The hours I dreaded are now in the past

Hi my dears!

I cannot believe that my three exams are over. I am so incredibly relieved and find it difficult to grasp that it actually happened. I think I did okay in all of them. I really struggled with cramps in my arm. I am really bad for tensing my hand when writing, which after five hours of intense writing gets quite painful….

I am incredibly excited to think that there is only one exam next Friday and then third year is over!

So what are my plans now? I am contemplating to either go to the gym, go for a walk or just rest and save my energy for a super session tomorrow. It is difficult to determine sometimes what your body wants. I am probably just stressed still and will crash within the next half an hour :p 

Now with those three exams out of the way I’m very excited to focus on the blog more. I really want this to be something special so if you have any suggestions on what you would like to read about please tell me! 

By the way, did anyone know there was such a thing as hummus day? I  still have no idea how to spell hummus… I have googled the spelling even and everyone says differently. Either way, this day seems to have been made for me!

Speak to you later!

/Hummus obsessed Madeleine

Almost there

The look of a relieved Madeleine! Today’s exam was okay. Don’t want to say much else because I don’t really like getting my hopes up when it comes to uni work…

The other two tomorrow I’m really nervous about:s

As you can imagine I haven’t been able to exercise properly this week so far. I went for a short walk today but I’ll definitely be back on track on Wednesday and the rest of the week 🙂 Can’t wait to get back in the gym. By the way, today was the first day my legs have finally felt fully recovered since my leg session last week :p

Good night everyone! Sweet dreams!

Breakfast for champions

Hi everyone!

The exam starts at two today. I’m feeling slightly better than yesterday about it all and I’m hoping I can stay calm. I know once we get to start writing I’ll be fine.

I started the day off with having a shower to wake me up and had a nice big bowl of porridge for breakfast. Now I’m going through my notes with a lovely cup of jasmine green tea 🙂 All to try and feel as good and relaxed as possible. Can’t wait for this one to be over so I can focus on revising for the other two that are tomorrow. Once those are over, my final one isn’t until next Friday.

Wish me luck! I’ll try and throw in a quick post later on today but as you understand, exams go first 🙂

Exams tomorrow!


Me in my happy place!

Hi everyone!

Gaah! I can’t believe this time tomorrow I will have completed my first exam of my second last exam period at uni. It’s strange that these exams are some of the last ones I will be doing. Scary thought. 

So I might’ve had a small panic attack today… Sometimes I get overwhelmed and need a moment to ventilate. I have definitely become a lot better this semester than I have ever been but I know that I put a lot of pressure on myself. One of my least favourite sides, which is also what pushes me to get to where I want to be, is the feeling of never doing enough. I constantly feel like I should’ve studied more or worked harder or done this or that. I need to learn to sometimes think, I have done the best I possibly could and that is all I can do. It is a trait that I both love and hate. I just need to be able to let things go at times and relax slightly more. 

Jamie and I were going to be good and cook food despite that we both have loads to do. We rarely do but we ordered a take out…. Hehe. Greek from Athena’s, their food is amazing. We have ordered take out from them a couple of times and I’ve been to their restaurant as well. Fabulous food and service! When we’re on the topic of Greek food in Glasgow I can also recommend Yiamas in city centre. Slightly cheaper but food is just as tasty!

So this means we can both study whilst food is on the way. I find Greek to be a healthier option compared to an Asian or Italian take away. You can choose chicken skewers and a Greek salad and sort of stay on the healthier side. However, I tend to have some pita bread and rice as well :p Never killed anyone.