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Cagnes Sur Mer

The morning workout duo

Exercise makes me so happy

Workout done!

Cuddling baby sis before she left for Sweden

To Cagnes Sur Mer we go

A delicious lunch at a place I think was called New York something.

Beach time

Back in Nice, another beautiful sunset

Out for a stroll

Hi everyone! I woke up to an empty flat today. It’s very odd being alone in our flat here in Nice. It has never happened before. I can’t wait for Jamie to arrive this evening but before then I’m just going to spend the day on the beach with my book. I can’t wait.

On Monday it was Anki’s and Sarah’s time to leave. Ellie and I did another workout, a slightly shorter run and then some circuit training. It’s so nice to have company while you train. Sometimes I struggle with staying disciplined when I don’t have a gym but it’s going well so far. I’m feeling very determined to try and stay slightly on track with my training so I don’t die when I go back to G5 😛 I also love to get a sweat session on before lying down on the beach all day.

We then had a last family breakfast before Anki and Sarah left for the airport. The rest of the family who were still Nice rented some Velo Bleu bikes and cycled over to Cagnes Sur Mer. I really love that little town. It’s a little beach town and has an even more chilled vibe than Nice. My parents were actually looking here loads when they were flat hunting but ended up falling in love with the one we have now in Nice.

We had a delicious lunch when we arrived before spending a couple of hours on the beach. My dad gets very restless so we didn’t stay for super long haha but it was lovely to spend some time with him and Ellie. The three of us don’t get to spend that much time together and it’s nice to have some quality time with dad who’s so busy. When dad couldn’t sit still for any longer we cycled back and had dinner before heading out for a last stroll together before him and Ellie left the next day.

We ended up sitting down for a drink. Dad and Ellie ordered some mojitos and I went for a sparkling water. We sat there for ages chatting until it was time to head home.

Now I’m going to have a quick shower because I just got back in from a workout and then it’s time for the beach. Wohoo!

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First workout in Nice

First a 7.5km run, then circuits to finish off

Workout done

We had barbecued fish for dinner!

Then watched the beautiful sunset

Hi lovelies! On Sunday it was time to get some movement into my holiday so Ellie and I went for a run. She thought it would be great to run all the way into the town centre bit of the promenade and I thought let’s give it a try. I knew it would be tough because I’m not a runner. Ellie on the other hand loves to run. She runs fast too!

It surprisingly went a lot better than I thought it would and when my phone showed we’d just run 7.5 km I was extremely happy. I almost wanted to stop towards the end, my legs felt like jelly but I did it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to run a distance like that.

It also shows how great the training is Stella puts us through at G5 and how much my strength training is helping to improve other aspects of my fitness as well considering I don’t run long distances. It’s amazing!

After our run I thought it was only fair for me to put Ellie through a circuit workout, the kind of training I like to do. I love strength training, I don’t think anyone has missed that hehe. I also helped her with her push up and burpee technique, which was fun. I’ve only just managed to start being able to bang out some proper push ups. It takes a lot of time and patience to build up the strength and technique to do them but if you are consistent with your training you’ll get there.

After we finished our workout we headed to our local bakery to pick up some baguette and went up to the flat to have breakfast. Breakfast always tastes so amazing after you’ve trained. We then managed to even get Anki down to the beach for the afternoon despite her injury. It was lovely to have the entire family together as Anki and Sarah were leaving the next day.

For dinner we had a fish called daurade in French. It’s a really lovely fish and my dad barbecued it for us. I then chopped up loads of veg to roast in the oven and cooked quinoa to have with it for those who wanted some. Ellie also made a tomato, basil and mozzarella salad. Sarah who’s not a fan of fish got chicken with chips.

A lovely Sunday with my beloved family xxx

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Le Séjour Café // 11 Rue Grimaldi // Nice

The stunning view from the flat. 

Dinner with the family

Lobster risotto


Evening walk home

Hi lovelies! Sanna is now here and it’s amazing to spend some quality time with her. I’m so happy to get these two and a half days to properly get caught up with each others lives, when you only see each other a coupe of hours here and there when I Sweden or she visits Scotland it’s not quite the same. When we worked together we used to spend almost all day every day together so it’s almost like the good old times. Anyway, I’ll speak more about that soon when I get there.

On the Saturday I just slept, I was exhausted. Ellie and I had been talking about going for a run in the morning but it didn’t happen and I was okay with that. I was in full relaxation mode. Instead after I got up I sat and chatted to dad until the entire family was awake and then my dad went down to the bakery and got freshly baked croissants and baguette for breakfast.

You guys all probably know about my food philosophy of eating, it’s all about balance. When I’m on holiday I think part of the experience is food so therefore I eat differently from when I’m at home. I used to go all in and eat everything bad you could think of but now I’m naturally a bit more conscious about it because I know how a healthy diet makes me feel and therefore I crave it. Anyway, so usually I eat a smaller portion of porridge for breakfast because I love porridge and it also makes me stay full for longer. Then I have a piece of baguette and even a croissant if I’m feeling it. It’s not something I would eat at all at home because I know it will never be as good as the bread here fresh from the bakery!

After a lovely breakfast we hit the beach. Or four of us did, poor Anki (my step mum) is on crutches after falling down some stairs. Luckily nothing is broken but she’s in a lot of pain and can’t bend her knee properly so she stayed up on the balcony whilst we were down on the beach. I love the first beach session on holiday. You feel so revived with the sun on you.

We stayed there for a couple of hours until it was time for lunch and we headed back up. We then chilled on the balcony until dinner time when my parents wanted to try a different restaurant from the usual ones we go to, Le Séjour Café. It’s centrally located in Nice but a little bit off the beaten track. I thought I would write about it because I love food recommendations when I’m going on holiday somewhere (maybe I’m the only one who Googles these things and makes lists? hehe).

The restaurant was super cosy, staff were so lovely and the food was incredible. Their menu is on a black board so I guess it changes quite regularly. All of us had the lobster risotto (it must’ve been years since I last had a risotto) a part from Sarah who’s not a fan of seafood. It was insane! Then we had to finish off with a dessert. Sarah and I had the chocolate fondant because I love chocolate fondant. The rest of the family had café gourmand surprise, it’s a mix of small desserts served with an espresso. It looked very cute.

After a meal like that Ellie andI walked home, we felt we needed it before bed to digest our meal a bit. Anki needed to catch the bus poor thing with her crutches so dad and Sarah kept her company. It was such a lovely first proper evening with the family.

Now it’s time for a morning walk or run with Sanna. It’s undecided! I woke up an hour before we said we would get up haha. Just as well so I can write to you guys. It’s really quiet just being two in the flat now but it gives me a bit of time to write here which is a plus! There’s always a silver lining.

Speak soon my lovelies,

M xxx

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What I ate when I travelled

Vegan salad from EAT at Edinburgh Airport 
Fruit salad

Ape coconut bites, one of my favourite snacks!

Almost ready to land!

Hi lovelies! I’ve been a terrible blogger since I came down to Nice. I’m so sorry!! I have the habit of not even opening my laptop when I come down. It’s great because I really get to wind down but at the same time I know I’ve you guys here waiting for me to update and I have been feeling bad. I’ve missed it too. To be honest, I think I’ve needed these past few days to just relax and recharge. I’ve slept like a log! It’s felt amazing. The sun has rejuvenated me and I feel like a new person.

Anyway, I thought I would share what I ate during my evening of travelling because food makes any  journey more fun. I really dislike flying, it makes me feel horrible. I feel nauseous, I get a bloated belly and I feel sluggish. Not fun! But the thought of escaping to the sun of course makes it all worth it! It’s a small price to pay.

I flew out of Edinburgh Airport and there they luckily have an EAT where you get some healthy food before your journey. I had their vegan falafel salad without the dressing. It’s not the best thing I’ve had but not the worst. It does the job. I should really make my own food to take with me but I’m not quite there yet when it comes to planning. I also got a little fruit salad afterwards as a tasty dessert.

For the plane ride I got another little salad snack from EAT, one of their Fit boxes. I’ve had this one before and it’s the one with hummus, broccoli, cashews with wild rice and quinoa. It’s tasty! Then I had brought a Primal Pantry brownie protein bar and Ape snacks just in case. Of course I ate all of it haha. They’re too good not to. A must when flying is to get big water bottle for the journey to keep hydrated.

I slept for most of the flight and then it was time to land. It’s the best way for me to survive because it makes me so unwell haha. Do you guys flying?

I’ll write about my days here in Nice very soon. My family has just left apart from Ellie who is just in town shopping before coming back to the flat. Sanna is arriving very soon so I’m going to cycle to the airport to get her. Then the three of us are having lunch together before it’s time for Ellie to head back to Monaco. I think Sanna and I will be heading down to the beach then. Whilst it’s sad the family is leaving I’m really looking forward to a couple of days with Sanna before Jamie is here!

Speak soon,

M xxx