It’s so weird when you think about it but it works.

Have good day lovelies and we’ll speak very soon,

M xxx