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New beauties

Rocking my massive spot on my forehead because sometimes you just get spots and there’s nothing you can do about it

How beautiful are these leggings?! I saw them on Stella at Forth Valley Throwdown and knew I needed them in my life. I’ve always been a bit hesitant when it comes to patterns on my legs because it’s the curvier bit on me and I feel like sometimes patterns make me look . I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, I just don’t feel comfortable with it. I’m also not saying my thighs are fat or anything, it’s just the way my body is.

I have become a bit more experimental recently when it comes to patterns on my leggings (hello amazing mermaid leggings). Maybe my perception of my body has changed or maybe I’ve just found patterns that are a bit more flattering for my body type (in my opinion). Maybe it’s all in my head! I’m not sure but either way, I tried on these white and grey beauties and knew they needed to come home with me.

They are so incredibly comfy and hug your legs just the right way. The 7/8 length is my favourite length, when they finish by the ankle. The mesh helps you when you train to keep cool and the high waist is amazing. They’re slightly a bit too warm to train in at the moment but they are amazing for yoga. I wear them to work. I wouldn’t train in them at Stella’s (we crawl around on the floor a bit too much for these haha) but I have worn them to sessions I’m just lifting weights.

Perhaps not the most practical leggings but I absolutely adore them. I know they have them in some other colours and patterns as well.

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Family times

img_0487 img_0489 img_0494


It’s been super busy with Jamie’s mum visiting and I haven’t really had a chance to update you guys here. Sorry about that! We had such a lovely time with her. On Monday evening we went to 111 by Nico for dinner and yesterday she treated Jamie and I to brunch at Singl-end. We can’t get enough of that place. I love that there’s something for everyone there. I ventured out of comfort zone of always ordering the vegan breakfast and had their roasted veg and beetroot hummus on their Supernova Super Seeded bread with mushroom soup on the side. Yum! It was lovely and how beautiful and colourful is it? We also may have shared their vegan scones. They’re becoming a definite weak spot…

I wanted to give you a little peak of the latest edition to my workout wardrobe, Hit It 7/8 legging from lululemon. Surprise! I had another pair that went bobbly after less than a months use so I went in and got them swapped for these beauties instead. I absolutely love them, they fit like a glove and don’t move a bit when I train. The meshy bits don’t only look good but keeps me cool during sweaty sessions, love it! I’ll take some better photos of them soon.

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Hotty hot workout

IMG_3361IMG_3359  IMG_3365

Hi everyone!

Hope you are well and have had an amazing weekend so far. Here in Spain the weather has been absolutely amazing. We have just been lounging about on the beach, fallen asleep there once or twice throughout the day on our sunbeds and had delicious food. It’s been so nice to lazy about but on Friday I was desperate to workout. I’m so used to getting my daily exercise boost that it feels weird not doing anything. So I went to the gym with Jamie’s mum here in Javea. I really like trying out new gyms and Sparta, as it’s called, was such a great little place where everyone knew everyone. I love places like that.

I’m glad we went quite early in the morning because places here don’t stay cool for very long when the sun comes out. Sparta’s main weights area is also outside and sheltered by a marquee, so it’s safe to say it was quite a sweaty gym session. I love gyms that don’t have the latest blingy equipment, they have the basic things and that’s all you really need, that’s what Sparta is like. Jamie’s mum and I had a great time and I left with sweat pouring down, it felt like I’d had a shower pretty much.

When I was over working in the Edinburgh store last week I also got some new gear for Spain (I couldn’t resist). Plus I don’t really have workout clothes for the heat anymore. I was so excited to wear my new stuff for the first time at Sparta. I absolutely love the top (although I would’ve been better with a top that didn’t have a built-in bra, I had to fold it up towards the end because I was too warm! I didn’t think that one through. The hotty hot shorts were amazing, light and nice and stretchy for squats. I’ve wanting to buy the dottee tribe print (the print on the shorts) for ages in some form, it ended up being shorts. I’ve got some more new gear that I’ll show at a later point. Anyway, enough of my new workout clothes.

Today is actually my birthday!! I’m now 24! I’m up nice and early because we’re starting my day off with yoga on the beach. I’m so excited to go to Fran’s class again, I can’t think of a better way to start my day. Later on Jamie has got the day planned out, so I don’t really know what we’re doing just that I have to bring beach stuff. I’m excited to see what he’s planned. As long as I’m by the sea and with him I’m happy!

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Love my Lulu leggings

IMG_1472  IMG_1500 IMG_1504


I finally got a chance to photograph these gorgeous things. I have been eyeing these leggings for quite a while but unfortunately my student budget doesn’t quite allow me to splurge on a 90 pound pair of leggings. I do understand the price. Lululemon manages to make clothes that when you’re wearing them, they feel like they’re worth every single pence! They fit amazingly, look amazing and feel amazing.

Luckily Lululemon has fantastic sales once in a while and in the last one there my leggings were for about half price in my size! I had to try them on and once they were on, I knew I would never want to take them off again. These are the comfiest workout leggings I’ve ever worn and they’ve actually ruined my other pairs because they are nowhere near as comfortable… They fit like a second skin and it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing them for a relaxing yoga session or while you’re having an intense leg day at the gym, these are what you need. They don’t move anywhere.

I love the pockets on the thighs, and on the back. It means you always have a spot to put your phone during your workout. These leggings have just left me wanting more Lululemon leggings. I’m completely sold!