White Wolf Nutrition Vegan Creamy Vanilla

As well as my actual exploring and adventures down here in Australia continues my exploring of the health foods available here does as well. It’s time to talk protein powder again people because I have tried a new brand! This time it’s the brand White Wolf Nutrition.

In central Melbourne there’s a supplement and health shop on Bourke Street called Evelyn Faye. I stumbled across this place randomly when I was strolling about the streets one afternoon and decided to go in. There was so much to look at. They have an entire vegan protein section with brands like Prana Protein, RAW (I think they were called) and White Wolf. I stood there for a while contemplating which one to get (I was running low on my Tropeaka one and thought might as well when it there right in front of me). I’d heard of both Prana and White Wolf before, but you know how it is. You just don’t want to spend loads on money on something that tastes disgusting. Protein powder is not the cheapest investment.

A really lovely girl who worked there told me she absolutely loved her White Wolf protein powder so I listened to her recommendation and went for it. This time I mixed it up by buying vanilla for the first time in ages! I know what you’re thinking right now, what a crazy life I lead! Yup I could only agree with you… I got the smaller bag as I didn’t really want to commit to a kilo when I had no idea what it would be like.

Do I need to say I was very excited for my smoothie the next day? I couldn’t wait to try my new protein powder. I made my usual with peanut butter, frozen banana, chia seeds and almond milk (if you have any ice it makes the texture ticker and it’s insanely goood, almost like a ice cream). I can’t be too adventurous! Plus, why changed a winning smoothie? It is sooo good! I whipped it up as soon as I got back to the house from the gym, poured it into a bowl and added some crunchy toppings. I really liked it! It has a really nice vanilla flavour and not too sweet. At least not when you add the almond milk ice and everything. I’m yet to try it as a shake but I much prefer protein powder in a smoothie. Yes I would go as far as saying it was delicious. I really enjoyed it and even bought a kilo of it when I ran out of the first bag I had.

I think when I fully run out of my chocolate Tropeaka one I’m going to try a different brand. Mim recommended Happy Way’s vegan protein so it’s on my list to try next. I think they have a chocolate flavour. It’s nice to mix it up but I would very happily get White Wolf again, it is taaasty. No weird after taste (at least in the smoothie) and very nice and creamy. It’s got loads of other goodies added to it such as flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and poppy seeds. I don’t feel bloated after it and it’s just an overall nice experience when bloating is a avoided so thumbs up for that.

Purabon Protein Balls Peanut Butter

My snacking adventures continue here in Australia. When I’m on the go as much as I have been these days having bars and other easy to grab things in my bag saves me from some serious hanger situations! No one wants to hand around me when I’m hangry, it’s not my best look haha.

I was in one of Melbourne’s many health food stores looking for a quick fix to my dipping energy levels and increasing hunger when I came across Purabon. First thing I always do before getting too excited is to check out the ingredients on the back. I know it’s not ideal buying ready-made things so when I do I always do a quick scan of the list to see if the ingredients are okay. Usually protein bars are just full off rubbish and I like to stick to as natural ingredients as possible. In the protein bar world that is not easy to find!

I was pleasantly surprised by Purabon’s super simple list of ingredients (things that you actually know what they are) and no added sugar, just the natural sweetness from the dates, which is more than enough. The only other protein bar I’ve come across with ingredients like these are Primal Pantry’s recently released protein bars, but even they had added coconut nectar in them in addition to the dates, it was good but a bit on the sweet side for my liking.

The reason why I like a protein bar is because I feel like they are a bit more on the filling side rather than the date and nut energy bars but I don’t know if that’s all in my head to be honest! Anyway, what was the verdict? It tasted good, as always with things peanut butter flavoured I feel like it could have had more peanut butter flavour. I feel like companies tend to hold back a bit when they release something peanut butter flavoured, we need more people! I also wish it would’ve been a tad bit saltier, that would’ve lifted it a bit more. Overall, a good bar but not super exciting. It did the job and tasted good. If the emergency hunger kicked in and I came across Purabon I’d buy it again.

So what are you guys up to today? Today will be a fun day here in Australia, Mich is off work so we’ll be heading to the gym this morning, then out with Moosie for a walk afterwards and this evening we’ve been invited to a lululemon sale! Yup, as if I need more gym gear… Not really but it doesn’t hurt to look and if it’s in the sale you are basically saving money… That’s what I’ll tell myself when I leave with the entire shop. Naa I’ll be good I promise. Please hold me accountable for this!

Have a lovely day, M xxx

Tropeaka Chocolate Lean Protein

Following Aussie Youtuber Sarah’s Day’s channel I’ve of course come across quite a few Aussie brands that I’ve over the years wanted to try but not been able to over in the UK. Other than the Blue Dinosaur bars I wrote about last week (I still can’t get over how good they are! I can’t stop eating them!) I’ve also now tried out the the chocolate Lean Protein Powder from Tropeaka. Sarah keeps on talking about this brand and the sucker I am for trying new health stuff like this, I of course had to try it. So I ordered the chocolate Lean Protein powder, spirulina and another product Sarah raves about, the Alkaline Greens powder. I have to admit though, after my obsession with the vegan protein powder from Form Nutrition (you are missed dear Chocolate Peanut protein powder, I will never forget you), it would difficult for Tropeaka to beat it.

How did it measure up? I’ve been having Tropeaka for the past two weeks now I think and it’s good. I like the ingredients, they’re natural and you actually understand what’s inside it when you look at the list. It’s definitely better than some other protein powders I’ve tried. For being chocolate it doesn’t taste very chocolatey I have to admit so I’ve been adding a bit extra raw cacao powder in my smoothie bowls. One thing I do like is that it’s not very sweet. It’s actually one of the few powders where it’s just subtle hint of sweetness and I like it.You can always add more sweetness to something but it’s difficult to get rid off too much sweetness! It’s actually the first protein powder I’ve been drinking just on it’s own in almond milk as a shake and not smoothie and enjoyed it. It tastes a lot like chocolate milk!

Overall I don’t love chocolate Lean Protein powder quite as much as Form Nutrition I’ve got to say but if you’re just looking for your basic protein powder that does the job and is not overpowering on the sweetness then this could be for you! I would quite like to try their vanilla one as well at some point to see what it’s like.

Spirulina, oh spirulina. It just never tastes good does it? I don’t put it in smoothies because the flavour just overpowers everything! So what I do is I take it straight up with water in the morning before drinking my warm lemon water. It tastes horrible, it really does but I think Tropeaka’s spirulina powder, for being spirulina, tastes alright. Or maybe I’m just getting used to the flavour after having it for so long… Either way, it’s spirulina and it’s not ever really going to taste good but the benefits of drinking it I think makes up for the taste…

The final thing in the delivery was the Alkaline Greens powder. I’ve been wanting a green powder for quite a while just to give my body an extra boost of the good stuff. Since Sarah has been speaking highly of this powder I thought I’d give it a go, I was already on a roll with my order so in it went into the shopping cart! I have so far only had it mixed up with water and I can’t say it’s the best thing I’ve tasted (then when is ever a green powder the best thing you’ve tasted?). It’s quite sweet, I don’t love drinking it but it depends on how you view it. I view these powders as extra medicine, and when does medicine ever really taste that good? Not very often! Or at least not the medicine I’ve come across, so you just swallow it and it’s done. I’ve been having it for the past couple of days because I’ve been feeling a bit on the borderline of having a cold and I do think it’s helped!

So yeah I was quite happy with my order after all 🙂 I would order the stuff again but I think I’ve got a couple of more brands to go through for my next order but it’s on my list of protein powders and supplements I’d be happy to order again.

Now I really need to get a move on because I’ve got an appointment at the optician’s soon and my laptop has been acting up so this blog post has been taking FOREVER to get up but now finally I can click “Publish”!

Have a great day my dears, M xxx

Trying out Aussie snacks


Good day mates (hehe)! Happy Thursday! I was Skyping my sister Ellie yesterday evening and was absolutely convinced it was Tuesday until she pointed out that it was Wednesday. I feel like I lost a day! Time is ticking by and trying to make the most of every day. I went on a little afternoon trip yesterday after the gym. The class was good and we did a lot of skill practise. I got a chance to work on my strict handstand push ups which was fun. Then for the conditioning part I was in a group with three guys from the gym and trying to keep up with them hehe. It’s great when you get put into a group of people who are better than you because it makes you push yourself to keep up.

Anyway, for my afternoon trip my goal was to try to register for Medicare, which is the Australian health care (from what I’ve gathered). As a Swede I can sign up for this because we have reciprocal health care with Australia, so does the UK. I got there and was handed a form and told it we be an hour long wait to get served so I decided to come back in another day.

I spent the rest of the afternoon strolling down Chapel Street which is a very hipster area. I got off at Windsor on the Sandringham train line. The place if full of cool street art, coffee shops, second hand shops and other shops to look at. It reminds me a bit of Camden and Shoreditch in London. I’m a bit low on clothes and stumbled upon a nice clothing shop called The Bronze Snake Shop where I miraculously found two tops that I liked. It just never happens that I find normal people clothes I like these days so I had to buy them and expand my minuscule wardrobe a little bit.

This was not the point of the post at all. Talk about going off on a tangent! What I was going to write about really was Blue Dinosaur Bar. I don’t know if any of you follow the health and fitness Youtuber Sarah’s Day? She used to talk about these paleo bars all the time and I was curious as to whether they are actually as good as she said. She was singing their praises constantly. Here in Australia they are in every single health food store (and I think almost every normal store) you walk into. As far as I know, they don’t exist in the UK. So I of course had to give them a try.

So far I’ve tried the Lamington, Dark Cacao and Banana Bread flavour. Lamington is an Aussie sponge cake coated in chocolate and rolled in dessicated coconut. So it’s Blue Dinosaur’s healthy take on it. It was the first bar I tried and it was delicious! The ingredients are super simple and it wasn’t too sweet at all. I usually find nut and date bars like that too sweet, this is the first bar I’ve come across where it’s just a subtle sweetness. There’s only 3.5 dates in it according to says the packaging so that probably explains it. I loved it, the only thing I would say as a snack it didn’t really fill me at all as it’s only dessicated coconut in it and no nuts (although that’s great news for anyone with nut allergies!) but you could have something else as well I suppose and it’s a great healthier treat when you’re sweet tooth is coming out to play. Cleo (the oldest child here in the household) tried it with me and loved it too! A little tip for any parent out there. I was told that it had to be our secret and not tell her siblings about it. That’s a pretty good review!

The Dark Cacao (their original bar) one was surprisingly bitter! I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it before I ate it hehe. I’d never come across that before in a bar like that. Seeing as the only chocolate I ever like is like 70-80% dark chocolate this was a pleasant surprise. I know it’s called dark cacao but I’ve had too many cacao bars that were too sweet to fully believe it until I’ve tried it. This one I found a bit more filling as it has walnuts and pecans in it A little bit crumbly texture but it was nice.

Banana bread I was really intrigued by as I had never had a bar with banana flavour before and was wondering how the dried banana would go down. It was incredibly cinnamony (perhaps almost borderline a bit too much, I couldn’t quite make my mind up and I love cinnamon) and definitely reminded me of banana bread. I’d buy it again but I think the overall winner of the three was the Lamington bar. It is just so delicious. However, all of them are the best raw bars or whatever you should call them, I’ve tried so far and I’ve tried a lot in my days. I’ve been keeping some in my handbag for when I’m out on the move and they’re perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up when the hunger kicks in and the energy is running low and keeps me going until I can get a bite to eat.

Right I’m just back now from another class at Red Bluff! We did a lot of squat cleans to start off and I got coached on how I was picking up the bar. I’ve been struggling for a while on going heavier in my squat cleans. Always kind of stuck at the same weights so I was all ears when Pete gave me some very useful coaching tips. We brought the weight down and he got me to change how I move the bar at the beginning of the lift. I did a couple of questionable cleans but he said they got better towards the end. I’m hoping with more practise on my technique I’ll more easily clean heavier. Then we did three rounds of 30 dumbbell snatches at 15 kg for the girls and 30 wall balls with 14 pound wall ball. My arms were on fire at the end!

Now it’s time to shower, I’m a sweaty mess after all of that! Then time to do some more job hunting. This evening Stevie is away so Nicola and I are planning on watching La La Land with some tasty food! Can’t wait. You all know that it’s my favourite film of all time hehe. Nicola’s never seen it before, she’s in for a real treat. It’s been a while since I last saw it so gaaah it’ll be good.