My latest food obsession

Okay, we all know I love sweet potato and veggie chilli so that’s not new but what is new is how I eat it. When I was at Faye and Ross’s for dinner a couple of weeks ago we had my chilli with lettuce leaves like these above and filled them with chilli and all the veggie toppings and now I can’t eat my chilli without doing that. I don’t know why I like it so much more but I suppose it makes it a bit fun and different when you eat it that way.

Another thing I’ve been loving recently is thinly slicing red cabbage and finely grating carrot into a big bowl and mixing it with some date syrup ( you can use any other natural sweetener to your liking as well) and raw apple cider vinegar. It tastes really fresh and you can make extra and store it in your fridge. I think it’s a great little side salad during the colder months when the usual salad vegetables don’t taste as good. However, we are finally closing in on spring and summer. It’s been quite sunny the past two days and I’m starting to feel hope that the winter is coming to a close. Or is it? I have been hearing rumours of some more snow next week but I’m hoping this is a false alarm.

I finally got to celebrate Jamie today. After the gym I came home and made brunch. I baked scones for the first time in years (I know he loves when I do that, it’s very rare that I do hehe). I made the banana vegan pancakes, boiled eggs for him, sautéed mushrooms and kale and other bits and bobs. So when he had woken up he just had to roll out of bed and into the kitchen where all the food was waiting for him. I felt absolutely stuffed after that meal, probably had one or two too many pancakes but gaaah they’re just so good with that Almighty Hazelnut Fuj spread and topped off with frozen raspberries I’d heated up on the stove plus coconut flakes and cacao nibs for texture. Match made in heaven I say. So I couldn’t not eat one or two extra hehe.

Now we’re going for a walk into town in the sunshine before the shops close. I got Jamie a ring from Thomas Sabo for his birthday, which was unfortunately too small. I should’ve followed my gut instinct when I was thinking that in the shop but it’s a tough thing to guess. Hopefully we’ll make it in so we can get it exchanged today.

M xxx


Day of the Pancake

Excuse our messy kitchen in the background…Heeeeellooo! How are you my dears? In case you’ve missed what day it is, it is PANCAKE DAY. However, considering my Instagram feed has been flooded with pancakes all day I think it’s a difficult one to miss hehe. I was at the gym this morning for the second last day of training (it’s getting so close now, I can’t believe it’s happening). Straight after the gym I headed home to make pancakes for lunch because you can’t not have pancakes on this day.

I made the usual vegan banana pancakes we usually have, they didn’t turn out quite as nice as they usually do visually but still tasted good which is the pain part. I’ve now ended up in some sort of food coma! It’s a beautiful day outside and I’m thinking of maybe going back to G5 this evening to hang out and going through some rowing technique. We shall see, I’m undecided.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Do you celebrate it? Jamie and I aren’t massive Valentine’s people plus he’s busy working so we thought we’ do something nice in Manchester on Sunday after Rainhill. I’ll instead be going to lululemon Glasgow’s Rawnchy Yoga event in the evening in the showroom. My amazing friend Alice Gray will be leading the yoga class (her classes are incredible) and afterwards Rawnchy who do raw vegan desserts will be serving up some treats I think. Doesn’t sound like a bad Valentine’s Day to me. Faye will of course be joining me and my sister! A very nice bonus So we’ll be having a romantic evening the three of us! I’m really looking forward to it.

I now to get going, I’ve got a parcel to return and some other stuff that needs to be sorted.

Speak soon, M xxx

Nourish that body

Hello lovelies! How are you? Hope you slept well and your day is off to an amazing start. So the exciting thing Jamie and I were doing yesterday didn’t happen, we’re doing it today instead hopefully. Life got in the way, which happens sometimes. Instead I managed to get some stuff done on other exciting things that are happening so that was good. Again, sorry for all the vagueness! The evening was spent in front of a film eating homemade veggie burgers with sweet potato veggies. Yum!

The picture above is a meal I threw together a couple of days ago. We had loads of random veg in the fridge and I wanted to try and eat some of it so made kind of like a mixed salad plate. I roasted butternut squash and sweet potato in the oven until nice and crispy on the outside to top it all off (I can tell you that I ended up piling on even more after finishing my plate haha). I’ve been so hungry recently so I’ve just been embracing it. This girl needs to feel full and happy! A meal like this leaves me feeling a nice full and it tastes so fresh! Usually there will be leftovers in the fridge too like a veggie chilli or curry or something but sometimes this is what I scrape together.

Breakfast has just been eaten and now it’s time to get ready for a session at G5. We’ll see what Stella’s got planned for today’s class. I can feel yesterday’s session in my back muscles, a little bit tender this morning!

Tonight my friend Hannah is having an event with lululemon, 18 in 18. It’s a vision and goal session for 2018 that I’m going to. The event will start off with some yoga and then talk about setting 18 goals for this year. I’m excited to see her in action, I know this has been a dream of hers for so long. Maybe I’ll see you there?

M xxx


Favourite healthy online vegan recipes

Veganuary is in full spin and whether you are taking part or not I wanted to share some recipes I’ve come across online that I absolutely love to cook because vegan food is so delicious when made right. I really think figuring out what to cook can be extremely time consuming and you also don’t want to be disappointed with the end result when you’ve put in the effort. It’s not easy!

All of the dishes below Jamie and I have tried out and they’re DELICIOUS. As you’ll see they’re mainly “one pot” kind of meals where you throw all the ingredients in and leave to cook. We love them for several reasons. First of all it’s easy, secondly it makes loads of meals in one go which means leftovers which means less cooking all the time (as much as we like cooking it is time consuming) and lastly it’s so tasty. Try them out for yourself and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

A lot of the time we do end up tweaking these recipes to our taste but that’s the beauty of cooking, you can adjust everything to suit you and your taste. Recipes are a great place to start and it’s fun getting more and more creative the more you cook a recipe.

Click the titles to get to the recipes. Enjoy!

One Pot Red Lentil Chilli

Bean chillies are some of my absolute favourite things to eat! This one by Minimalist Baker is absolutely amazing. Jamie and I tend to have the sweetcorn on the side (as corn on the cob) rather than having it in the chilli. We serve it with a nice salad, avocado and brown rice or sweet potato wedges. Soooo good!

Vegan Meatballs

Fellow Swedes who run Green Kitchen Stories nailed this one. I made these for the first time when Jamie and I celebrated Christmas together here in Glasgow. I would call them more falafel like than vegan meatballs but they are amazing. You need to make them.

Smoky Black Bean Beet Burgers

Another recipe from Minimalist Baker (this lady knows how to make healthy vegan food tasty!). We were craving burgers and these burgers are delicious! Have them with wholemeal burger buns (or I just have them with a big salad on the side). For toppings we love avocado, tomato, spinach and cucumber.

Baked Sweet Potato with Black Bean Chilli and Avocado

Another chilli but this is a staple in our household created by Madeleine Shaw. I LOVE the baked sweet potato with the chilli. It’s amazing but then again I’m a major sweet potato addict. Have it with a big salad and avocado on the side. We tend to add extra of all the spices to make it extra flavoursome.

Grilled Summer Salad with Garlic Rye Croutons

Deliciously Ella’s Summer salad perhaps isn’t what we’re craving this time of year but it’s incredibly fresh and tasty for when the weather gets warmer. Keep it in mind when summer approaches.

One Pot Pumpkin Yellow Curry

We only made this curry by Minimalist Baker the other day. We were craving a Thai curry but wanted something a bit better for us than ordering a takeout or going out for food. Perhaps one of the more indulgent dishes on the healthy dish spectrum. I wouldn’t eat it everyday because it does feel heavy with all the coconut milk and my stomach doesn’t love super fat food. However, it does taste amazing and I looove Thai food so once in a while is great. We had a full broccoli in ours because we love broccoli. When we make it next time we’re going to have the cashews on the side instead for some crunch instead of letting them soak in the curry.

If you like these kind of posts I’m more than happy to put more together of recipes we’ve tried. I am working on getting some of my own vegan creations online too. I just need to nail down the quantities.