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Dean Village // Edinburgh // Photobomb

After a disastrous search for food we ended up at Wagamama for the first time in years!

Then we headed towards Dean Village

It was absolutely stunning

Sneaky boyfriend captured this

It felt like we were in a Fairy Tale

Because I love colourful doors

We were so happy to have made the trip to see this beautiful place

We stopped by one of Jamie’s favourite cocktail bars over in Edinburgh, Panda & Sons. He had this cool drink, I had water.

After Juice Warrior Jamie and I were on a mission to find food. We were starving. It was about four in the afternoon and we hadn’t had lunch yet. We went to place after place who said their kitchen is closed but they were selling cakes and coffee. It was quite bizarre. Why wouldn’t they serve food? The hanger started kicking in and both of us were struggling to stay positive. We just wanted something light and lunch like salads and sandwiches and stuff but it seemed like a mission impossible.

Eventually we passed by a Wagamama and went in there. We’re really not the people who goes to chains like these but we were so hungry! We prefer to support local businesses but sometimes when the local businesses don’t want to serve food you will just have to take what you can get haha. The food was alright (I had a veggie pad thai and Jamie had the bulgogi). We were just happy to feel like ourselves again after that hunger dip! We always struggle to find nice little lunchy places when we’re in Edinburgh. Please send me tips for next time, we really do want to try out the food scene over there properly sometime!

Once we had refuelled it was time to find Dean Village. There was a moment where Jamie thought we had already been to Dean Village without realising it when we stayed over in Edinburgh for his birthday two years ago. I was just thinking, oh god could this day be more of a failure haha, food fail and now after all of that we’re going to a place we’ve already been to. Luckily, it wasn’t the case.

We eventually got to Dean Village and trust me, if we’d seen it before, we’d remember. It was mesmerisingly beautiful. It felt like going back in time or stepping into a Fairy Tale. Like the village in Beauty and the Beast almost. I couldn’t stop saying wow everywhere I turned. The sunny weather made it look even more breathtaking. Dean Village is quite small so we were there for probably less than half an hour but it was worth the journey from Glasgow. If you’re in Edinburgh you need to add this place to your list!

When we’d seen everything we walked past Panda & Sons (the cocktail bar) on the way to the train station. I’d never been in before but have heard Jamie raving about it for years. We went in so Jamie could have a cocktail. It’s one of his favourite places and I figured since he joined me for smoothies it was only fair. Panda & Sons is hidden in a barbershop behind a bookcase. It’s so cool! If you didn’t know there was a cocktail bar in there you’d never know what lies behind that facade. It was really cool to see.

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Another day in England

This cute building is an Airbnb! I’d love to stay there, it looks amazing. Like something out of a Fairy Tale.

Chichester Cathedral

The Bognor Regis minigolf championship

Good morning! Hope you’ve slept well 🙂 I’m just sitting here eating my breakfast before I need to head out the door. I thought I’d share some photos from our day in Chichester on Saturday. Chichester is absolutely stunning. It’s pretty much exactly what I envision when I think of an English town. Everything felt so well kept and the buildings were stunning. There were also colourful doors everywhere, I absolutely love colourful doors.

After wandering about for a while we headed for the cathedral and it reminded me a bit of Glasgow Cathedral almost. Quite a similar look from the outside. The inside was beautiful.

Once we felt like we had seen most of Chichester we went back to our hotel to grab our bags and headed for Bognor Regis. We stayed our final night in Jamie’s nan’s flat. In the evening before dinner Jamie and I went for a walk around town. We happened to walk past a minigolf course on the way and couldn’t resist giving it a go. We love minigolf!The course was really and just by the sea. The only issue was that it was quite windy and the wind moved the balls a bit, made it more interesting 😛 Jamie ended up beating me in the end. I blame the wind…

Anyway, time for me to get going soon so I’ll speak to you later lovelies. Have a great day xxx

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Cafe Paradiso // 45 North Street // Chichester

Hi lovelies! During our day in Chichester Jamie’s mum really wanted to take is to a vegetarian café she found by chance during one of her many trips there, Cafe Paradiso. It was super busy when we arrived, which was amazing. There was a large variety of things to choose from more indulgent things like veggie lasagne, risotto stuffed red peppers and pizza to a salad bar.

I went for the hummus and olive salad (as soon as I read hummus I knew this was the dish for me), you basically got a bit of all the salads on offer (I chose all of them a part from the coleslaw and potato salad). We sat down in their back garden, it felt a bit hidden away surrounded by buildings and was super cosy in the sun.

The salad was really tasty and fresh. Lots of flavours going on, which I really loved. It got served with a pita which I feel was just store bought so nothing very exciting so I stuck to my salad. I feel like you didn’t really need any bread with it.

This place is really lovely and has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something more hearty or something light and fresh. A great place for both meat eaters and veggies.

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Dreamy hotel

Our super cosy hotel room at Crouchers

The delicious afternoon tea

This food was absolutely amazing!
It was incredible waking up to this just outside our window and hearing birds singing.

Jamie and I were first at breakfast, because we are always hungry haha.

Loving the sun. Love Jamie’s cheesy smile even more haha.

Having tea on our little patio before checking out.

Hi lovelies! I’ve got loads of photos from my weekend away and really want to share them with you so here are some more. After the beautiful funeral on the Friday we headed for the hotel where Jamie’s family and Jamie’s aunt and family were staying over the night. The hotel was called Crouchers and is in Chichester. It was so cute and it felt like you were in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the stunning English countryside.

We had a wonderful afternoon tea with everyone who attended the service and once they had left we had dinner with Jamie’s family and his aunt’s family. The food was absolutely incredible and we stayed up late enjoying each others company. The next day we all met up at breakfast before checking out. Jamie and I were of course first there because we’re always hungry haha.

Afterwards when everyone was packing (we were already packed and ready to go) we were outside enjoying the sun. Both of us were feeling a bit restless (especially me who was missing the gym) so we ended up running a short race and see who could jump the furthest haha. Jamie of course won both because he is a giraffe. I did almost jump as long as him, which I was very happy with 😛 When we got tired of competing we had some tea and then headed to the reception to check out before enjoying a day out in Chichester with Jamie’s mum and brother.

Now it’s time for me to get to bed! Sleep well my dears and speak soon!

M xxx