LoveRaw Cacao & Maca Snack Bar

Hello my beautiful people! The sun is shining and there’s a chill in the air. I’m not a massive fan of autumn but on days like these I can’t help but love it. It feels like Christmas is slowly closing in as the temperature is dropping and Halloween is now over.

Today is the day, this evening we’ll know whether Jamie is Scotland’s mixologist of the year. We’re both so nervous but excited to see how it goes this evening. Last night I was running around the flat packing all my stuff for Jamie to bring to the hotel so I can go straight there after I’ve had my make up done once I’ve finished work. I’m going to Bobby Brown to have my face glammed up and then at the hotel I’ll curl my hair and get dressed. Can’t wait for the evening to arrive! Before then I’ve got a day of work and a couple of meetings so I think this work day will just fly by! I need to run to the shops as well to grab some bits I’ll need such as hairspray and other exciting things.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it here or not but two weekends ago Jamie and I went to Whole Foods. I must’ve mentioned it here! I love Whole Foods so it would’ve been very strange if I hadn’t said anything… Either way, we were there two weekends ago and I of course stocked up on snacks I could try out that I haven’t come across elsewhere in Glasgow. One of these was the snack bar from LoveRaw.

It is my recent obsession with cacao nibs that made me want to try it out and chocolate is always nice. Funny coming from me seeing as I really disliked chocolate as a child. I know, I was a weird child… I still don’t like milk chocolate at all. The darker the better! Anyway, the addition of maca powder in this bar made me even more intrigued ! To be honest, I didn’t really taste much of the maca in it but the cacao nibs gave it a nice crunchy texture. It was a tasty bar with a nice darker chocolate flavour. Nothing super special, I would get it again if I came across but wouldn’t go out of my way to get it again. A big bonus is that it’s organic, not a lot of store bought bars like these are. So big thumbs up for that.

Please please please cross you fingers for Jamie tonight! I can’t wait to see how it goes!

Have a beautiful day,

M xxx

Coconut Chips, Urban Fruit

It’s Monday! A great opportunity for a fresh start. I want to be more planned and organised this week to make sure that I can get better posts on here. I’ve got some other ideas of things I want to start doing in connection to the blog eventually so we’ll see when I can start doing them. I’m excited and feeling a bit more hopeful than I did when I wrote the blog post yesterday. I just need to figure out the best set up for everything I’d like to do so I can do it all as well as possible. It will take work but I’m determined to get there.

I wanted to give a little shout out to these snacks today, Sriracha Chilli Coconut Chips from Urban Fruit. On Saturday when Jamie and I had been out for a while in city centre I was getting a bit peckish when we were grocery shopping for dinner and saw these by the till. I love coconut chips and thought these sounded tasty. They’re baked and only made with natural ingredients, which is always a thumbs up for me. I ripped the packet open as soon as we were outside the shop and they were sooo good. Packed full with flavour and spice but also a hint of coconut of course. Two thumbs up from me! I found them in Tesco so keep a look out for them in there.

By the way, Jamie and I tried out a recipe from Minimalist Baker yesterday and it was delicious. You guys have to try it. It’s a vegan chilli, I think Jamie might’ve put some extra spice and magic into the one the  we made yesterday but great recipe anyway. Find it here. We served it with a salad, brown rice and homemade guacamole. I’ve been told I’m the guacamole master 😉 I could try and get a recipe together if anyone is interested?

Today we’re having a big meeting at voomfit HQ which will be interesting I think. Other than that content and blog are on the agenda.

Speak soon!

M xxx

SFN goodies

I promise! The SFN blog posts are coming to an end, so if you’re tired of them you’ll be glad to hear this is probably the last one for the time being.

I couldn’t leave SFN without some goodies. There were loads of other amazing stuff I wanted to buy but I stuck to the things I knew I really needed.

MissFits Nutrition Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder: I’ve been using Neat Nutrition’s vegan protein powder for so long but after their courier has lost one order I had and then for some reason all of a sudden couldn’t find my office in the middle of Glasgow, which they have delivered to before I got a bit tired of of all the difficulties and felt like I wanted to try something else. They did send me another pouch (which of course arrived the day after I bought this protein but oh well, now I’ve got loads).

I’ve seen MissFits pop up in different on social media and liked the idea of it being specifically for women. After talking to them at the expo I thought I would give it a try. I liked their simple ingredients list and that they try to keep it as natural as possible. With me eating a more plant-based diet I was very happy to see it had B12 in it, something that is usually recommended to supplement if you don’t eat a lot of meat. I was choosing between them and Free Soul (they were right next to each other) and ended up going for Missfits because I feel vanilla protein powder is more versatile and Free Soul only had chocolate and berry flavour which made the decision quite easy. I did get some chocolate pouches from MissFits too to try so we’ll see if I get converted. I’ll let you know what I think of the powders once I’e tried them properly.

Maple Drink: As I mentioned previously, this lovely company gave me two maple waters to try out and write about. I had a little sip of a sample at the expo but am so excited to give them both a proper try. I’ll be of course sharing what I thought here.

Smart powerbank: You can tell WordPress is a blogging platform because they were giving away the ultimate bloggers dream tool, a portable powerbank so you can charge your phone on the go. This is a godsend for a social media nerd like me. I’ve already tried it once and it’s a game changer for me not having to worry about having charge on my phone. I love it so much!

Wrist straps: I’ve been looking into getting a pair of wrist straps for a while but it’s one of those things I haven’t really been bothered to look into and been a bit too lazy to order. When they were right there in front of us at the expo for five pounds at Strength Shop, Faye and I thought it would be a good idea to get some. I’m excited use them and see hot it feels.

I think that’s everything from the show, I also walked around and tried loads of food and snacks as well of course.

Now it’s time to get ready to go and see Zara Larsson at O2 Academy with Emma. I’m so excited, I think she’ll brilliant live!

Have a lovely evening,

M xxx

Review: Love, Corn Smoked BBQ

Hi lovelies! I’m back in action with the blog today and I’ve got some more ideas for what I hope to be interesting posts. We shall see what you guys think when I get them up! Feeling better today after a good night’s sleep and am ready for today to be considerably better than yesterday. Yesterday really wasn’t great in so many ways I don’t want to get into. I was meant to go to the gym in the evening but I wasn’t even sure if could deal with a session even though I know it usually makes me feel so much better.

Faye was so amazing and said she would meet me after work and see how I was and see if I had change my mind about the gym. Once I saw her I knew I could do it and we walked down to the gym together and it changed my entire mood. I can’t describe how much with words I am grateful to have a friend like Faye and that I’ve found a place in the world which helps my wellbeing so much. Exercising just changes everything. I laughed even though I didn’t think I would be able to and left with a smile on my face. Having a friend like Faye who knows that I needed a good workout more than anything and who made the effort to come and pick me up and encouraged me to still go is absolute gold. Thank you.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about in this post was the snack above haha but I thought I would just give you a little update and insight into my life.

My quest for finding delicious healthy snacks and treats continues and the other day I came across Love, Corn in Sainsburys. I’d never seen this brand before and was intrigued because I love crunchy corn. Healthy savoury snacks is not something I find as often as sweet so I knew I had to try them after reading the ingredients on the back. They looked quite good and reading about how they’re made on their website (baked in the oven) I thought they would be great for a healthier treat when watching TV and wanting something to munch on. There were three flavours but I went for the Smoked BBQ in the end, it sounded so good. The decision wasn’t easy!

I loved the size of the packet, it felt like you got a good amount of corn bits in it. I thought I could have a couple and then put them away but boy was I wrong, they were incredibly moreish and I ended up eating all of them… Luckily considerably better than eating a full bag of crisps. I absolutely love the crunchy texture and the flavour was delicious. I need to try the other flavours because I feel like this will be a reoccurring nibble when I need a savoury treat .