New in my gym bag

Speed rope and JAW grips

Mmm lovely rip in my hand but that’s life, instead look at how pretty my rope handles are!

When I was down at Rainhill I bought a couple of new bits for my training. There are some great vendors and stalls to browse about when you’re there.

Something I’ve been wanting to get for ages is my own speed rope. SGF Speed Rope¬†stall was pretty much in front of your face when you entered the arena and they were on the top of my list for vendors to visit during our Rainhill day. Why you may ask? What’s so special about them? I’m currently and have been for a while, been trying to learn how to do double unders. Double unders are when you skip but do a double skip with the rope in between each jump. It’s so difficult and extremely difficult. A huge advantage is if your rope is the right length for your height. Therefore I’ve been wanting to get my own one for ages instead of borrowing others ropes in the gym.

It’s quite cool because on their website and at the stall you just tell them your height and they create a rope just for you. You also get to choose your handles, there are so many colours and materials to choose from! I went for this red/pink colour, a little bit more expensive than their more basic handles but thought why not make it a bit fun? Then you also get to choose the colour of the bag you keep your rope in. It just makes it all a bit more special. So far since I’ve gotten my rope I’ve managed to do six jumps unbroken. It’s so difficult to get into the right rhythm to make sure you can flick the rope twice round during each skip.

Another company which had a stall there was Kitbox.¬†They sell clothes, shoes, equipment and much more for functional fitness training. They are some of the few companies who sell JAW grips in the UK. JAW grips are small hand protectors for when you are doing movements on the bar. As you guys know, I’ve been struggling with my hands ripping a lot and JAW grips saves your hands a bit from that happening. Faye’s been using them and they’ve helped her loads. I wasn’t going get any but when they were quite a lot cheaper than online I figure I would get some as I will probably need then for Rainhill, their bars are rough and a few people from our gym have ripped their hands when they’ve been down competing. So far my JAW grips have been good, but as you see from the image above, they don’t cover your entire hand and I of course managed to somehow rip my left hand anyway haha. It’s much better than it was but they don’t cover you’re hands entirely, which means there’s still the risk of rips. However, if it was a full glove you wouldn’t get any grip on the bar, which means this is the best option! Unfortunately they only had green ones to choose from but they’ll do!

It’s Sunday and I’m just about to get ready to walk down to open gym. Little sis ended up sleeping over again and she’s fast asleep so I’ll see her once I get back from the gym. Jamie has been working very late these past couple of days and is also fast asleep. Christmas is his trade’s most hectic time of the year as you imagine.

Speak soon,

M xxx

Metcon 3

Hi babes! You might remember one of Jamie’s birthday presents for me this year was a pair of new Metcons! I was absolutely over the moon when I read the card saying I could choose whichever ones I wanted and Jamie would order them for me. I’ve searched and searched since my birthday in August but I couldn’t see anyones I wanted. Maybe I was being too picky, but from my experience with my first pair of Metcons and them being white in huge bits I knew I didn’t want a huge amount on white on my next pair. They have gotten so dirty! With all the outdoor running and crawling on the floor we do, I needed a colour that was a bit more forgiving.

I started thinking maybe I should just wait for the Metcon 4 seeing as I couldn’t find a single pair after weeks and even months of searching. I wanted something a bit fun and different. I even tried designing a pair on Nike’s website but I didn’t love the colours they had to choose from.

Eventually after a lot of browsing on the internet I came across this stunning pair! I was googling like a mad woman and came across them on Rogue Europe’s website. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them. They were perfect! Bright pink and grey. Two of my favourite colours. They were the most beautiful Metcons I’d ever seen and they had them in my size. What were the odds? I knew these were the ones. I sent the link to Jamie and he ordered them for me and they arrived just in time for Rainhill. I was so excited to wear them and I haven’t looked back since.

The Metcon 3 is an incredible step up from Metcon 2 that I had. First of all, they are comfortable to wear from the start. I got the worst blisters ever from my older pair when I first started wearing them. It hurt so much! I remember wearing blister plasters for weeks trying to wear them in. Not a pleasant experience! There have been no issues at all so far with them, and I always get blisters from new shoes.

Second of all, they are incredibly light to wear. A lot of us in the gym didn’t love the clumpiness of the 2’s. When you ran with them they felt heavy on your feet and you felt quite heavy in them. My new pink ones are so much lighter and they feel really easy on the feet. You barely notice them, they’re just there quietly doing their part in the workout. If you know what I mean. You don’t really notice them, as it should be.

Thirdly, well in my case with these shoes, I just love the colours a lot more than my previous pair. The previous pair I just bought because there was a good deal on Zalando for them and I needed a good pair of gym trainers when I started at G5. My old raggedy running trainers weren’t going to cut it anymore. I liked them enough to live in them because I needed them but these new ones are the prettiest shoes I’ve ever owned haha. Okay I’ve got a lot of other nice shoes but for what these do for my training, I love them. Plus they brighten everything up with the bright bright neon pink sole. Nike you need to get more fun colours in like this!

I’ve worn them for a couple of weeks now and can say that I love them! However, I’m really curious to what the Flyknit and the Metcon 4 are like. I know the Flyknit was just released but I thought the colours were a bit boring. I’m not sure if they feel very different from the three when you train. The 4 is released at the beginning of next year and those were the ones I was sort of waiting for until I came across my pink ones. Although the only ones I really liked had a pale pink sole and white all over. Not ideal! I’m looking forward to hearing how people get on with them and hopefully more fun colours will be launched.

I love a new piece in my workout wardrobe, it makes training so much more fun when you’re feeling good in your kit? Are you guys the same?

Kilo sitting

Hi lovelies! On Monday I was working from home so I could help dog sitting Kilo! Stella was away in Marbella getting some well deserved time off and sunshine. If there is any chance to look after Kilo I volunteer to help out. He’s seriously one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever met in my life. He can be very cheeky and loves shredding bits of paper and tissues he comes across but I think it’s quite funny. I love when dogs have a little bit of character and personality still so I don’t really mind.

It was nice to work from home for once and having his company was just the best. During my lunch break I took him out for a nice stroll in the park where we bumped into a little six month old French Bulldog puppy. It was so cute seeing them playing together and it was a great excuse for me to see the puppy up close. We met lots of dogs Kilo got to play with and he’s the best off the lead, so obedient and comes running as soon as you call for him. My dog was nowhere near as good when he was off the lead.

On Wednesday was Stella’s first day back and she had brought me a little present from Marbella, my first Crossfit top. Every Crossfit box around the world has got their own tops they sell and a lot of people collect them when they visit a new box. I don’t have a single one and was so happy she had gotten me one! I really wasn’t expecting anything as I think just having Kilo for the day is an amazing present. Thank you Stella and Kilo! I can’t wait to wear it. I love the colour. Now to just continue collecting them. Next one I hope will be from a box I visit.

I’m hoping to maybe check a Corssfit box out in Stockholm when I’m there over Christmas. As I’m competing in February I will need to find somewhere to train when I’m home for nearly two weeks. I should really look into that. I’m wondering what it will be like to train Crossfit in Swedish. You’re probably thinking, you are Swedish Maddie, what are you on about? Well funnily enough, I feel so used to training in English I think my brain will find it very odd at first. I’m just wondering if they use the same English terms or if they translate them to Swedish. I have no idea. Another excuse to try it out!

If anyone has any suggestions for a Crossfit box I should check out in Stockholm please let me know! I’ve seen a couple but it’s always nice to get a recommendation from someone.

adidas love

Hi lovelies! It’s the first day of my working week and I’m feeling excited. It was so nice to have a full day off with Jamie just relaxing and strolling about without any places we had to be. I wish we could have more days like that. More about that in a separate post!

I wanted to better show you another recent addition to my wardrobe, my adidas sweatshirt. I just love it so much! You know once in a while you find a piece of clothing you become obsessed with? This top is my obsession at the moment. I felt I needed more colour in my activewear wardrobe and stumbled across this top online. Unfortunately it was sold out everywhere in my size. Then I got to that stage when you want it even more because you can’t have it! Oh the desperation.

Luckily, I’ve got my lovely friend Lauren who’s a buyer and managed to hunt it down. I was so happy and still am that she found it for me. Thank you again lovely! It’s so comfortable, colourful and looks smart. I can’t get enough and wear it all the time! I’m just waiting for this top to be launched in other colours. adidas, you hit the jackpot with this one!

Now time for a day of work. This evening I’m probably going to the gym with Faye for a bit (I’m taking it very easy) and then I’m rollerblading with my colleague Frankie this evening at Rollerstop I think it’s called, it’s a roller disco. She’s writing a blog about for voomfit and asked me to join her. It’ll be really fun to try out. I can’t even remember the last time I rollerbladed.

Have a wonderful day my dear,

M xxx