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A must when in Nice

Hi my dears! With this cold autumn weather outside one can’t help but dream back to sunnier and warmer days in Nice. It’s not even been a month since I came back and I’m already in need of another summery holiday hehe. I miss dresses, shorts and bikinis. The best feeling in the world is going out for dinner and not needing any layers just feeling the warm air.

I know I’ve mentioned this place two years ago when Jamie and I were last there for a meal but I felt like it was worth mentioning again. Bistrot d’Antoine is a must when we’re in Nice. The restaurant is very small and cosy. It genuinely looks like the most French bistro you could imagine. Not in a cheesy way but in an authentic beautiful way. The food is incredible and the value for money is just crazy if you compare to a lot of other places in Nice. Everyday they have different special written up on their black boards as their menu so it’s never the same. Although, Jamie’s favourite dish the duck tends to be a reoccurring one. Their desserts aren’t their strongest point so I would stick to starter and main. If you really want a dessert I would just grab a crepe somewhere afterwards or an ice cream.

Jamie and I always end up sitting there for ages chatting away. This time around we were the last people to leave the restaurant. Remember to book in advance if you’re going because it gets very busy and ask for a table outside. It’s the best bit.

Anyway, back to reality! It’s Tuesday and I’ve just met up with my friend Claire for a morning workout before work (it was so much fun) and later on in the day I’m meeting Ashley who’s a PT and writing a blog post about her for voomfit. Lots of training today again! Not that I mind hehe. I think this will be a fun day, the entire voomfit team is together for the first time in a while because of people being away on holidays. It will be nice to have have everything running as normal in the office again and having the full team back in action.

Have a wonderful day my dears!


M xxx

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Île Sainte-Marguerite

Lunch with a view. A delicious takeaway salad from Ô Naturelle in Cannes.

We found a little beach hidden away on the other side of the island.
 A snack boat was driving around the island all day. I loved that! We ran out of water so luckily this guy had some, expensive but needed in the heat!
On the train on our way back to Nice

Hi babes! Île Sainte-Marguerite was really beautiful and us visiting this island or even knowing about it was result of me googling frantically after fun day trips and places with nice beaches along the coast. I had mentioned to Jamie previously that I’d love to go and a boat somewhere and tadaaa, I found Île Sainte-Marguerite.

You can buy a ticket for a day trip on a boat straight from Nice but it was a lot more expensive than just going to Cannes by train and then getting the boat from there. When we we arrived in Cannes we went to salad and sandwich bar called Ô Naturelle where you make your own salad by choosing from all their delicious ingredients. I was over the moon with this option and went slightly overboard with all my salad ingredients hehe. It’s always the risk when you get to choose yourself like that. Jamie got two sandwiches, one as a snack and one for lunch.

We then got tickets for the 15 minute boat ride and off to Sainte-Marguerite we went. Slightly worried we were heading towards a massive tourist trap and that the island would be crowded with people. This was not the case at all! It was like entering a new world, it felt almost like walking around in Jurassic World or something. At some points we were even alone walking around in the forest. As soon as we got off the boat I had to have my salad because I was starving! We sat down on a bench with the most amazing view and devoured my massive salad. I did not think I would be able to eat it all, but I did hehe.

The rest of the afternoon we explored the island and then chilled on a beach we came across. It was amazing. Unfortunately it had a bit of litter that had been washed ashore from the sea. As we were lying there a snack boat arrived serving snacks, drinks and ice cream. A really nice idea!

We stayed there for a couple of hours until it was time to head back to Nice. It was a really nice and relaxing day trip if you’re looking for something to do on your holiday on Côte d’Azur.

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Caju // 2 Rue Sainte-Claire // Nice, France

Hi lovelies! Happy Sunday! Hope you’ve got some amazing plans for today to make the most of the weekend. So I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try out at least one of the healthy eating places in Nice whilst I was there. There is one I’ve been following on social media for a while called Caju I’ve been wating to try out, a vegan place found in the old town.

Their menu is very small with only two salad type dishes and maybe three burgers to choose from. Their smoothie menu is huuuge on the other hand. Filled with lots of delicious choices (I struggled big time trying to decide which one to have). A nice thing with smoothies is that they are made with Caju’s homemade almond or soya milk (depending on your preference). Sanna who was with me struggled to find one she could have because she doesn’t like bananas and all of them unfortunately had banana in them. Who doesn’t love bananas Sanna? 😛 She ordered a nice juice instead so she was happy.

For food I went for one of their raw salad type things with mushroom “meatballs” and Sanna had one of the burgers. That’s where I made the wrong choice, my dish was unfortunately very tiny and quite boring whilst Sanna’s burger was AMAZING and huge. I couldn’t understand the difference in size for about the same prize, especially when you need quite a lot of veg to fill up. I only got three tiny mushroom meatballs so yeah I was not super happy with my dish but I would definitely go back for one of those burgers. Yum! I’m not sure how they’re made but seeing the dish I had was raw I’m sure they would take great care to make the burger as healthy as possible and not deep frying the “patty bit”, a lot of restaurants unfortunately do that to their veggie burgers. My smoothie “Cheeky Monkey” was amazing though. It tasted like a delicious peanut butter and chocolate milkshake, so good.

I wanted to go back with Jamie when he came down but we just didn’t find the time to go back which was a shame. Next time!

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On our way up to the village

Hi lovelies! Looking at these pictures I can’t believe it’s not even been a week since we came back from Nice. It feels way longer! I miss it loads. These photos were taken in the beautiful medieval town Haut-de-Cagnes, found just above Cagnes-sur-Mer (not far at all from Nice and a perfect day trip). This village is situated on a hill, we walked up but there is a little bus you can get to the top too if you find it too hot to walk up. Stubborn as I am, I thought we should walk haha. I’m glad I packed a water bottle just before we left, we needed it!

I love strolling around there amongst the colourful houses, it feels like time has stopped in this town. It’s like a bubble of history. A fun fact is the weekend we were there they were hosting the World Championships in boule! At the top of the village there is a castle with a square with a couple of restaurants. We walked around just sightseeing. The reason why we were there was we were invited to some friends of my family for lunch. They have a stunning house in this village. It looks like a French dream (I’m so sad I forgot to take photos of it) and in their garden they grow everything from oranges and lemons to grapes. They’re also planning to start growing their own vegetables. Goals! One day I’d love to do the same. It was such a lovely afternoon with loads of delicious food and laughter. We sat there for hours in the sun and completely lost track of time!

Back to reality here in Glasgow, it’s Friday! I survived my first week at work. Not the easiest week, I think I’m having some post holiday blues. I find it really tough with the weather here in Glasgow and does get me down. Especially when I’ve gotten used to the warmth. I know I’ll get into the swing of things and normal life soon so I’m just planning loads of fun things to look forward to. Like brunch this weekend with Faye and next Sunday Jamie and I are having loads of our friends over for brunch as my birthday celebration. I’m really looking forward to that. Yesterday evening Jamie and I booked tickets to see the Mamma Mia musical when it’s up here in December. We both LOVE the Mamma Mia film so we can’t wait to go!

Speak soon lovelies,

M xxx