One of my snacks

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One of my favourite snacks at the moment are Kallo’s Buckwheat, Corn and Wholegrain Rice Cakes. They are delicious! They are amazingly crunchy and seasoned with just the right amount of salt. My go to toppings right now are:

  • Homemade almond butter, half a banana with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Some smashed avocado (I use a quarter but it depends on size), some Herbamare Herb salt (saves any dish), a bit of black pepper, a squeeze of lemon and finally some chilli flakes.
  • Or homemade houmous with some nice crispy red peppers or any other vegetable om top.

These are all vegan toppings (I’ve had some requests about vegan and vegetarian food ideas) but obviously if you want to have cheese or some smoked salmon on that works as well. The sky is the limit with these amazing rice cakes. I always make sure that they are wholegrain as it is a lot better for you than the standard white ones.

Roots & Fruits

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I love my fruit and veg! It is something I have become even more obsessed with since I started eating more healthily and a good salad. Salads definitely don’t have be boring and  you feel incredibly nourished and light afterwards! I enjoy altering what kind of food Jamie and I eat at home as well, we have been eating more vegetarian and vegan food the last couple of months. Jamie was a bit skeptical towards it at first but after trying some amazing dishes he eventually realised that vegetarian and vegan food is really tasty! I’ll probably never (although you should never say never) become fully vegetarian or vegan because I am obsessed salmon and seafood ! I like other meat as well but I would not be able to live without salmon.

One of my treats sometimes is to go to our local fruit and veg shop Roots and Fruits. It is slightly more expensive than your average grocery shop even with your student discount but I love how everything feels so nice and fresh there. If I could I would spend all my money buying meat from the butcher’s, fish from the fish monger’s and fruit and veg from a market I would but in my current student life that cant really happen unfortunately. That is the dream though. I think it is very important what kind of veg and meat you eat and where it  has come from.

When your legs don’t walk like they used to before…


Good day!

I had to drag my poor legs to the gym this morning. They are incredibly sore! The focus today was cardio, arms and back. My push ups are getting slightly better but still have a bit to go!

I can’t believe my exams start the day after tomorrow! I am so nervous and feel like would need another week to study at least. I never feel entirely ready. In order to calm myself and relieve stress the gym and exercising is a huge help to zone out for an hour. You may think that you don’t have time but I would be in a corner panicking a lot more if it wasn’t because of exercise.  It helps clear your mind and also you leave the gym with all those happy endorphins pumping around. 

My Friday afternoon

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Thought I would check in again. So here is my afternoon in photos: frustration. I get very restless when I sit still and study and find incredibly difficult to keep my concentration up. So as a little break I was practicing handstands for a little while this afternoon. This is one of my new goals, I want to be able to do proper handstand with out a wall behind me. Right now it’s a headstand but I’m working on it.

Another goal is that I want to be able to do ten proper push ups. My arms are not very strong so that is something else I am going to start working more on. It’s fun to have small goals to strive towards when working out. I try to keep on challenging myself.

I let myself go and buy some fruit and veg as well to get some fresh air and now I am going back to my books. No excuses!

By the way, my legs and my bum are killing me today! My goodness, I feel like I look ridiculous when I walk as I cannot stretch my legs out. Everything is sore 😛 A good feeling though but painful at the same time.