My last day in Stockholm

Met up with my cousin Calle and trying to help him snatch

Cousin photo!

Post-workout tea at Espresso House

Managed to sneak in another poké bowl for lunch. I was very happy about this.

Running about town with Sanna in the afternoon looking in shops

We ended up in a toy store and Sanna found ice cream maker toy. If you know how much she loves ice cream you’d know how happy she was haha.
The day finished off with a lovely dinner with the family at Balzac. They had a lovely vegan dish which Anki and I tried. Super fresh and tasty. If I was starving it would’ve been a bit too small of a portion for me but I wasn’t super hungry for once.

It’s already been a week since I came back from Sweden. The day before you leave is always the busiest. You think it’s not going to be but there are always some last minute things that happen meaning you end up rushing all over the place needing to get errands done.

The morning was really fun, I met up with my cousin Calle at the gym. He really wanted to learn how to snatch so we spent most of the time just doing that and chatting. I love my cousin Calle and he’s always felt more like a brother than a cousin because we’ve always been really close. He struggled a bit with his mobility during the snatch drills. Mobility is really key for a good snatch so he’s got some things to work on now until when I next see him! HE said he was going to keep practising! Olympic weightlifting is difficult because it’s all technique and very precise. You really can’t cheat your way around it or almost do it, either you can do it or you can’t. As frustrating that truth can be sometimes haha.

We were in the gym for a while until we had snatched enough and then headed to the nearby Espresso House for a tea to properly talk about what’s going on in our lives. We could’ve sat there and spoken for ages but I eventually had to go and pick up my passport which luckily was ready to be picked up just in time. I’m very happy I’ve got a brand new passport for Australia so I don’t have to worry about it expiring whilst I’m there. That could’ve been stressful!

The wait was quite long at the police and by the time I was done I was STARVING, it was lunch time so I suppose that made sense hehe. On the way back to my parent’s I stopped by Hawaii Poké for another poké bowl. Again, I couldn’t get over how good it was. It’s probably one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had. After satisfying my hunger I went home to shower and get changed and then head to the bank. Where I randomly saw my old neighbour from when I used to live Stockholm. What are the odds off that? I haven’t seen her for years. I didn’t think she’s recognise me because she’s quite old and I hadn’t seen her for years so I didn’t say hi but it’s odd how things like that happen.

The rest of the afternoon I looked in some shops to pick up bits and pieces. I got some Swedish food things for Jamie which I know he likes and Sanna came and kept me company for a bit. It was so nice to see her  one last time before I left. We grabbed some smoothies at Blueberry as a snack whilst walking about. They’ve got some lovelies ones there. I had one with peanut butter in it (of course, I’m so predictable…). We eventually had to hug goodbye because I needed to head back to the parents to start packing.

We weren’t sure what to do for dinner, in the end we ended up going to the nearby French bistro Balzac. It’s lovely in there. My parents are obsessed with France and it’s funny how there are now two French bistros not far from where they live. To my surprise they had a vegan dish. I did not expect that at all. One of the elements was a vegan feta cheese, it didn’t taste like feta at all but it was still good. Not the biggest dish in the world. If I would’ve been my usual hungry self it wouldn’t have been enough. I find that so odd with veggie and vegan dishes because you do need more food to fill you up when you eat that way and yet restaurants serve you so little. The meal was a lovely way to finish my Stockholm trip with. I’ve got no idea when I’ll next be back but I’m so glad I’ve got this amazing trip as a memory when I’m far away on the other side of the world.

Steninge Bruk

This is brunch taken to a whole new level

Look at all that veg!

Dessert table
 Just one of the many plates of food I had, I got a food coma that was so bad it felt like it was Christmas all over again!Dad and I
Sis and Anki

Trying to be a tree

Posing in front of Steninge Castle (I thought it looked more like a mansion)

I did manage to get outside of Stockholm one more time before coming back to Glasgow. My family and I decided to do a little Sunday afternoon trip to one of the nearby castles for a little stroll and lunch. We ended up going to Steninge Slott (Steninge Castle) which also had what looked like a lovely restaurant (Steninge Bruk) in an old beautiful stone building nearby. We ended up on a bit of a detour on the way there and at this point it was quite late in the afternoon so by the time we arrived I was starving. It was so bad I couldn’t think straight!

The plan was originally to walk first but in my state I just needed food so we headed straight to the restaurant. The venue is stunning in there and it’s not only a restaurant but the building also has a couple of home decor shops and a florist. We didn’t realise the restaurant only had their brunch buffet available on Sundays pretty much. Well it was either that or spinach soup and I needed a lot of food so after having a look at the beautiful buffet we all decided to go for it and treat ourselves. We were all so happy we did because the food was incredible. There was a massive barbecue just behind the buffet where they were cooking loads of the food on and I’d never seen anything like it! I think they said it was one of Sweden’s biggest barbecues.

I was so hungry I was just stuffing myself! It felt like Christmas when you’re just eating because everything tasted so good. There were loads of amazing veggie salads prepared and everything was incredible. I even had some scrambled eggs because they looked so good and wow, I can’t even remember the last time I had scrambled eggs but they tasted good. I don’t eat eggs very often at all anymore but once in a while I do crave them and I eat them. I don’t want to be restrictive or feel like I’m restricting myself, if I want something I’ll eat it. I might not ever be hundred percent vegan but that’s not my goal either. I want to be me and eat a diet which suits me but also helps the planet. I see it as a nice treat when I actually do eat some fish and eggs these days rather than eating it every day.

After my hundredth plate of food (okay perhaps a slight exaggeration) it was time to move on to the dessert table. Everything again looked so good. There was so much to choose from, in the end I went for some blueberry crumble with vanilla custard, a pancake and some fruit salad. The blueberry crumble was out of this world. WOW. I couldn’t get over how good it tasted.

When I had finished eating I was stuffed, I had eaten so quickly and the food just lied in my stomach like a lump. I didn’t even care because everything had been ridiculously good. Even then I was still sitting there contemplating whether I could eat some more. That’s when I felt like it was enough, I was perfectly happy having tried everything I wanted to and I was stuffed. If I would’ve had more I would’ve probably felt sick! Didn’t want to end our lovely brunch on that note. It’s funny how we think that eating more of something because it tastes good is the best option. The best thing I think is when you eat until you’re satisfied and then it leaves you with just wanting a little bit more, rather than stuffing your face until you feel ill. Then you leave feeling horrible no matter how good the meal was. What do you guys think? It’s an odd impulsive thing isn’t it? More isn’t always the best but somehow when we like something we just can’t control it. I’ve gotten a lot better at noticing when I’ve had enough but it’s definitely not easy.

Afterwards we went for a browse in the shops and then headed over to look at the castle before the park around it closed. We were all in a slight food coma! The castle was nice but I didn’t really think it looked like a castle, more like a stunning mansion. I wish we would’ve had more time to look around a bit longer but it was better than nothing and a lovely couple of hours out with the family. When we got home we collapsed in the sofa and watched the new Tarzan and then Wonder Woman. Neither of them were particularly good but at least we know that now!

So there was a slight change in plans yesterday after I wrote my post and Ellie didn’t end up making the class due to her eye lids being puffy and swollen. She’s all sorted now with some eye drops and is coming with me to Strong Mums today. I was originally going to go to the early morning class but I don’t really mind which one I go to. It would’ve been nice to train with Faye but I’ll see her soon anyway.


Excited to start minigolfing

Parts of the course

The final hole, it was difficult!

I ended up winning but it was close!

I of course had to put aside some time to properly spend time with my baby sis when I was back home. Okay, she’s not a baby anymore, she’s 17 but still, she’s the youngest so she’s always going to be little in my eyes hehe. She is nine years younger than me after all!

We wanted to do something a bit different, yes we cold’ve gone to the cinema but it’s not the most sociable thing and I felt a bit over bowling. So I started googling for stuff to do in Stockholm and ended up finding Swing. It’s a restaurant and bar with a mini golf course. I thought it was perfect. We first had a nice fika at relatively newly opened Mr Cake, they are so popular the queue is usually out the door. They serve up some insane cake creations. Lala (as I call her) had a smore brownie and I was happy just with a chai green tea because I had just had a snack and was full. We sat outside in the sunshine and spoke about life. Then it was almost time for our slot at Swing.

We got there and it was packed! It’s a stunning 1930s theme throughout and it felt like quite more high end min golf experience rather than the crazy golf I’m used to! When it was our turn a lovely girl who worked there explained the rules of their mini golf and then we were on our way. The course was quite busy so there was a bit of a wait but we didn’t mind. The different holes weren’t divided up so the course was never ending, more like a real golf course, which was different and could potentially make it more challening. So if you were unlucky enough to hit the ball too hard, you would end up on someone else’s hole! It made it very sociable and in Stockholm that’s quite unusual to start talking to other people just like that haha. I enjoyed that part. Some of the holes I thought were a bit boring and too straight forward but overall it was fun!

A cool thing is that you can order drinks on the course to take with you, as well as food in case you need some extra energy to keep your focus up! Super important when you’re competing against your friends!

We had a great time and it’s just a nicer way of spending time together, being up and doing something. That’s what I’m about, as much as I love going for dinner and food in general it’s nice to mix it up.

Just thought I’d share this as another little Stockholm tip!

Now I need to head out because I’m soon going to the gym aaaaand my sister Ellie is joining me!! It’s her first ever G5 session and I’m so excited for her to come. We’re going to the Strong Mum’s class, which is the same as all the other ones but there might be some babies there so therefore it’s one of the better ones to go to hehe. I can’t wait to train with her and for her to experience G5. She’s visited once before to watch but today it’s finally time for her to try it out for herself.

Have lovely day, M xxx

Walking on Djurgården

“Spring in the Plant Shed”
Slightly blinded by the sun!

Surrounded by stunning plants and herb plants

My beautiful friend
If there is one thing I love in Sweden, it’s all the bread. You just can’t compare it to anything you get in the UK

Hello Stockholm from the other side!

Lunch at Flickorna Helin, one of my favourite places

We had their homemade veggie curry

Then we couldn’t not have one of their cinnamon buns and we also shared a raspberry and blueberry raw ball. Nice that they had a slightly healthier option as well.

More walking along Djurgården.

Love this girl!

Hello my dears! I’m back in Glasgow! Sorry for going silent here but the last two days were busy busy with lots of emotions. Saying goodbye or “see you later” (it’s not actually goodbye) is tough when you don’t know when you’ll see your loved ones next. My cousin Mickis and I cried on Saturday when we said goodbye and I thought I almost made it through saying goodbye to my family yesterday morning without tears but as I walked with my bags to the underground, I felt them rolling down my cheeks. I just love them all so much  and there’s always going to be a part of me left in Sweden as I have so many loved ones there. I know it can’t stop me from pursuing my dreams and not go. As much as I love Stockholm, I don’t feel like it’s the place for me right now, or ever. We’ll see but there’s just so much to see and do in the world!

It was an odd feeling arriving back in Glasgow, a place that has been my home for so many years, knowing that it soon won’t be my home anymore. I’m not sure when the next time will be when I fly back here and if it will ever be home again. Here is where my reality and every day life has been happening and soon it won’t be. I have no idea what the future holds but I know this city will always feel like a home to me, no matter when I come back but I know it won’t be the same and it’s scary. My Glasgow chapter is coming to a close.

As soon I got back, Jamie and I went for some lunch. It was really nice to see him, I feel like I’ve been away for so long and we had so much to catch each other up on! Then when he headed to work I went and saw Faye for a tea at Singl-end.

This morning I was finally back in G5. I was contemplating going back yesterday afternoon but after my early start I was knackered and decided to stay home and get organised instead and have an early night. Stepping back into that gym made me so happy but it was also bittersweet, knowing my sessions left in that gym are numbered. I can’t even think about having to leave that gym and the my amazing friends there, so for now I’m not trying to think about it and enjoy every second I’m in there. Soak it all in and enjoy it as much as I can. The workout was a lot of fun and sweaty! It’s quite warm here at the moment and I can’t get over how bright it’s gotten in the mornings. Makes the morning sessions a lot easier to get up for. In the summer months the morning sessions are the best I think.

I’ve still got so many things to share from Sweden so I’m still going to be posting about that too! On Friday I met up with Sanna again, the weather was stunning so I requested to go for a walk on Djurgården. I’ve written about this island many times before but for those of you who are new to the blog, it’s an island right in the centre of Stockholm owned by the Swedish Royal family. As soon as you walk over the bridge it’s like you enter an oasis. It’s like a different world and a country break right in the middle of the city. You almost forget how close you are until you stand by the shore and see Stockholm on the other side of the water. Either you get there by boat or just cross one of the bridges. There’s so much to do there such, something as simple as a picnic in the summer months but there’s also an amusement park, Skansen (the outdoor museum and zoo), plenty of other museums and cafés and restaurants.

Sanna and I walked along the shore for a while and then headed towards Rosendals Trädgård (trädgård means garden). It’s a stunning area where they grow organic crops of all sorts, sell all kinds of plants and also serve organic homemade delicious food made from local produce and cake in their lovely café. They’ve also got a lovely little shop filled with delicious bread, buns, cookbooks, beautiful crockery and so much more. It’s a wonderful place and somewhere you definitely should pay a visit.

We continued our walk and were getting peckish a bit further on and decided to go to Flickorna Helin. They’ve got a lovely outdoor seating area and their food and cakes are so tasty. I’ve taken Jamie here before and he refers to this place as the one with the best sandwich ever because they have an incredible Club Sandwich with chicken and curry mayo with loads of other components in an incredible dark bread. When I ate meat I used to love that sandwich and Jamie still talks about, so that says a lot haha.

Sanna and I both had their veggie curry. It was served with courgetti and a fresh mix of vegetables. It was incredibly tasty the dish and you got it served with a yoghurt dip, I usually avoid eating dairy as I try to eat as much vegan food as I can because I want to for several reasons but the curry needed that little something because it was a bit on the sweet side (it had mango chutney in it) and just adding a little bit of the yoghurt just took it to a new level.

I love that they include a tea or coffee in the price when you order food, it’s a common thing when you order lunch in Stockholm. When we were standing by the till to order food we had been so tempted by their deliciously smelling cinnamon buns and I mean you can’t go to Sweden and not have kanelbulle, as we call them, so Sanna and I shared a kanelbulle and they also had a raw ball I wanted to try, it was a raspberry and blueberry one so we shard that one too. It was all incredible, I really think Flickorna Helin is a lovely place to go for lunch or fika on Djurgården and in Stockholm in general. Not to mention, the building they’re in is so cool!

We then headed back towards the bridge, crossed it and we were back on the busy streets of Stockholm. I’ll never get over how much I love the contrasts of Stockholm fro the hectic streets around the centre and the calm around Djurgården and Gärdet. It’s incredible and very unique.

Now I need to get showered and get on with my day! God I can’t even think about how little time I’ve got left! I should really write a list of everything I need to do. I need to get travel insurance, sell off more stuff on eBay, cancel our home insurance and all other direct debit things and start thinking about trial packing, to name a few things!

Speak soon lovelies, M xxx