It’s Friday!


Good morning!

How are you all? My day starter rather early today again. Woke up before the alarm went off. I’m waiting for the day when I’ll feel exhausted because of my lack of sleep but I guess it’ s stress and nerves for my exams that keeps me going.

I paid the gym a visit this morning and did some rowing and ab work outs. The gym was once again very quiet and I am loving it! You can do whatever you want to and not have to alter your plans because something is taken or being used. It’s a huge contrast to actual term time when everyone is competing to go on all the machines and use the weights. I am really happy the university gym is getting an extension as it is definitely needed. I’m just sad that I most likely won’t be a student here anymore by the time it’s finished.

The plan for today is to continue my studying ( I shall try to not brag too much about my exciting revision life). Jamie is working a day shift, very rare, so I thought I might surprise him with a nice dinner. We will be eating leftovers because our fridge is stuffed with them but I thought I would try and make a small apple crumble as a Friday treat. I have got some ideas that I would like to try and we will see if it turns out okay. If it does, I might share the recipe with you or more the rough idea of what I did and if it doesn’t I will most likely pretend like it never happened.

My hidden gem

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I do not know if I will regret writing this here. Word might spread. But I am going to share one of my hidden gems here in Glasgow when eating out, Papercup on Great Western Road. There, it’s out and no taking it back. Jamie and I have been quite frequent Papercup visitors on and off for quite a while. So when Jamie the other day said we should go for breakfast today as a little study break both us knew where to go. It is about a five minute walk from our flat, which is a huge bonus.

Anyway, Papercup is meant to have some of the best coffee in Glasgow. I can no longer call myself a coffee drinker, it was a short but sweet romance as my stomach due to previous issues with stress can’t handle coffee. I get terrible stomach pains from it. So instead I have embraced the tea life. So I cannot say much about the coffee, my parents and Jamie have all enjoyed it though. Anyway, I hadn’t tried their food until recently when my family visited and they were desperately hungry for breakfast and Papercup popped into mind. That’s when I realised how amazing their food is. What I love about Papercup is that they cook all their food behind their counter and till (just behind where Jamie is sitting in the photo) so it almost feel like you are in someone’s home.

The two things that I’ve tried on their menu have both been heavenly! They have a sourdough bread toasted sandwich with humous, lemon and halloumi, which is probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. Today I opted for something off their breakfast menu: poached eggs with kale, lemon and hazelnuts on sourdough bread. Delicious! I love how everything feels nice and fresh. I love finding creative and healthier options when eating out for brunch/breakfast as I’m not really a huge fan of the fry up 😛

The only negative thing I can say about them is that the staff could be slightly more outgoing, that would make the place even better. Another I love and dislike at the same time is the size of Papercup. It is small and intimate, which is lovely when you have a seat but not so nice when you are starving and really want to just sit down for some tea/ coffee and some food and it is super busy.

Haha excuse my lovely wind blown hair in the photo. Glasgow tends to do that to you. Once when I was at the hairdresser’s they asked if I would like my hair curled and I thought that could be nice so I said yes. After her spending ages curling I paid and left and on my ten minute walk home the wind was blowing like no tomorrow and by the time I got home nearly all the curls were gone… Oh Glasgow, it only seems to happen on days when you are happy with your hair, rain pouring down and windy hurricanes. It’s like they know!

Another day

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Wohoo! My body decided that it was time to get up at seven today even though I’m not working. So I got to the gym quite early today, which was just as well as I’ve got to get cracking with my studying. Today I was on the stair master for 15 minutes and then focused on the bum and the legs for the rest of my time there. Was at the gym for just over an hour and then headed home. It was nice and quiet when I arrived this morning. Too early for most students to be dragging themselves to the gym 😛 I guess exams is another reason.

Do you guys have a favourite time in they day to workout? Mine is by far the mornings. I love getting up, having a little something to eat and then head straight there. If I save it for the evenings or later i the day I always find plans pop up and other things tend to get in the way. If you’ve been in the morning you are prepared if anything else happens. Preparation and planning ahead is key!

What I’m up to


Hi there!

Exam time, as I said before, is definitely not the best time to start a blog… Do not have that much exciting stuff to write about at the moment. I  was in at the office yesterday and for half the day today. I got to do some new tasks which was fun. I love learning new things. However, I am looking forward to getting to that stage where I am more confident in the tasks I am given. The time will come though, patience is key!

I haven’t been to the gym since Monday due to work. Whenever I am in the office 9-5 I always aim to walk to and from work to get some exercise and movement into my day. I think that is really important. It takes about 30-35 minutes for me to walk at a rather good pace. I feel so much better when I fit in a bit of any kind of movement into my day. Do you guys try and plan some walking or running when you know you will be sitting still all day? Maybe even a gym session or a class? Some days when I know I’m too tired to get any studying done after work I go to the gym as I feel like my time is better spent there than in front of my laptop. There is always time! Exercise has become a priority for me after two years of hard work and it can become anyone’s if you give it time 🙂

Jamie and I spoke to our new letting agency today and we will probably be moving in at the beginning of June into our new home. We are both so excited for our first own place! We are now planning on going to Sweden (booking flights tonight) at the beginning of June so once we are back we will packing and moving straight away! Can’t wait to get more space for all our stuff and the flat is beautiful! Such exciting times lie ahead once exams are over. I can’t wait to go to Sweden for a week. I miss my family and my friends a lot.

Anyway, need to get back to some revision before it’s time for dinner!