CF 3018 Partner Comp 2018

Where do I even start to explain yesterday? It was incredible and there’s so much to be said. I’ll be writing more in-depth about the comp but I thought I needed to get something up anyway.

The day went by at the blink of an eye, as comps tend to do I’ve noticed by now. My sore body is what is reminding constantly of that yesterday actually happened. Especially my quads!

When you’re in a comp you feel like you’re noticing everything. I think it’s the time in my life when I feel like I’m the most present in the moment. Once that timer goes off it’s only you and the workout ahead and of course in this case your partner. All those nerves playing up and the thoughts in your head go quiet. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I felt a lot calmer going into this comp than my previous two. I think it made a difference. Probably because I had Mich next to me and also having some experience of how it all works from before.

Now looking back, whilst I did feel so present. The day is already a blur and a jumble of experiences and emotions. That’s why I love having this space to write it down and reflect on what actually happened. It’s also great to look back on in the future.

I’m so grateful to have been able to share it this day with my incredible Crossfit fam. What a crew we were, competing and cheering each other on until the end. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have this crew here Australia who I get to see every day and do what I love with. Life would’ve been so different if I hadn’t have started Crossfit back in Glasgow that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t know how I would’ve found friends over here if it wasn’t for it. It’s tough as an adult to find like-minded people if you don’t go to uni and just work.

Anyway, enough blabbering for now. There’s more to come! I can’t wait to share it all with you,

M xxx

Comp Day

Good morning my dears! Today’s the day, it’s competition day. Right now we’re sitting in Mich’s car on the way to Altona. The rain is pouring down outside and the nerves are slowly creeping up on me. I’m excited though! I can’t wait to get the first workout out of the way. Then I’ll feel a lot better.

I’m really struggling to think of what to write right now haha. So I’ll stop but I just wanted to stick my head in here and say hi. Let’s hope it all goes well and that we have the best time. I know I will surrounded by my Crossfit Red Bluff crew.

Speak soon my dears, M xxx

Aussie life update

One of the first warm days of spring, it was time for the pale legs to finally see some sun!

I won Up Unlimited’s Instagram competition and got five free passes!! So of course we had to go back for Mim’s birthday.

My incredible friend Jade from the gym adopted a little rescue pup called Obi! He’s so cute that I almost cry every time I see him.

We went back to Queen Victoria Night Market

Crossfit Red Bluff eating crew

Mim and I in our new place

Wow guys, it’s been a while to say the least. Where do I even start? So much has happened and the blog has been the most quiet it’s ever been since I started it I think. I can’t do anything other than apologise. I have now finally moved into my own place and we finally have Internet and it’s time to get back to normal here on the blog. Time to revive this baby.

I think the reason why I mainly stopped writing was because whilst I was staying at other people’s houses I just didn’t feel a hundred percent comfortable or at home. As very welcoming everyone has been eventually you got quite stressed about the fact that I was constantly living out of a suitcase and never really felt like I had my own space, even though I did have my own room. I never realised how much I did value having my own space until I went through this experience and I learnt a lot about myself.

The final bit I was living with my friend Mim and her family. They were so kind to let me stay there whilst we were desperately hunting for a flat. We want to a lot of viewings where we weren’t too impressed at all but then finally we found our little gem in. The only thing it was missing was a balcony but we had to compromise in some way. It’s not quite the location we were looking at to begin with but we are starting to really love the local area. There are so man great little shops, restaurants, café and a little independent cinema. The beach is about a 10 min cycle ride from us, how amazing is that?

The first thing I made sure I had before we moved in was a bed. I was so ridiculously excited to finally have my own bed to sleep in. My friend PC so kindly took me to IKEA. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting my own bed after sleeping on a blowup mattress for so long. I was over the moon. Thank goodness I had PC to also help me put my bed frame together. I was far too tried after a day of moving to put it together but he stayed until my bed was fully in place. What a guy he is!

So now I’m sitting here, in my bed on a Friday afternoon. I just had my smoothie, in bed because after two weeks of living here we still don’t have a table to sit at (well we do but no chairs) or a sofa or any other furniture for that matter. We eat on the floor ad we lie on the floor when we want to chill in our living room/kitchen area. It works for now but it’s obviously not the permanent solution haha. We’ll get there eventually but neither Mim or I want to just buy things for the sake of buying them, we want to find things that we love and really want. I’m looking on Gumtree and Facebook market place every day so I’m sure something will come up soon.

I don’t know if I’ve told you that I’m living with Mim. I met Mim at Crossfit and since then we’ve become such good friends. I remember mentioning to her once that it would be amazing if we could live together. Funnily enough she was thinking of moving out from her parents’ and now here we are. Living together in our own little place. She’s honestly so much fun to live with and we get on really well. Both of us eat a mainly vegan diet, pretty much entirely vegan actually. I haven’t had eggs, dairy or fish for about four months now and even when I did have it, it was very sporadically. So cooking together is easy and a great time. We meal prep together and it makes life a lot easier.

Other than that life here in Australia is pretty amazing. It’s starting to get warmer and I recently had my first beach session. It felt incredible lying there in the sun. I feel extremely grateful to have this so close to a place I call home. The other day it was 28 degrees, and this is still considered spring! It’ll be interesting to see how hot the summer is going to get. My brain is still quite not grasping that it’s October but it’s spring and not autumn. It’s such a strange thought that in December, January, February it’s going to be summer and not winter.

In other news, tomorrow I’ve got my first Australian Crossfit competition! It’s a partner comp and I’m competing with my friend Mich. It’s her first ever comp so that’ll be really fun. A bunch of us from the gym are going over to compete. I think we’re about five pairs or so. It’s my first ever intermediate competition, a step up from the beginner ones and I’m getting a bit nervous. I have to do toes to bar and recently they haven’t been feeling great and it’s getting a bit to my head. I know for certain we’re not going to win so it’s not the fact I’m scared of loosing or anything, I’m so incredibly proud of us for just signing up and pushing ourselves by going Intermediate even though it’s going to be incredibly tough. It’s more the fact that I want to do the best I can and not let Mich down and I know that no matter what I do she won’t ever think I let her down but it’s a thought that pops up from time to time in my head.

At the end of the day, I know that when I’m there I’m going to give it my all and that will be the best I can do at that point in time. Plus we’re all there to have fun and that’s something I have to remember, we are going to have such a great time. Competing with your friend is a blast and I feel so lucky to share this experience with Mich and everyone else.

I’ve got loads more to share but I thought I had to start somewhere! I’m so happy to be back and hope you are excited too.

Love, M xxx

What is being healthy?

I promise they weren’t both mine! 

Some pictures from the weekend where we celebrated Mim’s birthday! She first had some friend’s over for drinks at her house, then we headed to a bar in Bentleigh called Sonder bar which had an amazing outdoor area in the back and we finished out night at Village Belle in St Kilda. A huge crew from the gym were there and loads of Mim’s lovely friends. We had such a good night celebrating the amazingness that is Mim. I’m so lucky to have her in my life, she just spreads so much joy and good vibes everywhere she goes.

Since I’ve started drinking a bit more than before and going out I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and reflecting recently on what being healthy actually is. Drinking alcohol brings up so many thoughts and dilemmas in my head. At the end of the day it’s poison and it really doesn’t do anything good for you but yet we still do it. It’s so odd! Why? Well, some drinks can taste good but I think there are drinks that are equally good or even better that don’t have alcohol in them. Okay, I admit it, it can be really fun to feel a bit drunk and go out and dance with all your friends. It’s more a social thing than anything. A lot of people have been saying, good Maddie, we thought you were being a bit too restrictive on yourself, you need to let loose. It’s more balanced this way. Is it a good thing I’ve started drinking again? I’m not sure and I do struggle with the thoughts of what it’s doing to my body. Not that I’m out several times a week. It’s been three times in the last month but compared to nothing for eight months, it’s a lot haha.

So what is living a balanced or healthy lifestyle? Like I said, before I came to Melbourne I hadn’t had anything to drink since my birthday in August, that’s eight months without alcohol. I didn’t miss it one bit, then all of a sudden since I got here it’s changed. I’m nowhere the party level I was at during uni but going out three times in a month for me is a lot. It’s been so much fun. One thing I definitely haven’t missed are the days after. Not that I’ve had a really bad hangover so far but I hate wasting days and let’s just say they’ve not been the most productive Sundays of my life. At the same time, I guess we can’t alway be super productive and once in a while we need to slow down.

Is this what a “balanced” lifestyle is? Is this what a healthy relationship with fitness is? Training hard during the weeks and having some drinks during the weekend? Rather than being strict and not having any alcohol at all? I didn’t drink before because I didn’t enjoy it and I thought it was unnecessary. At the end of the day we don’t need alcohol and it is after all poison. It doesn’t do any good. However, yet some say restricting yourself and putting boundaries to what you can and can’t do isn’t healthy or balanced either.

The same goes for food, everyone says a nice indulgent meal is good once in a while. I love going out for food and whilst I adore a Thai curry for instance I know it’s not the best for my body. Is that healthy? Eating good the majority of the time and then having some indulgent meals too? Looking solely on what it does for your body, maybe not. Eating nourishing and healthy meals would surely be the best way to go from a health perspective but would it really be that fun then? The next issue would be if you never had cake or a meal out, wouldn’t you feel like you’d be missing out? Would you feel restricted? Feeling restricted and not ever caving in to cravings could potentially lead to you binge eating at some point rather than just having a little bit of cake or having that takeout and not stuffing yourself because you don’t know when you’ll next have it. That’s why diets really don’t work. You can’t eat that restrictively for the rest of your life. I suppose you could but you’d be missing out on a lot plus I’d be mega impressed if you managed to always eat that way. I’m not saying it’s impossible but it’s hard work.

I feel since I got to Australia I’ve probably loosened up a bit. It’s a new place with new people and so many incredible places to eat. At times I’ve thought I might be a indulging a bit too much. Especially with so many incredible vegan places around! However, it’s part of living as well and I know that in time I’ll probably find a better balance once everything settles down a bit more. I suppose it also depends on what my fitness goals are and how I want to feel and I guess look. I could shape up and eat a bit better, not have those drinks at parties on the weekends when I do drink but I do also want to live a little. I’m not sure how long I am in Australia for and I want to make the most of it while I’m here. I’m still training about 6-9 times a week, eating health the majority of the time and I’m not out super often drinking. I guess in a way my life at the moment is more “balanced”. There’s a bit of everything. Is balance healthy? Do you guys see where I’m going with this?

I guess from a health perspective I was better before. I’m not saying one way is better than the other. What I’m trying to get to with this post is, health and finding the best balanced lifestyle is not black and white. It’s very much a grey area and you need to find what works for you. Your lifestyle varies also throughout your life where you have moments when you’re on a roll with your health and fitness and sometimes it takes a little dip. It’s not all a straight line and things happen. It’s okay, as long as you’re aware of it. I think I was probably a bit too harsh with myself when it came to healthy eating at times but I’m always learning and improving. I think now I stress a lot less about it all, as long as I’m the majority of them time eating well I’m happy.

What are your thoughts on what a healthy lifestyle is or being healthy? I didn’t really come to a conclusion but I thought it was worth bringing up because I feel like it’s something people struggle with a lot. Let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

M xxx