Form Nutrition // Game changer

You know my search for tasty and natural vegan protein powders has been going on for a while. Well okay, not entirely natural as I’ve tried the natural hemp protein powders and I couldn’t stand the taste but as natural as can be considering protein powders aren’t that natural, as in you won’t find themContinue reading “Form Nutrition // Game changer”

Natural deodorant review: Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime

Hi guys! Taking a little break with the Rainhill posts and instead wanted to share a recent find I made when it comes to natural hygiene or what I should call it! A while ago, must be over a year now, I was informed by my friend Kat how bad normal deodorants are for ourContinue reading “Natural deodorant review: Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime”

Missfits Nutrition review

Good morning lovelies! Protein powder has become sort of a staple ingredient in my diet, because I eat plant-based at home I find it an easy way to make sure I get a filling snack in between lunch and dinner in a smoothie. I’ve gone from not understanding the point of smoothies to absolutely lovingContinue reading “Missfits Nutrition review”