Metcon 4

I took these photos of my new babies a while ago but have completely forgotten to share them on here in all the madness! I think I was kind of hoping I’d remember to get some better photos of them but it’s not happened so here they are. A while ago Mich got two invites to the Nike staff store here in Melbourne and she so kindly asked me to go with her. Everything in the store is at 40% off, not a bad discount! It was a bit of a hit or miss with what you could find in your size.

I’m not the biggest fan of Nike gym gear. I just never thought it fitted me that well but they sure know their shoes.┬áHaving previously had the Metcon twos and threes, I’m kind of a fan of the Metcon. Although, I’ve never actually tried the Reebok Nanos or No Bulls ( I think they’ll be my next investments). I’ve just been one of those boring people who stick to what they know. It’s been pretty cool to follow the Metcon journey and with each pair I feel like Nike have done little tweaks to improve them. The Metcon two always felt really clunky and heavy. Something i immediately noticed they changed with the three (my grey and pink ones). They are light on the feet and very comfortable. The only issue I’ve had with them is how squeaky they are when you walk in them.

I was browsing the shoes in the store and saw these white ones (they have caught my eye during my scrolls on Instagram too before). They also happened to have my size. I’ve been really against having white training shoes as my Metcon 2s had been mainly white and looked disgusting after a while (hence why my second pair were grey, hiding the dirt). To be fair I did wear them for an outdoor bootcamp session and was crawling on the ground with them… I was not quite as concerned about the state of my shoes back then but now I like taking more care of shoes so they look nice for longer. I wasn’t really looking for new shoes but Mich convinced me to try them on. It was love from there. I don’t know what it is but they look even better on than when they’re on the shelf. I knew then I had to get them.

I walked around in them and they’re incredibly light on the feet. I think even slightly lighter than the 3s. The very first thing I noticed when I was walking around was how quiet they were. Thank you Nike for getting rid off that squeak. It’s the only I don’t like about my grey and pink shoes. You’d think there isn’t much more to tweak in a shoe once they’re out on the shelf but evidently them like smartphones always have something that can be adjusted or added to them.

I always get blisters from new shoes, sometimes even old shoes, but these have felt comfortable from the start and I’ve been able to wear them without any problems at all. Even though I’m only using them in the gym they’ve of course gotten a bit dirty already. I was paranoid about this for a while but oh well. It’s inevitable if I’m going to be training in them haha. I think I’ll probably reach a point where I don’t care anymore but you know when your shoes are brand new and you just want to keep them that way forever? I’ll try my best to keep them clean but such is life.

On an entirely different note, today it’s been 21 years since my beautiful mum passed away. The first one in a while where I’m in a new place and not a lot of the people know about her or the situation. A couple of friends here know but I still find it an odd subject to speak about. It’s not so much me talking about it, it’s more the reactions you get from speaking about it. I find a lot of people don’t know what to say and get uncomfortable and I don’t want them to feel that way. As if they’re scared to ask questions or they say they’re sorry. It’s not what I’m after when telling people about her. I think it’s more the fact that I’d like to acknowledge her that she lived rather than not saying anything at all. I’m not asking for anyone to feel sorry for me. I don’t know, death is always an awkward subject.

Either way, I wanted to do something nice today as I usually do when it’s mum’s birthday or the anniversary of her death. So Mich and I are going to hang out during the day today and then head to them gym this afternoon because the gym makes everything feel better. I do feel a bit heavier in the chest today. It’s as if my body just knows that today is a bit of a sad one. It’s on days like these I get reminded once again of the fact she isn’t here. I’ll be okay, I just miss her. 21 years, that is crazy… I can’t believe it. Mum I’ll be thinking of you a bit extra today. I know you’re with me on this adventure in Australia and I’m trying to make the most of it, experiencing it for the both of us. I think you would’ve loved it here. I wish I could tell you all about it but I know you’re here seeing it all. It’s just that I physically can’t talk to you but I know you’re here next to me keeping me strong and helping me feel brave on this new journey. I love you and I miss you forever.

Have a lovely day my dears and hug your mums a bit extra today for me, M xxx

Grey but beautiful

We took Moosie to the beach, she was loving it! So was I, how stunning is it?!

We got an invite to the pre-sale launch and got first dibs on the all the product from Anna at the gym who works at the lululemon outlet. Dangerous!!

Finished our eventful day off with a takeaway from The Grazery

Hello crew! It’s Friday and almost time to move again. Tomorrow me and my stuff are heading up to Brighton to house and dogsit. Excited to see Taylor and give her loads of hugs, haven’t seen her for a while now! These past couple of days have flown by and I’ve had such a good time hanging with Mich. Yesterday she was off work and we had a very busy day from start to finish. We went to the 9.30 morning class at Red Bluff together, what a session it was. I really liked it.

The first part of the class we did sets of 10 bench presses with increasing weights each round. Bench press is not something I’ve done a lot of but I’ve been enjoying trying to get stronger on it. Mich is a machine on them and I want to be able to keep up with her one day! To break up these longer sets of bench we practised some dead ball clean technique in between. I looove dead ball cleans. I love really any kind of strong man/woman stuff like farmers carries and prowlers. Basically lifting heavy stuff and moving it, there’s something empowering about it. Could it be my inner Swedish viking coming out? Possibly! Haha.

For the workout we did a classic Crossfit workout “Diane”, which is 21-15-9 of deadlifts (155lbs about 70kgs for women) and handstand push ups. I decided to do the prescribed weight for the deadlifts because it’s one of my strongest movements and then I did the handstand push ups with two ab mats underneath. I’m still working on my handstand push ups and can do a couple now unbroken with one mat but getting through the volume of them like in Diane would take me far too long with just one mat and I honestly I couldn’t have been able to finish them even haha. Silly me forgot to look at the clock when I finished but I’ll do it again at some point so I know for next time how long it took me. It’s good to knwo for future so you can compare and see if you’ve improved. Then we finished off with some core strength doing hollow rock holds (they are juicy). Great session!

After our gym session we came back and had a shower and some food. Second breakfast for me, which was a smoothie ( my standard one I always make with peanut butter, you always need peanut butter) just so I don’t pass out from starvation before lunch.

Then it was only fair for Moosie to get a walk and some exercise after we had had our exercise session. Mich took us down to a beach nearby and it was absolutely stunning. It was grey and quite chilly but wow, I can only imagine what that place would look like in the sunshine. I’ve been to quite a few beaches along this coast now and everyone is different and unique in their own way. All of them breathtaking.

It’s funny because I feel like I haven’t done that much touristy stuff but for me every walk and the everyday life is an adventure on it’s own, figuring Australia out and just seeing things you can’t see in Europe. There’s something small everyday that’s new. I will be venturing out of Melbourne and Bayside eventually too for more exploring but for now I’m really happy seeing all these beautiful places nearby.

In the evening we went to the lululemon outlet store, Anna at our gym works there and had invited everyone to their after hours event where they launched their sale. If you went you were amongst the first to get first dibs on all the things that went into the sale. Mich and I could not say no to that invitation so off we went! I was a bit worried how this outing was going to end. You guys know how obsessed I am with gym gear and lululemon. It’s the only things I wear pretty much… I was wondering if it was going to be mayhem (that’s what it was sometimes in the Glasgow showroom during crazy sales) but it was a very nice and relaxed evening and I tried on so much stuff. Luckily there wasn’t much I liked in my size, otherwise I would’ve struggled resisting with the generous discounts they had on not to buy it all. I left with some sport bras, a top and a pair of leggings. It was a steal at the prize I paid. I really needed new sports bras and when they had a pair Train Times leggings I couldn’t not get them because they are one of my favourite styles to train in ever. I felt like I was smart about it all only bought things I knew I would wear and get loads of use out of.

Before we drove back to the house we made a little detour and picked up dinner from The Grazery, a salad bar. We didn’t have energy left to make dinner and were starving so this was the perfect quick fix to our problem! They were so nice in there when we couldn’t make up our minds of what to put in our boxes and let us choose a bit of whatever we wanted. We had things like miso glazed pumpkin, roasted veg, falafel, cauliflower salad and other delicious things as well vegan pesto and hummus. Yuuuum! The smell when I received my box all packed up was divine, I couldn’t wait to tuck in. As soon as we got to the house we put on Bridget Jones’s Baby and dug in. It was delicious and super filling as well. It’s amazing they have places like these open at night so you can get a quick healthy meal in the evening too. I love it.

So yes, a very eventful day to say the least! This day is a bit more chilled. I’ve got some stuff to sort out this morning, Mich is away for a couple of hours during the day. I’ll be taking Moosie out for a walk a bit later and then this afternoon it’s gym time and then we’re heading to the cinema a couple of us to see Ocean’s 8. Fun times! I should probably start packing up my stuff again to be ready to go tomorrow. Somehow the contents of my bags look like they’ve exploded… No idea how that happened hehe.

Speak soon lovelies, M xxx

My BKR bottle

Happy Wednesday my dears! I was flicking through photos on my phone and realised that I’ve never really written a post about my water bottle I got from Emma and her boyfriend John for my birthday. I’ve wanted a BKR bottle for ages as I think they’re incredibly cute and love that they’re made of glass. I have a lululemon glass bottle as well but it’s a bit big and heavy I’ve come to realise and since I got this bottle I honestly don’t use my big lulu one as much. It’s bigger so great if I’m going somewhere where I need a lot of water with me but for everyday use it’s a bit clunky.

I always carry my little BKR one in my bag because it’s really light and a great size to have either in my backpack or handbag. It saves me having to buy bottled water when I’m out on the go as well. First of all I absolutely hate the taste of bottled water. It makes me not want to drink water. Second of all, a bit less plastic for the planet. Having your water in a plastic bottle is really bad for you as well so having a glass one is better for your body as well.

I love the sensation of drinking out of glass and if you’re worried about it breaking, I can tell you that I’m one of the clumsiest people you’ll meet and it’s lasted me so far (touch wood!). The silicone sleeve helps keep it safe. There are so many beautiful colours to choose from. I absolutely love my pink one!

Thought I’d just give a little review since I’ve been using it for a while now. It’s become my partner in crime out and about and in the gym. I love it! Thank you again Emma and John for getting me this for my birthday. I know it was a while ago but still!

I slept on the sofa last night to try and avoid getting Jamie’s flu (paranoid? Yes!!) and I slept so badly haha. It was incredibly windy last night and the windows wouldn’t stop making noises so I kept waking up all the time. It also made me have nightmares so the sleep I got was very stressful. Not ideal but I’m just trying to make the most of it. I’m not feeling too bad yet. I’m quite good at functioning on little sleep. Think I’ve inherited that trait from my dad.

Today I’m getting some more work done on something I’ll be letting you know soon what it is. Sorry for the ambiguity once again! I just want it to myself a bit longer. Then I’m training tonight at G5. I’m intrigued to see what Stella puts us through today after yesterday’s class!

Have a beautiful day, M xxx


A little sneaky look of my new running shoes! Hopefully they’ll make me run super fast!

Hi my dears! I thought I’d upload a little picture of my new running shoes. I got them in the sale as soon as Stella mentioned we are going to start doing more running soon. My old runners are about four years old by now and are falling a part so I thought it was time to get an upgrade. I ended up going for the Nike Free Run Flyknits.

I’ve never had any of the Nike Flyknits before but always thought they looked really nice. They almost feel like wearing a pair of socks in how they fit your foot. They’ve been comfy to walk around in but I’m yet to try running in them. I like the colours of them and to be honest that’s why I kind of got them haha. I know you shouldn’t judge shoes by their looks because at the end of the day they need to perform well but I’ve had Free Runs before and thought they were alright. I don’t do a lot of running so for me they just need to do a better job than my Metcons when the runs are a bit longer.

What are all of you up to this Saturday? Instead of yoga today I mixed it up and went to Metabolic Mayhem at G5. It’s usually a team WOD where you go to different stations throughout and work like a crazy person. Today I was teamed up with Faye, MJ and Ange. What a team! We had a great time and cheered each other on. My arms were feeling a bit sore and tired but once the workout starts you don’t really think about your sore muscles and just focus on the exercise you’re doing.

I’ve just had lunch now and need to get showered (nope still haven’t showered since the workout finished hehe) and then I’m meeting up with my friend Alisha. Haven’t seen her for a while so I’m looking forward to hearing what she’s been up to!

This evening I think Jamie and I are going to the cinema when he finishes work. Now when I write that I realise I should probably book it. We want to see Coco (the new Pixar film). The preview is on today so we’ll see it there are any seats left for us!

Speak soon, M xxx