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Wanting to make a difference

Hey lovelies! The boyfriend is back in Glasgow after being in the US for the past couple of days. Seems like he’s had a great time away. We crashed in bed just before ten last night and it was amazing, I slept for almost nine hours and with every sleep I feel like I’m recovering from the past weeks of being very busy. I’m right now just having my breakfast before heading to G5 with Faye and her mum Carole for a gym session and then for the rest of the day I’m just going to spend time with my man. I’m so excited!

Yesterday I was having a bit of a moment in regards to what I want to do with my life. I was speaking to Jamie whilst we were having a tea and coffee and I just felt so frustrated with life. I’m feeling a bit lost at the moment and I’m not really sure what to do. As it is right now I don’t feel like I’m enough. I don’t have enough time to do anything in my life properly.

With working full time I now am really struggling with getting good quality content up here on the blog, the thing that I love the most. I don’t feel like the things I write are good enough and I feel stressed when the content isn’t up when it should be. Some days I really struggle with even getting a post together because I haven’t even had a chance to take any form of images to even create a post. I then also have to spend time with Jamie, friends, cook food, keep the flat tidy as well as fit in my training. It’s a puzzle every week.

Why does this blog thing matter you might think? For me this matters so much because my purpose here is to help and make a difference. I want to help those who need that extra push to get going with their fitness. I want to tackle the fact that a huge chunk of us are unhealthy in the world. I want to show people that movement and being active and nourishing your body with healthy foods can elevate your entire life but as it is now I don’t feel like I’m doing that.

I know it’s something I’ve always struggled with, not feeling like I’m enough, that what I’m doing is enough. I even went as far as saying to Jamie yesterday that it sometimes would be so much easier if I didn’t care but as he then pointed out then I wouldn’t be me. Which is very true. I care so much about these things my heart aches that I haven’t found a way to best do this yet. I just want to make a difference. I want to show that fitness is so much more than an ab selfie in the mirror. That’s what’s actually important is usually not even visible in a photo. If you would base your happiness or success in the gym on whether you have a six pack or not, it’s not sustainable and I’m sad to see that’s what a lot of people seems to do. I used to have this idea of that if I had a wash board stomach I would have achieved my goal but it’s only the surface of who you are and what I later on realised is that doesn’t even matter. What matters is who you are and how you feel about yourself.

So now I need to figure out how to make this work. How do I best get time to write the things I want to write and still have time for everything else. I need to make a plan. This is perhaps not the post you were expecting today but this blog is a place for me to share my thoughts and feelings as well and hopefully by doing that, someone can maybe relate and feel like they’re not alone. I don’t know.

On that note lovelies, I’m going to love you and leave you. It’s almost gym time!

Have a gorgeous day,

M xxx

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Review: Love, Corn Smoked BBQ

Hi lovelies! I’m back in action with the blog today and I’ve got some more ideas for what I hope to be interesting posts. We shall see what you guys think when I get them up! Feeling better today after a good night’s sleep and am ready for today to be considerably better than yesterday. Yesterday really wasn’t great in so many ways I don’t want to get into. I was meant to go to the gym in the evening but I wasn’t even sure if could deal with a session even though I know it usually makes me feel so much better.

Faye was so amazing and said she would meet me after work and see how I was and see if I had change my mind about the gym. Once I saw her I knew I could do it and we walked down to the gym together and it changed my entire mood. I can’t describe how much with words I am grateful to have a friend like Faye and that I’ve found a place in the world which helps my wellbeing so much. Exercising just changes everything. I laughed even though I didn’t think I would be able to and left with a smile on my face. Having a friend like Faye who knows that I needed a good workout more than anything and who made the effort to come and pick me up and encouraged me to still go is absolute gold. Thank you.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about in this post was the snack above haha but I thought I would just give you a little update and insight into my life.

My quest for finding delicious healthy snacks and treats continues and the other day I came across Love, Corn in Sainsburys. I’d never seen this brand before and was intrigued because I love crunchy corn. Healthy savoury snacks is not something I find as often as sweet so I knew I had to try them after reading the ingredients on the back. They looked quite good and reading about how they’re made on their website (baked in the oven) I thought they would be great for a healthier treat when watching TV and wanting something to munch on. There were three flavours but I went for the Smoked BBQ in the end, it sounded so good. The decision wasn’t easy!

I loved the size of the packet, it felt like you got a good amount of corn bits in it. I thought I could have a couple and then put them away but boy was I wrong, they were incredibly moreish and I ended up eating all of them… Luckily considerably better than eating a full bag of crisps. I absolutely love the crunchy texture and the flavour was delicious. I need to try the other flavours because I feel like this will be a reoccurring nibble when I need a savoury treat .

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Time to get back on track

Slightly less of this

More of this

Hi babes! How are you today? I’m feeling slightly better. Thank goodness! I really don’t want to get the cold Jamie had, it was brutal. So let’s hope this continues on the right path. Just trying to take loads of ginger shots to help my body fight this thing creeping about.

I have to ventilate a little bit, recently my diet hasn’t been the best. It’s been a bit too much eating out. I love eating out but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing and now I think it’s time for me to shape up a little bit when it comes to my diet. I’m training loads but I feel like I’m letting myself down a bit when it comes to my meals. Not that I’ve been eating deep fat fried chippies or anything but I’ve been out  to nice restaurants for dinners and it adds up.

I almost feel like I’m slightly stuck in a vicious circle of eating out, like it’s difficult to stop once you’ve gone a little bit off track. It feels useless and you feel like giving up almost but it’s not difficult to steer back on that track. You just plan in your next meal and make sure it’s delicious with lots of veggies and greens. Just start there. Don’t wait until next week, start now.

This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to eat out at all anymore but not as much and when I am I’ll opt for lunch or brunch instead of dinner because it’s a lot easier getting healthier options plus brunch is the best. I need it once in a while.

The other reason to why want to eat out a bit less is all the money I spend on it. I would rather save it for a holiday or something else so now I’m going into saving mode and Jamie is liking this idea too. Good that we’re on the same page because I hate when Jamie says that we should go out for dinner and I have to be the one to say no to save money. Hopefully we’ll stick to this now! I know we’ll go out a couple of times but it needs to be less than what it has been.

How’s your diet at the moment? Are you on track? Would like to get back on track? I would love to hear. It’s always nice to hear that you’re not alone in your struggle haha.

M xxx

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Mind games

It’s more in your head than you think! PB 32kg snatch

PB. 100kg deadlift. A long time goal accomplished

Hi lovelies! I’m sitting here with a plate of lunch in front of me and my laptop trying to get this post together. I forgot my phone charger at my sister’s yesterday and have had to survive with the little battery I had left on my phone until today, therefore I haven’t had a chance to write anything until now because all my photos are on my phone. I managed to get there today to pick it up after the gym and now I’m back in flat for lunch before I’m meeting my friend Katie for a tea/coffee. It’s very autumny and rainy outside today so it’s just what I need, a catch up and something nice and warm to drink.

Have you managed to get any training in this weekend? I was at the gym yesterday and today working on some weight training and specifically heavier wights. I haven’t really been doing super heavy weights for a while so I thought it was time to put my mind to the test and see how it would cope. Training I would almost say is more in your head than your body. Of course there are certain physical limitations to how much you can lift depending on your ability and strength but something I’ve noticed with myself is that my mind gives up way before my body does. The moment you start doubting yourself is when your body physically can’t do it.

I see this a lot when I’m doing upper body things like push presses, jerks and snatches. As soon as something is going over my head, my mind just goes wild. I start getting scared and unsure of whether I’ll actually be able to lift the weight and when you don’t walk confidently towards the bar, chances are you won’t put in the effort it requires to get it up because you’re doubting yourself. You need to believe in your ability and be determined that you will lift the weight.

Why I also struggle a lot with overhead and upper body work specifically is that the progress is so small and gradual in comparison to my progress my lower body does. Yesterday I got a new PB of 32kg snatch and today I finally hit a 100kg one rep max in my deadlifts (I can’t believe it happened!!). Just see that difference. Of course you’ll naturally enjoy the success of lifting a 100 more than 32 kg. However, the bigger win was perhaps my PB in snatch because I overcame an inner barrier to lifting heavy weights or my head. When you think about, it’s like lifting one and a half suitcase of the allowed baggage allowance on a plane. That’s quite a lot! Every time I lift that bar over my head I kill those voices in my head saying I CAN’T DO THIS. It’s like me yelling back YES YOU FREAKING CAN. The deadlift is tough but for not as scary as all that can go wrong really is a I drop the bar or can’t lift it from the ground because it’s too heavy.

We need to remember that it’s not always the weight and the strength that’s the win when you workout, the confidence in yourself and the trust in your abilities is something I’ve noticed training has helped me with so much. You have to believe in yourself and that takes time. So no matter if you’re just starting out in the gym or have been going forever. Even if you just show up and walk on the treadmill because you’ve never trained your life, that’s the an incredible win for you mentally. Don’t think because you’re not doing what everyone else is doing you aren’t a winner. You need to think of every progress you make as a win, it’s will make you feel so good about yourself and keep you going! Every time you do something you never thought you would do you break down those barriers and it feel so good. It becomes addictive pushing yourself to see what you go and you the only barrier to what you can achieve.


M xxx